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A must-watch for any West Wing fan
9 October 2004
At first glance, one could be forgiven for thinking The West Wing Documentary is yet another self-congratulatory network fusion of EPK's and B-roll designed to create 'event' television for the promotional convenience it affords the broadcast of re-packaged re-runs. But such thinking is wrong. The West Wing Documentary illuminates the fundamental appeal of the series: the hour-long weekly fantasy of a world of noble politics where intelligence triumphs and where the ego – whilst playfully present – is tamed in the interest of service, compassion, justice and unity.

As with many dreams, one wonders just how fantastical the visions we beheld for its duration really were. This documentary shines some light on whence our hopes – that we eagerly sustain through our consumption of the West Wing - come and provides some forgiveness for our delusions; we are reminded by famous politicians and daunted, ambitious and idealistic staffers alike that these hopes and dreams exist at least in the rhetoric and charm of the so-called real political world.

A must-watch for any West Wing fan. If only it were included with the DVD boxed set!!!!
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Orlando (1992)
A stunning commentary on life and the sexes
1 August 2004
Simply put one of the best movies I have ever seen. The cast is amazing and deliver in their performances, the stunning visuals and beautiful music combine to create a dreamy atmosphere through which S. Potter uses Orlando as a medium to make subtle and elegant commentaries about life, the human condition and the struggle of the sexes to understand each other when they are basically two aspects of the same coin. As opposed to some of the other reviewers here I did not find the movie slow or boring at any time. Nor is it just about Orlando; there are multiple layers. It flows simply and quietly but with great intensity and an underlying irony at every moment. This film must be Potter's masterpiece.
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Nezha nao hai (1979)
a boy prince battling 5 tyrant dragons
6 September 2003
I saw this ages ago when i was a kid. The animation was great and so was the story .. based on some old Chinese legend i think; a boy prince battling 5 tyrant dragons that plague the land. I only have vague memories of the movie but i recall i enjoyed it a lot. Several searches for a DVD version have yielded nothing :/
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cursed boy leaves home to travel with a pack of wild geese
5 February 2002
This was definitely one of the 1980s animated series eagerly awaited on a regular basis by many a child. This is how the story goes more or less ... Nils is a nasty little boy who likes to play tricks on all the animals in the farm. One day he decides to pick on a pixie, only to discover it was not the wisest of his ideas. To punish him, the pixie shrinks him to guinea pig size. Nils escapes the wrath of the farm animals by leaving with a flock of wild geese hoping to discover how he can get his normal size back.
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Based on the childrens story by Selma Lagerlef.
2 February 2002
This is the story of an annoying little lad that tortures the animals in his fathers farm. One day he captures a leprechaun which he starts to toy with. The leprechaun escapes him and puts a curse on the boy which gets turned into a dwarf. To escape the anger of the farm animals, he leaves with a flock of wild geese and travels with them. This is how the series begins... As it progresses the boy begins to discover a new greater world which moulds him into a new person.
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