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The Thin Blue Line (1995–1996)
Absolutely Hoity Toity Fun
19 July 2010
I have heard that English Comedy is excellent , so has been proved by the masterpieces throughout the years "Monty Python" , "Fawlty Towers" and "Black Adder", but recently i was lucky enough to watch this series , and it was lovely . It was almost the feel i had when i saw blackadder that "Wish the Print was a bit better" although i am not a slightest bit annoyed by the darkness in the lighting, in fact it is almost ironic for it truly portrays British "Dark" Comedy.

The thin Blue Line is a series which sets up in a small town of england called Gasforth where the cast resides mostly at their work station i.e. Police Station, The police consists of two parties The Uniformed "Bell Topped" Coppers and the upto date and rather modern Criminal Investigation Dept. "CID" The Main Characters in the Series are the Uniformed coppers 1.Inspector Fowler (Rowan Atkinson) 2.Constable Goody 3. Constable Gladstone 4.Constable Maggie Habib and Sargeant Dawkins and the CID consists of Derek Grim and Inspector Garry Boyle.

The Whole plot is actually the constant arguments and differences b/w the CID and the Blues and ever episode is based on both sides constant bafoonaries.

The comedy in this series is unique and tummy hurting till the very end, the best thing about it is that unlike black adder where edmund black adder is the one with the last laugh in jokes , here every character has his punch line and laughs i love it and hope that everyone appreciate the true art of Humour, the editors and writers are same as of black adder which includes Rowan Atkinson and Ben elton.

The biggest mistake that the bbc made after almost canceling black adder was that to cut the thin blue line into only 14 epis and then hack the show of ....................

Buch of egg heads.

Love the show and recommend it to any decent man or woman , who wants to view elegant , "CLEAN" humor (by clean i mean its totally absent from any nudity) but the material is hilarious " Two things that an American cannot beat the British at........ Clean and unique Humor and Rock and Roll"
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Roller Coaster've gotta be kiddin me...?
28 January 2010
I love the F.D plot and kinky death scenes , but this was too lame for james wong, cm'on a roller coaster as a crash medium ????? cant he think of any other medium that could have been on a much more epic scale, i mean the glance of the Train scene , that was an idea... and oh..yeah tell me this , what the hell is a high school senior class doing at a Disney type theme park (ahem ahem) , but still back to point , they were much more ideas than a measly roller coaster , i mean ships,trains or stuff like that.. and compared to two and one , third didn't have the awesomeness in the deaths , like yeah they are gory , but they have to be unexpected as well unlike the "Tanning" Spa scene , just had to put in boobies to increase the ratings huh !...

any ways , the deaths sucked ass big time , expect for the nail gun , that was cool.

next time please , something bigger and better.....
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Well Another "Tarintino" Masterpiece 9/10
22 November 2009
Tarintinos style should be taught at film school as a separate course, his mind is very complex, i believe tarintino had it in his mind that he was going to make a movie based on non-accurate history but present it to the viewers in such a way that they felt that they were there and had faced the War.Directors like Tarintino are a Super rarity, in my opinion the only other director to match him is Guy Ritchie ( Snatch , Lock Staock ).

Inglorious Basterds

The Movie was Excellent , and deserves a 9 , why not 10 ? well all is explained below:

Loved the Movie and loved the characters, i had only one little problem with the film, OK forgive me for my ignorance regarding Tarintino's philosophy behind the movie, i know that the movie was more fiction and less fact, but not to be judgemental, i know that the Natzis deserve what they got, but from the film perspective, apart from the beginning (shooting the floor in the first chapter) , there was no should i put it " proof to the viewers that the Natzis were bad and deserved what they got " by my honest view, (keeping actual history aside), i believe Tarintino showed the Jews more violent and merciless rather than the other way around in the film ( i.e. the scalping ).

But non the less i loved the movie , the characters were superb, and let me just say that i believe Col. Hans Landa ( Waltz ) to be the Best Tarintino Villain of all time.

Other of favourite characters were Pitt ( Lt. Aldo ), Fassbender ( Lt. Archie Hicox )And it was funny to see Mike Myers in the movie...!!!
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Prison Break: Scylla (2008)
Season 4, Episode 1
Nice Episode Nice Pilot for Season 4!!!! But Not Superb like season 1 or 2!!!
13 September 2008
This Epi rocked....

the intensity is huge...we feel the rage in Micheal for losing Sara !!! but like before Micheal again has himself in a impossible situation where in order for him to survive he has to help Whistler and Gretchan ...but there is a huge twist there!!!.... unlike before Micheal has some high-powered people HELPING Micheal for once..

Enjoy it .. but there is one thing thats bugging me.... "can the show survive the name 'Prison break'?..i mean c'mon He has already broken out of 2 Prisons....if they need this to work...they might as well make him a alleged contractor for busting convicts out? HeHe!!!!! just say'in!!!"
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Crappy movie!!!!
3 October 2007
Look guys i don't know ....what u saw in the movie ....but it ain't nothing good...for what i can say. i mean first of all the movie was a roller-coaster ride...yeah but when it starts its you feel to throw up.

the geography,the links,the storyline is all bogus.. i mean ...Earth is Dead , continental drifts occurred Eiffel tower,Liberty statue,Pyramids and sphinxes all in a single place...but hell yeah Vegas(location) is where it was supposed to be..

In movie 1,the first part, Alice is in the Mansion when the troops crash in and take her deep into the Hive and there they enter the laser room and are killed...

But here Isaacs kicks Alice in the mansion and she crashes into the next room and there "Presto" the room has emerged.

about the story .... I seriously think that the storyline editor has some major issues i mean Alice has telekinesis or something which are not even considered in RE1 and RE2.

i mean it seems that the storyline editor was creating the story and he/she saw some flaws and hence added some features to seemingly put the movie in flow.

apart from that the movie action scenes were good . but the wardrobe...i mean cmon it was like watching Van Damms Cyborg....

I don't know but ALi larter made a bad choice by joining the movie a speck...on her career i fair.

the movie literally wanted me to poke a finger in my mouth and throw up

5/10 (for the camera work and action)
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Rush Hour 3 (2007)
Slow down the rush a bit ...
27 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Well , I am a huge jackie Chan Fan and also i really adore the couple of Witty Chris and Kung-fu chan.. The rush hour Predecessors were amazing...but this one,the Trilogy wasn't as it was expected I mean when i saw that this movie was gonna be abt the Triads , i was really amazed that finally the final hour would be abt the real thing, the real Chinese Mafia. But the clichés didn't go with the film.....................

It was as it name is............ an hour of rush. I mean i was glued to the seat till the first 15 mins.The past of Chan and Kenji.. but then i lost it completely,i mean OK..they had to get the list from France and asusual some mishaps happen in b/w but No subplots really killed the film...

The real pathetic thing abt the movie was the ending....though the martial arts was kick ass ...but the plot in the end that is revealed was entirely predicted before hand ....No surprise.....

Waste of a trilogy!!!!
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Awesome...simply Awesome..!
10 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't a POTC fan before....i never knew when the 1st movie was out,i thought it to be those cut throat island type of movies but once seeing the curse of the black pearl, i became a huge fan....i simply loved johnny depps character of Cpt Jack Sparrow,in fact it was his second movie i had seen , first being Icahbod crane in Sleepy Hollow..

N E ways , Potc 3, At world end is simply terrific, all the actors did a magnificent job, especially Johnny Depp (ofcourse),Geoffrey rush (who undoubtedly overshadowed Depp in this one )sorry Depp fans but thats my view,Kiera Knightley surprisingly was amazing in this one,Bill Nighy as well was better than thing i would like to mention ,if some one plays a villain in a movie and you hate him throughout the movie then that actor must have been effective hence he did his job good.same thing for Tom Hollander-who plays Lord Beckett,He was one of the most effective actors in the movie. The roles which were not quite as adequate as i thought to be Orlando Bloom,(sorry OB fans he certainly has the looks but not the acting but i rather must say that his acting in POTC 3 improved from completely Bogus to point Ay! Lad)Was a shame to that the roles of Sa-pheng(chow yun Fat), Weatherby Swan(Jonathan Pryce)and Norrington (Davenport)were so short. This is one of the best movies i saw ever.This trilogy on my behalf if cannot surpass it but still will be close to the lord of the rings Trilogy.thank you Gore Verbinsky for such a lovely Movie..thank you

And with that i give this movie a 8 deducting 2 because the movie was almost 3 hrs long!!
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