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Good film, but not entirely satisfactory
11 June 2004
If You Were Me is a collection of short films, each telling its own story and delivering its own message. I must admit that I generally dislike films of this sort; I prefer it when it's one long film with the same story. If You Were Me did have its ups and downs. Some stories were exceptionally rewarding, while others felt lacking, in both plot and spirit. I'd say the first two and the last were my favorites. Another problem was that most stories suffered from parts that were painfully slow for no apparent reason. It felt like If You Were Me is a film that tries to make you think, but will be forgotten rather quickly by most. In conclusion it's a good film, but not entirely satisfactory.
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Good, not fantastic
15 January 2002
So no one will get me wrong, I wish to assure you that I did enjoy this movie. Yet, it was disappointing. Because I had heard a lot about it, and even though I might not have expected something better, but I had expected something different.

Being John Malkovich has a lot of talented actors, and I maybe most outstanding are John Cusack and Cameron Diaz. But I can't help feeling that that does not help. I'm not very fond of the story in particular. Maybe it's just too different and philosophical for me.

In my opinion, this is a movie quite a bit over average, but not a top movie. And with all the hype going around, I was a bit disappointed. 7/10.
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Not the recognition it deserves
15 January 2002
For some reason, every time they decide to show this movie on a Swedish TV channel, they do so in the middle of the night, when everyone's asleep. I'm getting angry everytime I see that: because this is a great movie that hasn't really got much recognition (maybe it's like this only here in Sweden). You shouldn't have to miss out a movie this good just because you haven't heard of it.

That said, I will concentrate more on the movie. It's based on a short story by Rudyard Kipling, but this is one of the few occurances where I find the film better. It's an amazing story set in India from when it was under British rule. As the main characters we see Sean Connery and Michael Caine, and they do great roles. I'd always known Sean Connery was a great actor, but I hadn't seen Caine's potential until I saw this movie. Their characters' friendship makes this a warming movie, but at moments it's also quite sad. Besides Connery and Caine, it has many memorable characters, like Christopher Plumming as Kipling.

Stan Huston directs, and I think it shows. The environments for example, really are outstanding; the icy mountains, the crowded market and the Pakistan deserts. When I had finished watching I was overwhelmed, it felt like one of the greatest stories ever told, much like the feeling I had after watching Lawrence of Arabia and Dersu Uzala. There's really nothing that goes against this movie, and needless to say I gave it 10/10.
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An emotional bomb
10 January 2002
This movie recently caught my attention by being the highest rated animation picture on this very site. It was by then I decided to watch it, and I can assure you now - I was not disappointed. Grave of the Fireflies is one of the finest movies I've seen.

Grave of the Fireflies is a story about how a fourteen-year-old boy and his little sister tries to survive in a village in Japan near the end of World War II.

Without going further into the plot and revealing anything, I can say that this is to date the most emotionally exhausting film I've ever seen. Films like Dr Zhivago, Deer Hunter and The Killing Fields fade in comparison (although those are excellent movies as well). When I had finished watching this movie, I found myself crying. Do not miss this gem: it's beauty and tragedy made me look at war from another perspective.

One of the few films that really deserve 10/10.
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Surprisingly good
10 January 2002
I was never much of a Transformers fan when I was younger, so I never thought this movie would be anything special. I was completely wrong.

This movie has everything a good animated picture needs. An excellent story, good animation, fitting music and impressive voice actors. I was especially satisfied with Orson Welles as Unicron, and Eric Idle really takes his role seriously.

Although this is your typical tale of a group of heroes who have to save the universe, it does a lot better, thanks to all its good sides. 8/10, and, as mentioned, I'm not even a fan. This is a movie for everyone.
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Ran (1985)
10 January 2002
This movie is truly one of a kind. Set in medieval Japan, with a borrowed script from Shakespeare, this is a study in human nature. We get to witness insanity, manipulation and cold-blooded betrayal.

What really makes this movie shine though, is two things. Firstly and foremost; its acting. Two of the best acting performances I've seen are Tatsuya Nakadai as Lord Hidetora and Mieko Harada as Lady Kaede. I've never seen these actors before (I'm not too familiar with Japanese films), but they are evidently very skilled. The other thing that really stands out is the visual experience. Stunning at least. For example, the battle scenes are beautiful--if battle scenes can be called beautiful--and yet quite realistic.

I personally like this movie more than Shichinin no Samurai: but that's something that changes every week. They're both movies in the same league. A well-deserved 9/10.
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Best movie ever made
10 January 2002
I first saw this movie a little over three years ago, when I was on a trip to Australia. I was very eager to get my hands of the Stanley Kubrick Collection, which by then was just released. The first one I watched was Dr. Strangelove. Never before had I even heard of this picture, yet it surpassed everything I had ever seen before. Do not miss this movie.

I like everything about this movie. Peter Sellers, Sterling Hayden and George C. Scott are all supreme actors and do excellent performances. The story and the script are wonderful. And what can go wrong with Stanley Kubrick as director? Nothing. Yet I am surprised. Considering how amazing everyone who has seen this movie thinks it is (everyone I've talked to), there are a lot of people who haven't even heard of it. Do not miss this movie.

I must admit I haven't counted: but I must've seen this movie around ten times, and I still find it amazing. In my world, this is the no.1 movie of all times. A crystal clear 10/10. Oh, and DO NOT miss this movie.
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