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Life (I) (2017)
The "Gravity" We Wanted
9 April 2017
Even with its flaws, the movie kept me entertained and on the edge of my seat.

Many of the reviews are negative due to "illogical" or "stupid" narrative events... well guess what, it's called science fiction for a reason. If you can suspend your disbelief while watching this movie, you will enjoy it. Science fiction is not meant to depict reality, it's meant to take you to another world, and that's what this movie achieves.

The cinematography and visual effect were a highlight, and the story has a lot more depth than "Gravity - which actually tried to depict real scenarios but failed miserably. Sure some of the character development is weak, but the movie overall is a fun watch and I recommend you see it for yourself. If you like space movies or alien movies, you will like Life.
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Came in with no expectations... left breathless!
14 June 2014
I'm always so disappointed when I see good movies bomb at the box office, it's such a shame because this one didn't deserve that. I went in thinking, "just another Cruise movie," and it's unfortunate this stereotype exists because as we all know, Cruise can be a great actor who's capable of surprising you.

Definitely one of the most creative and entertaining action movies I have seen in a while - kudos to the team behind this film. There wasn't a single moment throughout the film where I was drifting off or questioning scenes. Without any exaggerations, this was truly a cinematic experience with fantastic comic relief and heart-pounding action. The performances from Cruise and Blunt were captivating and hands on some of their best work on set.
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I cannot express my disappointment.
7 July 2012
I love superhero movies, they capture our intangible desires, and at times take us to a different world. However, with this horrible remake, I only begged for the movie to end faster. The first 45 minutes of the movie was by far the worst set up I have ever seen; I was falling asleep. The dialogue was BEYOND cheesy, and the performances were mediocre. It felt like the original plan was to make a romance flick and add spiderman as a bonus. The movie is a reboot of the franchise, but why oh why are the events almost identical to the original spiderman! My biggest disappointment, by far, was the lack of epic action scenes, they were all quick and boring. The parallels were weak and super corny: (not a spoiler) there was a scene where Peter forgets to bring eggs home, some time later he brings the eggs and it becomes a magical moment in cinema. Also, the lizard...was extremely unrealistic, almost to the point of laughter. Character development was poor and left me hanging. The plot points were childish, cliché and meaningless. I'm sure some of you have seen the 4 minute trailer they released? That's as good as it gets. The trailer literally had every action scene and included all the interesting shots. It's like I was watching a 2 hour long version of the trailer, what a fail. There was nothing amazing about the amazing spiderman, I defiantly would not recommend wasting your money on it. Instead, just keep rewatching the 4 minute trailer! Much more entertaining!
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Free Zone (2005)
fine movie
20 June 2007
I enjoyed this movie, and Im not just saying that because Im Jewish. But things that really really ticked me off was his editing technique, especially the overlapping just made me nauseous. I need to watch this movie again because I didn't understand a lot of the things. I didn't like the ending, it kind of just put me off. Overall it was a fine movie. But can someone please explain why she ran away in the last scene, like out of no where too. The credits were messed too, with the 2 women yelling at each other, it was just pointless. If this movie had better explanation of what in the world is going on, I would had enjoyed it more. I have to compliment the acting though, it was well done. Also, some of the scenes were just way to extended. This movie is worth watching. Great morality and has deep meaning, but it still could have been done a lot better, especially when your showing tragedy in the middle east.
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