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Mr. Right (2009)
I'm done watching gay films.
9 April 2018
I'm done watching gay films. I know I'm not supposed to say that.
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A creepy film that is no fun at all.
12 February 2018
Intolerable people everywhere. Everyone grosses you out. You can't even pretend it's a love story, because the characters are so gross.
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Make another one.
27 January 2018
With all the fake news documentaries about Trump, it is a treat to watch one that tells the truth. Now do one that shows all that he has accomplished in just one year. It should be two hours long to cover everything. It is the most astounding first year any president has ever had. The economy is roaring back to life. ISIS is gone. America is going to be energy dominant in the world within five years. Business is coming back to America. All because of his policies. It is an amazing demonstration of how incompetent and self serving our politicians have been. We have a leader is going to MAGA. There is no doubt about it.
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War Machine (2017)
Hollywood Leftists make another anti-war movie
3 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has every Hollywood anti-war cliché in it. If you kill the enemy, it just makes more enemies. If you jail criminals you just get more criminals. Wars can't be won, especially by fighting. The indigenous people are happy to have El Quaida, ISIS, or the Taliban rule them. They don't want to be saved. They do. That still doesn't mean it's America's job to do it. The problem is we fight the wars stupidly. First we can't seem to identify the enemy. If Iran is the problem, we should be fighting in Iran not Afghanistan. The Israelis make the same mistake, facing off against Hezballah when the real address for their enemy is Iran. They should be hitting Iran with everything they've got not getting their noses bloodied by Hezballah. Trump knows what to do. Let's just watch and learn.
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Vaping is safe, and smoking will kill you.
16 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Vaping is safe, and smoking will kill you. The cigarette companies, pharmaceutical companies and government are moving to kill it everywhere for the money. They are aided and abetted by all the NGO's like the Lung Association who are also funded by Big Pharma and the Cigarette companies. Watch the movie and all will be clear and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt.
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The Reagans (2003 TV Movie)
Fake History, you know, like Fake News.
23 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I know Ronald Reagan intimately. I lived in Texas when he was President. I am a news junkie, so I followed every twist and turn of his campaign and his Presidency. Let me tell you every detail and nuance of this movie is an out and out lie. It's as I said Fake History. It was so boring too, the movie I mean. The reality was exciting, packed with incident, and it was exuberant and optimistic. The man brought America back from the dead, and you felt alive, excited, watching it happen. If the movie told the real story it would have been as exciting and inspirational as hell. So in short, Ronald Reagan's economic legislation set America on a ten year path of growing GDP and 30 million good new jobs. For ten years after the US never had a down month in GDP. At the same time, he brought the Soviet Union down without firing a shot. Communist Russia was a fearsome enemy, armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, and an imperialist ideology with the stated goal of conquering the whole world. Just think of the Nazis, but with a hammer and sickle instead of a swastika. Nothing in the movie gave him any credit for his successes. Instead it dwelled on a visit to the wrong German cemetery and selling arms to Iran for hostages, and giving money to the Contras to fight the Sandanistas in El Salvador contrary to a Democratic law against it. Barack Insane Obama has done it 1000 times. So sad.
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Passengers (I) (2016)
The Opposite of La La Land
8 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers

I watch a lot of movies and almost all of them crash and burn. The ones that are trying to sell me something: gays, and now trans (50 shades of crazy), multi-culti, communism, political correctness in all its various strains, and horror get a zero. When you think about it, that's about 80-90% of today's movies.

The action movies are in trouble too. So many rely on tons and tons of CGI (x-men, avengers etc.) Some are all CGI (Jupiter Rising, Adventureland). The former are bad. The latter are worse.

Some movies that could otherwise be good, are destroyed when the star appears on screen. He or she has been so politically active (Meryl Streep, Ben Affleck) that my reaction is, There's that bitch or moron, who wants to teach me what's right and wrong. I have a priest or rabbi for that. It takes me right out of the movie. These dumb actors are supposed to entertain me, play a role and disappear. I won't go see them anymore. They are just killing their box office. How smart are they?

All the above is so that I could get to 10 lines of text and say something about this movie. So here goes.

I loved it. It was set in the future, so, sci-fi and every drop of CGI (just beautiful) added to the movie. It was a delicious love story with wonderful actors, and it raised a novel and interesting moral dilemma. It was witty and the dialogue was funny and clever.

In the end love conquered all (I like that.) It was the exact opposite of La La Land, which was of the opinion, that career and fame were more important than love, which may be true, but it's not how I like my movies or books. I loved La La Land until the ending, which left me with the taste of ashes in my mouth. I gave it a 7 instead of a 10, because of the ending. Of course, Hollywood loved it. It's full of people who gave up all to be in movies.

Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Pratt are our new A-list.
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015– )
Wow! Dazzling!
22 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Rachel Bloom is soo smart. The script is soo clever, and fresh. This show is on a level with Seinfeld - something special. It's funny on so many different levels, and surprising. The musical pieces are genius and fun and musical. Let's not have sex triggers memories we have forgotten, and it sizzles. Who would have thought of that? Or "Please don't be a murderer." Drinking sparkles, is great too, even if she made such a fuss about it. I love this show.

Now I'm just going to put in some filler so I can qualify to post the review. It has to be at least 10 lines long or it is unacceptable. Okay, I will give it a try now.
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Page Eight (2011 TV Movie)
A rank piece of Leftist propaganda
17 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is an ultra-Leftist film. The dictatorial Prime Minister of Great Britain and the evil Americans are in cahoots hiding the secret that the Americans are running torture chambers all over the world. The good director of MI-5 (who dies halfway through) and his golden-haired protégé work to expose the Prime Minister's deceit to the nation.

An added subplot, mixed with a romantic element for the fair-haired boy, is that the Israelis are shooting people waving white flags and covering up these cold-blooded murders at the highest levels of the Israeli intelligence services.

The British Secret service knows about this as well, but isn't telling anyone. I guess they are not all as good as our hero. In the finale the Israelis are outed on national television and a good time is had by all.

Good actors, decent dialogue, but ultimately unwatchable because of the sickening premises, which require the inversion of good and evil, with the help of a lot of lies.
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I'm proud to be an American and they can't take that away.
22 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
American Sniper is the movie that should not have existed. Even though the book was a bestseller, nobody in Hollywood wanted the rights.

And why would they?

The Iraq War already had an official narrative in Hollywood. It was bad and wrong. Its veterans were crippled, dysfunctional and dangerous.Before American Sniper, Warner Brothers had gone with anti- war flicks like Body of Lies and In the Valley of Elah. It had lost a fortune on Body of Lies; but losing money had never stopped Hollywood from making anti-war movies that no one wanted to watch.

Even the Hurt Locker had opened with a quote from leftist terrorist supporter Chris Hedges.

An Iraq War movie was supposed to be an anti-war movie. There was no other way to tell the story. Spielberg's own interest in American Sniper was focused on "humanizing" the other side. When he left and Clint Eastwood, coming off a series of failed films, took the helm, it was assumed that American Sniper would briefly show up in theaters and then go off to die quietly in what was left of the DVD aisle.

And then American Sniper broke box office records that had been set by blockbusters like Avatar, Passion and Hangover Part II by refusing to demonize American soldiers or to spin conspiracy tales about the war. Instead of pandering to coastal progressives, it aimed at the patriotic heartland.

In a sentence you no longer expected to hear from a Hollywood exec, the Warner Brothers distribution chief said, "This is about patriotism and all the things people say the country is lacking these days."

The backlash to that patriotism and the things the country is lacking these days didn't take very long to form and it goes a lot deeper than snide tweets from Michael Moore and Seth Rogen. Academy members were reportedly passing around an article from the New Republic, whose author had not actually seen the movie, but still denounced it for not showing Chris Kyle as a bigoted murderer.

Hollywood progressives are both threatened and angered by American Sniper. And with good reason.

The most basic reason is the bottom line. Between Lone Survivor, Unbroken and American Sniper, the patriotic war movie is back.
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Flash Gordon (2007–2008)
There's good news and bad news
19 September 2007
First the good news. Great story line, even if it is unadorned. This series has all the good old fashioned values, heroism, courage, love, family, good and evil, starkly drawn. It resonates with all your best emotions, and it's as American as apple pie.

Lots of cute chicks, sexy repartee, flirtations, and jealousy. Solid plotting, nice twists, surprises, and lots of sci-fi. So everyone is not naked, and no one uses four letter words, and the lead heroine is a virgin even though she is engaged - to the wrong guy of course. It's like sci-fi was back then, without the X rating.

And now the bad. Low production values but good enough not to get on your nerves. The acting is a tad, well more than a tad, wooden, but give the ensemble some time. These amateurs are just starting out, the director will improve too. They make up for it though by being very attractive, personable, likable, and and the script and dialog is better than they are, so it carries them and the show along.

Despite its weaknesses this is a sci-fi show thats entertaining, and positive. It sets a good example, and has lots of room to grow. I really liked it and the kids will love it. Beats the pants off the high razz-dazzle shows like Smallville, which wears after an episode or ten of shock, extremes, and special effects, all form and no substance. I have higher hopes for the show, but I can watch and enjoy it as is.
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