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Best show ever
20 January 2012
I will say it started off kinda strange. most star trek series is spent having adventures on a star ship. This series for the most part stays on Deep space nine. Although there is still plenty of adventure. The thing that really makes this show so good is its large cast. It has many reoccurring secondary characters that help the the space station seem like a fascinating place for the show to take place. This story is much darker and more thought provoking than the other series. This series has so many things going for it.

Characters actually grow and change realistically and has reoccurring villains that have real depth and you never know quite what they are going to do. kai Winn and gul dukat both grow and change from series beginning to end and are the best villains ever.

This show has depth. It not all simple good guy and bad guy. There are complex motives behind many of the bad guys. Even the federation does some very bad things when they are in dire situations. People really have to live with the choices they have made. Problems from one episode don't just end with the episode like with TNG or the OS. you have to watch this from episode 1 to the end in order.

This show is still very relevant today. Terrorism, genocide, martial law are all seen in this series.
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The Love Guru (2008)
this is the perfect example of what writers shouldn't do
19 January 2009
The only way the movie could have gotten worse is if they got rid of colbert and gave a bigger part to Verne troyer. This is a perfect example of people who need EDITORS. There was definitely not anyone with talent reading this crap before it was being filmed. The whole movie is a rip off of austin powers anyway. Mike Myers really needed to try something new, instead he took all his jokes that were popular from other films he's made (which we've all seen too many times anyway) and put them in this movie along with a lot of idiotic crap. I am a mike myers fan but I think he needs to stop with the spoof, stupid comedy movies and move onto something new.
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Family Guy (1999– )
you should just watch seasons 1-3
3 December 2007
If I were just talking about the first 3 seasons this would be 10 stars. The first three seasons were the funniest TV show I've ever seen. It was fast paced and unpredictable. now they like pitching jokes that are long instead of fast paced and witty. Now a lot of the jokes are not as funny because its more predictable and slow. They used to have all sorts of jokes, now its much more limited. They use crappy CGI and stewie isn't as diabolical. Peter also sounds different" he used to speak faster and did things out of lack of common sense rather than pure retardness. When the show was more censored they had to be clever and use"fin-sucked-do-barry" as an insult(which was funny and unpredictable). I think they should watchseasons 1-3 and make more episodes like them.
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Naruto: Shippûden (2007–2017)
its OK
5 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This series in my opinion is not as good as the original.

1. There are too may flashbacks. IT seems like everybody has flashbacks from previous episodes or the original series. This take at least five to sometimes 10 mins of a 23 min episode. So many fight scenes were ruined by this especially the naruto vs orichimaru fight scene.

2. the computer generated special effects bother me.

3. this show was so much going for it. a lot of awesome bad guys and new characters. But i feel they are all wasted because all the fights are strung out between flashbacks of previous episodes. SO many characters like hinata and kiba and all the others are not around enough. So many people just plain talk too much. the action is good but you have to sit though a lot to really get to it. They could get rid of a lot of episodes and compress it into more of an action adventure.

4. Naruto shippuden is just meant for too young of an audience. Naruto has become such a generic good guy. He has gotten more physically strong, but emotionally and mentally it seems like i am watching barney. I get it; vengeance is bad and you should try and help a friend in need, get along with story.

5. i think so many people loved the original naruto( and rightly so) that they think this is just as good. Visually it looks crisp and well drawn. with a lot of PROMISE of action. but so far i am not impressed.
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