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Class Act (1994– )
A must see for Joanna Lumley fans
27 January 2008
I grew up watching this series, and i was disappointed that it only ran for two series. The comedy that comes through each episode is brilliant.

Joanna Lumley as Kate Swift revels in being self centred, but shows her true feelings to the inner circle she surrounds herself with. John Bowe as Jack Booker is hilarious as a drunken reporter who falls in with Kate, and Nadine Garner as ex-jailbird Gloria O'Grady adds the finishing touch to a fantastic show that is completely underrated.

This show deserves a UK DVD release for all the fans that will remember this fine show. It is a must see for fans of Joanna Lumley, a role where she shines and revels at being a bitch....and she plays it beautifully
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Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu (2003 Video Game)
A brilliant game
1 October 2007
This game, alongside Batman Vengeance, has the ability for someone to become the Dark Knight from the animated series if they wished, even if it is just a few hours. Just like the animated series, the original voices of Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, Loren Lester all make this game feel very familiar. For me, it was like playing in an actual episode of The New Batman Adventures, and that was purely down to the look and feel of the game. There should be more titles of Batman like this game, because the ones that are already around just keep raising the bar. Gotham looks as visual as it has on the television series, and the design of the characters is absolutely dead on Batman rocks!!!
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Batman Beyond (1999–2001)
Batman the next generation, brilliant!!
10 June 2007
When this series was first put on television in the UK (Titled Batman Of The Future), after watching the series that had gone by i was initially skeptic about how they would develop the story lines to suit their objective. I was quite pleasantly surprised.

Seeing Bruce Wayne in his 80's, and learning how Commissioner Gordon is now Barbara Gordon shows how the producers were very keen to keep a sense of familiarity with the old series, and by adding nice little touches like the Jokerz gives it a nice and fresh look.

Along with some new villains, Terry McGinnis is brilliant as the new Batman, and the by play that sometimes occurs between both Bruce and Terry is quite amusing. Showing that Bruce has a caring side alongside dealing with the bitterness of having to give up being Gothams protector.

I loved this show. The only problem i have is that there has been no region 2 DVD release of it. BRING ON THE COLLECTION, this show deserves it!!!
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Fantastic. More, More More!!!!
28 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This was definitely one of the highlights for me. I was 14 when this movie arrived, and what i movie it was. Having grown up with the entire Bruce Timm animated Batman series, this film shows that both Timm and Paul Dini know this series back to front.

The story is set roughly 50 years into the future, making Bruce Wayne in his 80's. After breaking up a gang of Jokerz that were stealing high tech gadgets, Terry McGinnis - the new Batman - is set to discover the most deadly secret from Bruce's tenure as the Dark Knight, but also face one of Bruce's deadliest foes - The Joker.

I've always considered The Joker to be completely immortal, because no matter what happened to him within the series he always managed to come back. This story was brilliant in not only story but also character and emotion between Bruce, Terry, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, and ultimately, The Joker.

Whether you're a fan of Batman or not, this film is a must for any viewer. Here's for more Batman Animated Movies
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