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2 May 2007
My family and I were in the audience in Bishopville when this documentary was shown. It was so inspiring to watch what one man could do to a little plant. Pearl has a gift from God. Our son Lonzo has studied/worked under Pearl while a student at Coker College, and all I ever heard when he came home was Pearl, Pearl. When I met him I could see why Lonzo was so captured by Mr. Pearl. He is truly a very humble and loving gentleman. Thank you Pearl for your contributions to Bishopville even when they didn't appreciate it. When my mother saw her grandson in the documentary she couldn't stop smiling. I am going to tell and show all my friends and church members this documentary. My goal is to sponsor a trip to Bishopville just for the Seniors of the church to view this beautiful place. My mother said being in Pearl's garden was like being in Heaven.

Lutrell Forester Varnville, SC
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