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Super Fun Night (2013–2014)
It's one of the few shows I look forward to...
31 October 2013
This woman is very funny, and that's what I look for in a comedy. I love watching her perform. Her cohorts are great. I'd keep it more focused on the three for awhile. Bring on the fun with a bit less about the office 'others' for awhile. The Murna stint was very funny to me, and any Xena fan would get the humor and know that Lucy Lawless is not like the character played by Brooke, who was hysterical to me. The title of the show is not memorable... and get it on earlier!!! Or play it again later in the week, if possible. I hope it makes it! I don't think it's had time to be discovered by viewers. I look forward to hopefully seeing this for the next five years. I have to admit I never heard of the lead before but I know what is funny when I see it. She is certainly a great comedienne.
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Many of Cast are actors
19 March 2009
Imo, several actors are in this group of 13, you can see info online of past performance/involvement. Some are already hocking their wares. Those who think they were all regular people, get more reading in. I'd bet contracts were signed. The show had great potential, but it turned into a show to scare the kiddies, and maybe creep out some adults via snakes. So in that regard, it worked. The audience must be considered dummied-down by this show's standards. Too many producer friends stirring the same pot leaves little imagination for change. They need fresh input from someone outside their circle. The editing seemed purposefully vague, the acting was obvious in spots. Take a closer look at Melyssa. She may be more than we know. I think they'll bring it back to finish it up. Why have, two, FIR-MASTERMIND, and FIR posted here if they didn't already film the second? It was less dull in pace than Murder in Small Town X, which got lost and boring in the translation. The endless tumbling around in the dark with flashlights got old real quick, Yawn Factor. And some of the more stupid moves by 'contestants/actors', that was acting, who goes back for underwear? Oh, no don't go back for your underwear, give us a break. I do applaud the production being in Louisiana who is still in dire need of support, and funds. The production gave in that regard. Maybe that's what this show was all about.
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