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A Wednesday (2008)
A little master piece
6 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the best movies I have seen in recent times....

The way the director ponders over the current situation of citizens of India. I really liked the way the director takes one by one problem of a common man...(stupid common man)...

The movie starts as a police commissioner starts narrating the best case ever handled by him....But he says that the surprising fact is that it is never registered in a file or at any place........

I would not agree to some of the previous reviewers that the move doesn't have big star cast......I believe that this movie has the best of the actors in the Indian movie industry.

Anupam Kher and Naseerrudin Shah are the actors nobody can be compared with.....they are unique characters and their presence in any movie makes an amazing impact to the movie.

I would not like to describe the movie or the story as a whole because I want you to watch the movie and then think of what a common man in India would feel after what has happened with the common man.....

I really like the last line of the movie......Anupam Kher says" He told me his name but I won't tell you because people tend to find religion in a name" The above lines really touched my heart and depicts the real pain in the hearts of people of Mumbai....

I really want people to watch this realistic movie....Hats off to the director and the writer.....
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Overall So so movie
12 December 2007
A good attempt to bring something different to the bollywood community.

Sanjay Gupta and others have made a risky attempt to come up with something that is not usual or expected in the current trend of bollywood.

Ten different stories. No doubt about learning from them but only for half a dozen; rest really do not make an impact. It is a great effort by all and as well all know with some expceptions....Here we go...!!!!

Matrimony starring Mandira Bedi, Arbaaz Khan -- Nice one. Good to start with. Better begun is half done.....(5/10)

Pooranmashi starring Amrita Singh, Minnisha Lamba -- Great acting. You get along this "kahani" . (6/10)

High on the Highway starring Jimmy Shergill -- Don't quite remember what was in it... worst of the bunch (0/10)

Stranger in the Night starring Neha Dhupia, Mahesh Manjerakar -- A so so story to all the wicked minds....but positive lesson .. (4/10)

Zahir starring Manoj Bajpai, Diya Mirza - A good lesson for the young generation to understand whats going on in others mind..... (5/10)

Lovedale starring Aftab Shivdasani -- A story every lover will like... But I didn't find it so interesting... will give it a friendly... (5/10)

Sex on the Beach starring Dino Morea -- I recommend you to grab a plate of samosas for your family/friends while this is going on....I know the title will not allow you to do this but there is nothing in this.... (1/10)

Gubbare starring Nana Patekar -- This story is among the half dozen that I like out of 10. Nothing to describe about it.. (7/10)

Rice Plate starring Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah -- Simply great acting and great direction. Nice message. (8/10) This much just for the message.

Rise & Fall starring Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Shetty -- I am a great fan of Sanjay Dutt but I could not digest the story line so (4/10) is enough.

Summary : Look out for these KAHANI's

Matrimony, Pooranmashi, Zahir, Gubbare, Rice Plate, Lovedale

Try to Ignore

High on the Highway, Sex on the Beach

Will have different opinions over Stranger in the Night (Good narration), Rise and Fall
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Amazing thriller
8 October 2007
This movie seems to be one of the best thrillers in the recent times......

The level of coincidence is amazing.....I cannot imagine a guy with so good luck which Vikram has in this movie....and it cannot be denied that it is possible .....

The acting is good by all characters in the movie and not all thriller movies end happily......this also ends perishing all the major characters of the movie....

But the most suspense part of the movie is at the end ....and that forces everybody watching this movie glued to the screen at the better watch till the end and I hope everybody likes the movie as I did....:)
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Dil Dosti Etc (2007)
A movie closed to reality
7 October 2007
The movie is well knit up to some extent and portrays the real life a student lives in modern Indian culture.

The best thing I liked about the movie is the end and the conclusions driven.

If you look into the acting perspective, Imam shah who is the son of naserrudin shah and ratna pathak shah has done a very good job and he really suites the character in the movie.

Shreyas talpade, is an awesome actor, no doubt about it. The new comer girls have done a good job up to some extent since they did not have a wholesome role in the movie but they supported the movie and it would not have been as good as it is with them.

Nikita Anand, Miss India Universe 2003 I think is casted in a bollywood movie for the first time ...also provides an added feature of the real life situation and overall everybody fit into their characters.

But finally I would like to tell you that Imam Shah has enough potential as his father has....and would succeed in winning the audience .....may be not in this movie but his movies to come.

The only negative point about this movie would be the this is not a family movie or a movie that can be watched by an age group older than 30 but certainly the young chaps of India....especially the college students will like this movie and appreciate it. There is some vulgar language in the movie(not much a few) but i think that was needed because that would only portray the trueness of the young Indian society.

Overall something to learn from this movie. So watch once so that you wont regret .....:)
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A realistic approach on life in a metro
28 May 2007
This is a good blend of lives of different kinds of people staying in a metro and the conditions and situations they come across. The story is interwoven with different characters related to each other and takes care of all kinds of people not to miss any kind of character that is found in a metro. It is sensitive at times but entertaining. The plot is so nicely woven that you would be in touch with each and every character. The songs are also good and situational. Finally the end being really very crucial and the situations that come up treat everybody in a very practical way to manage everything and you wont feel it unrealistic because the directors and the script writers have done their job....

In short, once watchable, worth spending few hours for entertainment. I hope everybody enjoys......
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