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The Sopranos (1999–2007)
The Sopranos Is The Mafia Summed Up
12 June 2008
The romance of The Godfather vs. the fighting of Goodfellas can be debated but in truth if you want to see what the mob is about well you gotta see The Sopranos. A staple in American history this stands the test of time. Characters that are so real and life sized. Tony is excellent however the best performance comes out of Christopher Moltisanti. The show takes you in holds you for a ride of 1 hour and spits you out wanting more and waiting for 7 days till you reach the heaven of TV. With the other crap that FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS put up its good to know a show like The Sopranos, or other shows like The Wire still are there.

Sopranos-Best Show ever.
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Mike & Mike (2006–2017)
23 October 2007
This is quiet enjoyable it is the best thing ESPN has and it is a quiet good tandem, for anyone that does not like it your opinion but I strongly disagree their opinions are honest and the show has grown very popular as is seen after Mike and Mike got to cover the Monday Night Doubleheader if you saw their Sports Center special that was awesome and the great part is you always agree with one of them and always disagree with one of them, sometimes they may agree but the way one says makes sense the way the other one says it makes more sense, although I like Golic more. This is a great show and every sports fan that needs their daily cup of sports should watch.
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Mahabharat (1988–1990)
No One Can Do A Better Job No Matter What
5 September 2007
No one can do a better job then this seriously.

You can cast these roles in their prime if they looked like these people and spoke their lanugague.

You can cast Robert DeNiro Al Pachino Christen Bale Edward Norton Tom Hanks Leonardo Dicaprio Ben Kingsley

Have the greatest producer

The Directors- Steven Spielberg, Hitchkock, and Scorescese

and this TV show will be a complet waste of time and boring crap compared to this TV show.

The Mahabharata in its entirety was just perfect from every angle. The acting is better than The Godfather. The directing better than Phsyco. The drama, emotion, and complexity better than Schindler's List. The enthuisasm better than Star Wars. Forget the visuals and this TV show crushes the others and makes them feel like a childish, and immature movie. To make the Mahabharata is the toughest of all Steven Spielberg would die trying to make it and if you say he would then you are wrong considering the fact that SPielberg probably has never written 1.8 million words in his life. I do not need to explain how good this is based on this.
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