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Bones (2001)
A fun flick
22 May 2004
This movie got so much bad press for featuring Snoop Dogg as it's main villain, not too many people took this film seriously. Yeah the acting in this movie is kinda cheesy but I have seen a lot worse! There are some terrific horror images in this movie. The demonic dog, the wall of screaming soles, lots of nasty bloody death, etc. I caught this movie late one night and got a huge kick out of it! There was a lot of tongue in cheek humor thrown into the movie that kinda killed the horror in some parts. I still had a lot of fun watching this movie. The good far outweighs the bad and to skip out on this movie would be to miss out on a lot of really cool moments. This is the perfect movie for horror fans that like to root for the stalker. The effects in this movie are top notch and the kill scenes are nasty! Now that audiences are more familiar with Snoop Dogg as an actor I think this movie should be given a second chance. A few stupid comedy moments aside, this movie is not that bad, certainly better than " I Know What You Did Last Summer" or " Valentine ". If you are a horror B-movie fan and you have not seen this flick yet go rent it now! As for myself, I liked it enough that I am buying the DVD!
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13 Seconds (2003 Video)
One of the best horror films I have seen in a long time!
22 September 2003
An action packed and scary horror flick! Many chilling moments peppered with some of the best gore scenes since Dead Alive! I saw a screening of this movie at the Twisted Nightmare Weekend and I was on the edge of my seat! One of the creepiest movies I have seen since Jacob's Ladder! Gore fans will enjoy the plentiful grue!
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Fun way to kill a rainy day
2 April 2003
I had a lot of fun viewing this movie. It was very imaginative! An evil ghost falls for a teenage boy. In an effort to help him out she kills off his rivals. Soon he is blamed for their murders. His girlfriend tries to save him from the ghost. This movie is loaded with special effects that are fun to see. It has a sense of humor that pokes a little bit of fun at the slasher genre without getting too silly. If you are bored and you see this fun little gem for rent, snap it up! Mary Lou is one of the coolest B-movie villians that I have ever seen! It's a pity that they didn't put more into this franchise.
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