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See it and judge for yourself.......
6 November 2003
Ok after reading all of the others comments I had to say something for myself. Japanese anime that are made into movies cannot be the same thing. So don't even try to compare a cartoon to a real action movie! Gary daniels is great in this film. If you like martial arts action then this one is for you. Oh sure it has a little sorcerer science fiction blend added but hell look at the comic books and the videos. Bloody books and cartoons,bloody movie. Live action will never copy a cartoon or comic book. So quit being so damn hard on films and just watch it for the entertainment which is what it was meant for. See it for yourself and then decide. TheFarmer out
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The Farmer (1977)
Great Revenge,Rampage,Violent movie of its time.
14 February 2002
If action packed violent movies is your thing then this movie is the one for you, unfortunately it was never released in video or dvd or even beta format. Yes the originals are still locked up in Columbia pics movie vaults. I saw this movie in the theatres in 1977 when I was 17 years old, and loved it. Kyle Martin played by Gary Conway is a retired war veteran turned Farmer, who finds out that money is short to pay the mortage on the farm. He turns to the mafia boss,Michael Dante, I believe, who pays Conway money to rid himself of a few rival enemies. Which Conway does just that with plenty of bullets blood and gore. The fact that this movie just missed an X rating from all the graphic violence is not odd, but that of the one liners that Conway spits out each time he offs a bad guy. One seen Conway is under a car waiting for a bad guy and when he walks up to get in has his feet blown completly off by a sawed-off shot gun. Conway comments "you won't be going any where soon" as he wastes him yet again at point blank range sending the body flying across the parking garage. Every thing is rare about this movie, from the movie posters to the LP sound track. It probably won't ever be released in video due to the graphic violent content contained therein. America is just not ready for such action as this one dishes out. David Berlatsky directs and Gary Conway helped produced. It make me wonder where they thought this film would eventually go to as obscure as it is. Still is and always will be one of my favorite action in its genre of all time. Write me if you know of where a copy may exist! ;^)
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