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Bloody Fun
1 April 2014
The Good: Great cinematography, fine acting from the two leads, excellent battle scenes, and wonderfully overly-dramatic dialogue. Also; it is cartoonishly violent.

The Bad: Not much character development for anyone save the two leads and two or three secondary characters. The bits with the narration tend to go on overlong (show, don't tell; you're a movie, remember?). Also; it is cartoonishly violent (some people probably don't like this, even though I'm not one of them).

The Standout: Eva Green. Her character takes the cake, and pretty much makes the whole film. Her character arc is well realized, and her deviation from the norm in most situations almost always caught me off- guard. There were several scenes which began as cliché as one can get, and then Eva's characterization (and the writing, can't forget to credit that) take things in a whole other direction than I was expecting. It's refreshing to see a strong female character who isn't just a clone of a traditionally male trope but with boobs.

All in all, highly recommended if high-violence hack & slash movies are your bag.
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Regular Show (2009–2017)
Not for kids, but still a total gem.
15 August 2011
What do Monster Squad, Loverboy, Sylvester Stallone, Back to the Future, Bruce Campbell, 80s Hair Metal, and The Crying Game all have in common? They all have been a punchline, set-up, or reference in Regular Show.

To get to brass tacks, this show is hilarious. A blend of slacker- humour and surreal plot lines, Regular Show is recommended viewing for all mature cartoon audiences. It tackles moral dilemmas without being preachy, it uses "random" humour in a way which drives the plot to non- random outcomes, and its light enough on its mature themes that it can nail a safe PG rating (maybe PG 13 if you're one of those conservative types).

However; where Regular Show really shines is in its total awareness of what makes adults who grew up in the 80s and 90s tear up and laugh out loud all at once: Nostalgia. One major example of this is an entire episode which is a parody of (and indeed, named) Over the Top. Another example is the constant montages set to old tunes from decades past, such as Hang Tough and Workin' for the Weekend. Even better are the tiny references which most people under 25 wouldn't get, and hold screen time for mere moments before you're left wondering "Hey, didn't I see that scene in Logan's Run?".

As I said, this cartoon is not for kids, but not because its racy and sometimes inappropriate. It isn't for kids because the funniest jokes are made for guys like me: 25 - 40 year old geeks who can pick out the references, and appreciate the parodies. For this reason alone I love this show, but even then it can still stand up on its own as an entertaining cartoon.

EDIT: Since the time of this writing, I have witnessed a They Live reference, the Death Star with sunglasses, and a scene where the characters go on an "acid trip" (they eat a concoction of spicy foods and then start tripping out) set to the tune of Mississippi Queen. This show just got even better.
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Game of Thrones (2011–2019)
Excellent adaptation.
17 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Readers who come to this review later in the series must note that, at the time of this writing, I have only seen the inaugural episode.

It's probably safe to say, when dealing with a series of novels as beloved as The Song of Ice and Fire, the most scrutinized aspect of the T.V. adaptation will be how well it holds to the source material. I am here to confirm, as a fierce devotee to the books, that we have nothing to fear.

While certain scenes play out differently in execution, the plot remains perfectly intact (so far). The characters have been transplanted well from page to screen, and the actors (most notably Peter Dinklage) nailed their personalities quite well. However; it is only fair to point out some of the acting seemed a little wooden at times.

Special effects were well done, though nothing mind-blowing, but the scenery and props perfectly captured the feel of the novels (in my mind at least). It also must be noted that there was just the right amount of nudity, violence and vulgarity to let the audience know they were watching a tale woven for mature viewers without using said nudity, violence and vulgarity as a crutch.

All and all, I am very, very pleased with this adaptation, and I went into it expecting to be disappointed. If I were to gripe about anything, it would be that newcomers who have not read the books might not know what to think of this fantasy story for adults. Some may shrug it off as fodder for geeks, while others might take offence to what they may see as a defiling of a genre usually meant for children.


After watching the entire first season, I can safely say this is perhaps the BEST adaptation of book into film/TV. While many moments in the show do not match the moments in the book action for action and word for word, the plot is never sacrificed when doing this, and the alterations simply make the story a better fit for a one-hour television time slot.

In addition, new scenes (by which I mean scenes which never happened in the book at all) fit seamlessly into the greater plot, and help the audience with information they would only otherwise get via the narrative of the novel (EG: asides which explain character/world history).

Top form, HBO. Top form.
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Lost Girl (2010–2016)
Another Diamond in the Rough
7 December 2010
We are living in a new golden age of television. This is the age of the one hour drama. Sure, we've had them for decades now, but never have we had so many good ones available at one time. Chuck, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, 24, House, Supernatural, No Ordinary Family, etc, etc, etc.

Now we have Lost Girl.

I won't say this show will be enjoyed by everyone, but any sane person will at least acknowledge it is worthwhile.

Decent acting shows through a veil of light camp as characters develop personally and with each other. This development is rushed at times, but the point seems to be allow for the audience to quickly absorb as much info as they can on a world with a decidedly massive mythos. Understandably, some may find this up-tempo plotting to be counter- immersive, but there is no accounting for personal preference.

Some may be turned away by the sexual energy which charges this show. That being said, the sexuality inherent in the atmosphere is never gratuitous and always essential to the product as a whole.

Finally, it must be said that the possibilities for future plot lines are nearly endless, considering the vast amount of folklore this show can draw inspiration from. Not to mention the possibilities of political intrigue between the two major factions in the show.

I've tried to be as vague as possible in describing the show, as that is what the summary is for. All I seek to do is shine a little light on a prime product that, with all the other great shows on TV, some folks might miss or simply pass up. Trust me, you owe it to yourself to give this a try, even if it's just to see if you like it.
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Tosh.0 (2009– )
Must see for Internet People.
17 July 2009
For all you Internet junkies out there, this show is for you. Daniel Tosh, a funny as hell stand-up comic, takes you into the seedy realm we all inhabit and gives pointed observations on everything from the Afro Ninja to kids getting smashed in the face. In all honesty, I thought this show would be a bust. Seeing as how only Internet People tend to enjoy their self-referential humour, I figured there would be nothing for the average everyman to laugh at. However; Tosh makes funny for everybody, not just those of us who lurk the waters of the World Wide Web. Also; the subtle little inside jokes meant only for us Web Heads are hilarious.
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Hotbox (2009– )
Funnier than you're lead to believe.
17 July 2009
I was going to rate this show 10 just to balance out the score, but that's not being honest.

To be blunt, this show could be funnier. Some of the sketches are lame, and just leave you scratching your head. However; the majority of this show is leak-in-your-pants hilarious. It's best to keep in mind that the comedy styling is crude and ridiculous, depending heavily on the "WTF?" factor reminiscent of shows like Weird T.V. If you're not into comedy which comes at you from left field, you'll most likely hate this show.

P.S. to earlier comment: Badmouthing potheads on the Internet is like like stealing money from the homeless; you don't get much out of it, and it makes you look like a petty idiot.
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Justice League: Legends (2002)
Season 1, Episode 16
What did he just say?
22 April 2009
This episode is awesome for one line and one line alone:

The Streak: "You're a credit to your people, son."

The Green Lantern: "Uh...thanks."

For context purposes, this line is spoken by a hero called The Streak to The Green Lantern. The Streak is a character from a comic book Green Lantern read as a kid. Flash somehow aborbed some energy from a giant robot and vibrated himself, Green Lantern, Jon Jons, and Hawkgirl into this comic book's world.

Warner Brothers has always hidden clever little innuendos and subtle social commentary in their shows, but this line (showcasing how ignorant comic books could be in the '50s) floored me.
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Dark Comedy at it's Best
12 April 2009
Observe and Report is likely the best comedy to hit the silver screen since 40 Year Old Virgin. I say this because it is the first dark comedy in years which focuses more on the darkness within ourselves, rather than the dark side of society.

Very few characters have any redeeming qualities, and the main character himself is a racist, homophobic, delusional, and violent man-child. However, when a movie forces us to like an essentially unlikable character, we begin to get more insight into the dark corners of our own personalities which we identify in them. I saw some of myself in Ronnie Barnheart, and I didn't like what I saw. The point is, I'm not supposed to.

I understand the reaction of many nay-sayers. Going into this movie expecting a light-hearted comedy is just setting yourself up for disappointment. However, that does not change the fact that this movie beautifully explores how the cataclysmic ups and downs of a disturbed man's mood swings can manifest in such life-destroying ways.
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Fringe (2008–2013)
You got some Lost in my X-Files
9 December 2008
I'm really starting to believe people give negative criticism simply to see how high their high horse can go, and so I've given this a 9 instead of the 7 I originally planned.

While not a stellar piece of thought-provoking art, Fringe is a competent and humorous thriller drama. The twists and labyrinthine conspiracies reek of J.J. Abrams, and the sci-fi elements are reminiscent of one of my all time favorites, X-Files. While most turn up their already up-turned noses at this, calling it a rip-off, I tend to see it as more of an homage (and a good one at that). The plots of each episode, while fantastical, are somewhat believable, as the sci-fi elements are not too far flung from reality.

The show is not without it's flaws. The scripting can border on downright cheesy at times, and the actors sometimes seem like they are physically distressed with being on set. However, these are gripes which usually get ironed out as the show evolves. Unfortunately, as this is a Fox show, I doubt we will ever see this happen, due to inevitable cancellation.
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The Love Guru (2008)
Not even a tenth as bad as others make it seem.
14 October 2008
To call this the worst movie of the year, or the worst movie ever shown in theaters, is sheer pompousness at its best.

That being said; this is by no means a great movie. It is hilariously crude, random, and quirky, but the humour is obviously not for everyone. The Love Guru uses a tried, but true, comedy formula and rarely strays from it. However; some of the off-the-wall jokes will have you laughing your face off, and will keep returning to your mind, making you laugh days after you watched the film. The acting is par, and Steven Colbert delivers the funniest performance I've seen in a long while.

Don't go into this film looking for genius or groundbreaking comedy mastery; go into this film expecting a decent laugh which you won't regret.
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Hands down the best movie I've seen this year
8 August 2008
To say I nearly crapped myself laughing during this movie would be an understatement. This is the best movie I've seen in a long, long time.

Better than Dark Knight? Better than Ironman? Better than Step Brothers? Hulk? Hellboy? Wanted? A thousand times YES, but let me clarify. I loved all of the movies I just mentioned. Loved some of them so much I nearly bought a second ticket and watched them again in the same night as my first viewing. However; Pineapple Express is something none of these other movies are: Different.

The days of the buddy action/comedy really ended, for me, with the last Lethal Weapon. There have been other half-hearted attempts to emulate it (Rush Hour, anyone?), but nothing seemed to fill that void Riggs and Murtaugh left in my heart.

At it's core, this is a stoner movie, obviously. There's plenty of stoner jokes, improvised dialogue, liberal use of pot, and plenty of physical yuks. Deep down, though, this sucker has the blood of an action blockbuster in it's veins. From believable and hilarious fisticuffs to bloody shootouts, this is the most light-hearted dark comedy I've ever seen.

Anyone who watches this movie and doesn't find it at least a little bit funny has no soul. You owe it to yourself to see this self-indulgent masterpiece of genre mixing. Trust me.
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Uwe proves he has at least some directorial talent.
18 May 2008
I tell you, I could saunter on across the street and hop on to the band-wagon of people dismissing this movie because it's another Uwe Boll project, but I like to be objective in my film watching.

So here it goes.

This is not an excellent film. It suffers from everything any B-movie does: sub-par acting, cheesy special effects, cameos by famous people obviously in the hopes of making the film seem more credible, and so on.

However; as a B-movie, this thing is pretty good. Nothing new, nothing groundbreaking, nothing epic, but definitely something to watch. The fight scenes are reminiscent of old-school '90s karate movies, and are decently choreographed. The story, while delivered with all that lovely B-movie cheese, it rather well crafted (even if Boll makes a few holes here and there), and I found it surprisingly entertaining.

Really what I'm trying to say here is Uwe Boll is not as bad a director as I had initially thought. I am a rather large fan of B-movies, and before this flick I was ready to hang Uwe by his Bolls for his previous atrocities. Now I see him in a new light. He is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the next Wes Anderson or David Cronenberg, but neither is he the Michael Bay of the B-movie set (not anymore anyway).
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Literally Left Me Speechless
6 January 2008
I have never walked out of a theater speechless before this movie, and I think it will be a long time before it happens again.

Acting: The acting in this film is top-notch. Everyone is believable, but each character has one or two traits about them that accents their ficticiousness, such as Weaving's occasional alliteration, or Portman's exaggerated innocence. Portman is the only real weak link in the chain, but that is mostly due to the obviously fake accent she sports throughout the film.

Writing: Amazing. This is where the movie shines. An ultra-right wing U.K. meets an ultra left-wing terrorist and an innocent woman gets caught up in the middle of it all. Politically charged movies have a tendency to do poorly, but this one hits the nail on the head with excellent scripting and plot development.

Cinematography: This was also very well done, but there is definitely not as much action as one might expect from the makers of the Matrix trilogy. However, the lack of action is made up for with the meaty plot. If a meaty plot isn't enough to make you forgive the lack of action, then this is not the movie for you.

In my honest opinion, this movie deserves not only top 250 on this website, but top 10. I've noticed that many people who did not like this film hated it for political reasons more than anything. That is perfectly logical and warranted, but all I'm saying is just because you do not agree with the political stance a movie takes, does not mean it is a bad film.
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Heroes (II) (2006–2010)
A Piece of Excellence Which is Not for Everyone
20 November 2007
Heroes is, by far, my favorite show on television. In a time where TV is devoid of any sort of quality drama save for shows such as House and CSI, Heroes is a breath of fresh air.

However, I will admit this show is not for everyone: Cons - The biggest con for this show is the acting. Don't even get me started on Ally Larder, who is the worst choice of actress for anything other than a B movie. The rest of the cast is fairly mediocre, with a few characters (such as Hiro and Noah Bennet) being portrayed absolutely beautifully. The only other con which comes to mind is the writing. The writing and plot development in this show is confusing to some, gibberish to others, but for many fans it is the only way this show can progress. This brings me into the pros...

Pros - The biggest pro for this show is...the writing. As I stated before, it may seem confusing to some, but to fans such as myself (who enjoy a muddled cluster...screw...of a plot) are not bothered by the shifting, jumpy nature of the show's focus. The plot itself is purely a fantastical ride through a seemingly normal version of our world: the characters must deal with their emerging powers while simultaneous dealing with every day life. While this might seem trite and overdone to some, others have embraced this tried and true concept.

Now, reading the comments here I can see it is fairly split: some, like myself, absolutely love this show; while others are unable to get past it's slight flaws. I can understand this, as, if you are not already drawn to a concept such as this, the flaws are fairly glaring. However, to those who have not yet given this show a chance, I recommend that you do so; if you love the concept, you will love this show.
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Transformers (2007)
Michael Bay is the Uwe Boll of Action Movies
11 July 2007
I will start this with an honest statement; I got more than I expected when I saw this movie, and I believe this is Michael Bay's best film to date.

However; saying this does not mean this movie was any good.

I'm not going to re-hash what was already said by others, but I will point out my two biggest gripes with this movie:

1. My Second Biggest Gripe: The dialogue in this movie was, at times, bloody hideous. Overacting, cheesy one-liners, and bountiful supplies of obvious statements abound as it seems Bay is trying to fill in gaps of time. Maybe we would rather a shorter movie than have our time wasted with useless characters with worse dialogue. Hey, remember the kid who played that nerd from Buffy? Remember when he had about three crappy lines, and then disappeared inexplicably from the movie forever? Yeah, me neither.

2. My Biggest Gripe: The Transformers were not the subject of the movie. Instead, we focus on the human players and their worldly struggles with surviving in the Middle East, getting the girl, hacking the code, proving their worth, and generally just mucking around and taking the focus away from where it really belongs: the Transformers themselves. The Autobots weren't even introduced until half-way through the movie, and even then they are limited script-wise to either some long-winded tirade by Prime,or some down right awful one-liners which are sometimes even worse than the dialogue from the cartoon itself (coming from the age of Thunder Cats and Visionaries, I think most of you '80s 'toons fans know what I'm talking about).

All and all, I enjoyed the movie, but only because the action sequences were pretty keen, in my opinion. I like a good destruction-fest, and don't even need a real movie around one for me to enjoy it (which is a good thing, because there wasn't much real movie in Transformers anyway).

EDIT: After watching this crap-fest for a second and third time, I have lowered my score from 6 out of 10 to 4 out of 10. Why? The horrible, horrible plot holes. I mean, come on, David Lynch has made movies with more coherent plot than this garbage.
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