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The Platform (2019)
21 March 2020
Let me get this right from the get go...this movie is not a 7 in the broad scheme of movies, not at all. It is a 7 in a very bizarre genre where ethics, morals, and poor taste are enclosed within a small space.

This movie is disgusting, violent, somewhat graphic, and hard to watch at times. It also just plain doesn't make any dang sense throughout much of it. But I do think it was a fantastic watch!

The synopsis explains the basics of the film so I won't bother and waste time. This is a film about how whoever is at top abuses those below them and how that dynamic can shift at any time. And while logic tells us we should adjust our behavior to make things better over time....we really don't. We just repeat the abuse and send it back down over and over never learning our lesson. This is an extreme literal interpretation of our behavior as a society and it is delivered with depravity, blood, and violence.

There is an overall message of hope at it's core, but it is literally insulated in blood and viscera. Minds are warped and broken, people die by the scores, everyone is a monster, and yet there is a message of hope at the very end. This movie lays bare how ugly we really are at our core as a people and society, and not in a subtle way. It's pretty brutal and often gross.

I enjoyed it. I don't know if you will.
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The Hunt (II) (2020)
The message...stop trying to find a message in everything!
20 March 2020
This movie was written to basically call everyone an idiot if they base their whole lives around politically based ideological garbage. It's saying that regardless of being far right or far left you're still basically the same breed of moron and that it's the people living in the middle, who are actually trudging away just living our lives, are the actual badasses. Well not me specifically, but the general "we". The people who ignore the extremes of politics and just get things done. This movie portrays that in the least subtle way possible and I thought it was pretty hilarious.

There is almost no plot to this movie, which I'm sure will turn people off, but that's honestly what I liked about it because as commentary it speaks to political discourse that we see every day. It's all crap on both sides. Just buzz words and stupid conspiracy theories with both sides trying to paint each other into a box with very specific ideologies. Then we have the protagonist, a woman we know nothing about, nothing is ever explained about her, and she just takes over everything. It's all a very hamfisted analogy for modern society but I thought it was hilarious.

The plot is dumb, the characters are disposable, you never know what's going to happen next, everyone is insulted by the end, and Betty Gilpin does a hilarious job of just being bizarre. She also shows off some of her skills she's developed from starring on GLOW and her body is crazy tight in this. This is overall just a silly, ridiculous, popcorn flick with gratuitous violence...which is exactly what we need in an overly charged political era. It's a 6 because it's no masterpiece or anything, but it's plenty enjoyable.
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Not a comedy in any way even though there is a few laughs.
10 March 2020
This movie does have a few funny elements due to some clever writing and subtle acting moments between the leads but it is in no way a comedy. It is mostly a drama with a bit of mystery and romance. It's hard to really review this movie without any spoilers, but it does unfold organically, the acting is well done as is the cinematography. There's some very dark themes here and a heavy dose of what any one of us would do in this given situation. It can also be quite sad at certain moments. There is a little spicy language here and there but no overt violence or nudity.

Overall a very well executed enclosed film that keeps you guessing what will happen next and overall offers closure without just dropping it in your lap. It kept my attention the entire way through, just keep in mind this is far heavier on the drama and mystery than comedy or romance.
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The Outsider (2020– )
Difficult for me to rate this one fairly
3 March 2020
Let me start off by saying I think the story and acting in general is a solid 8, sometimes even a 9. All the concepts introduced are interesting and the mythos they create does suck you into the story, you really want to see where it's all going. The acting is subdued but fits the plot as it becomes more mysterious and absurd. I was especially impressed by the performance of Cynthia Erivo as Holly, I'd never heard of her before and wasn't sure how she fit into the story when she was introduced but quickly became the cast lead. I do really like this show in general and am curious to see how it all wraps up, I keep returning every week for that very reason.

Now why can't I rate it an 8 or a 9? Because the pacing is SO BAD. This is one of the worst paced series I've ever seen in my life. There are whole filler episodes that add or reveal almost nothing and when there are only 9 episodes it can be very frustrating. Which is the problem, you can feel that they are filler episodes and you start wondering if it's worth finishing the episode.

It's an interesting mystery drama with a supernatural element, I love these sort of stories, especially from Stephan King. But this show should have been structured better, they intentionally stretched this out when it would have been far better as a 3-4 part mini series consisting of movie sized episodes so that they have time to drag it along but also lead you to the next plot point. Several of these episodes just end on a complete dud and you're left wondering "Was that it?". So definitely watch it, just don't expect to always be rewarded for it. I'm hoping this final episode is the real pay off, if not this will be a 5-6 for me. If they bring it...then it'll be an 8 or 9.
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Black Flowers (2018)
Could have been much better in spite of the low budget
4 February 2020
This is a pretty run of the mill post apocalyptic movie, one that is actually better than many others, but that's not saying much considering how terrible the majority are.

The story is nonsense. An apocalyptic event happens and now it's a couple years later and a small family is struggling to survive while moving around, there is nothing remotely original about any of this. The father is a useless oaf who is already wounded when we're introduced to him, the daughter has no personality to speak of throughout the entire film, and the mother is one of the worst written, poorly acted, and most obnoxious characters I've seen in awhile. They meet a random "soldier" of some sort who is a complete piece of trash and they for some stupid reason take care of him and trust him in some hope of a bunker full of goods. That's from the movie synopsis mind you, the actual movie has nothing to do with it, you have no idea why they put up with this violent psychotic idiot.

The movie is filled with stupid decisions and absolutely horrible acting, the mother is the worst. She's the main focus of the movie but she is just plain unlikable and annoying and a terrible actress. The daughter and the "soldier" come in equally second as the worst and most annoying. They're all terrible. There is a little plot sequence involving a hippy commune that ties into the end of the film that isn't too terrible, but story and acting wise this movie sucked.

There was some competent broad shots and music scores here that were quite nice, it doesn't feel low budget for certain sequences, but this is not a good movie. Also much of the dialogue is clearly dubbed over the film because they were too cheap or incompetent and had to do it in post production. I wouldn't recommend spending money to watch this film and the woman who plays the mother is a horrible actress regardless of how poor the script was and would have been better without her.
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October Faction (2020– )
Nothing "supernatural" about it, it's just more woke garbage.
25 January 2020
Walking into a room of white people and insulting them for the sake of being white is not a plot point or is racist. And this show did it several times in the first two episodes. Never in a million years would the opposite be acceptable, so exactly what is my motivation to continue watching? Some sort of self hatred?

On top of that the acting is awful, whatever plot there is gets ruined by poorly directed cut sequences and flashbacks, and just oddly over dramatic aggressive behavior with each other. Not aggressive meaning action, they're just jerks.

There was absolutely nothing in the first two episodes to make me want to continue watching. Honestly one of the worst shows I've seen in a long time.
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Watchmen (2019)
What was this?
23 October 2019
The pilot episode just plain did not make sense. I haven't read the graphic novel, I've only watched the movie, but from what I understand this right here seemingly has nothing to do with either. It's clearly not set in the movieverse as there were zero references to it or any of it's characters. I read the synopsis of the graphic novel and none of this existed there either.

So I guess I just don't get it? It was basically a series of disconnected plot sequences without any context or explanation. As far as I can tell it's just about white people being evil while wearing rorschach masks, which doesn't make sense as the actual character Rorschach was against things like racism, so why would they be wearing his mask?

I'll probably watch a couple more episodes to see what happens but this pilot did not make me want to continue with this series, it honestly just like one big convoluted "woke" mess. Most the people giving this glowing reviews either have nothing to say or it's just an endless stream of pretentious nonsense.
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Weird and full of suspense.
9 October 2019
Well we know the premise of this movie basically from the title. Dick dies and only his two best friends and band mates know how it happened, only thing is, they're not talking.

I have to admit, I did NOT see that twist coming due to how suspenseful and shrouded in mystery of Dick's death was throughout the majority of this film. Chances are you won't see it either. So just do your best to imagine how 3 low IQ, bumbling, no talent, drunk, high, rednecks act up to when they're left alone to their wild shenanigans.

This movie isn't a "comedy" in the sense that there are jokes or any sorts of punchlines. The characters themselves ARE the punchline to a really bad and tasteless joke. There's no slapstick or outright humor to be found, yet it's comedic aspect comes from just how clueless the main character is and how every decision he makes just makes things worse for himself.

So it's a weird movie and it's pacing definitely won't be for everyone. I rated it a 6 because while it kept me interested and curious the entire film by the end of it I wished it had gone further with the content. It's equal parts mystery, suspense, and comedy with an answer to a question you just plain aren't expecting but at a relatively slow pace. There's no gag or gross out humor, no nudity, just some occasional swearing.
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The Furies (2019)
Basically a movie to promote the FX company
4 September 2019
So I'm not rating this a 5 for the actual movie...but what it's actual purpose likely is. The movie itself is very low budget with basically no plot or character development whatsoever. Women get kidnapped and hunted by men in masks through a forest and some old cabins. That is literally the entire movie. Not really all that original of a plot and the acting was so-so.

I'm rating this a 5 instead of lower because I believe it's more of a venue for the FX company to show what it can accomplish with a small budget, and they did a fantastic job. They use real practical effects to deliver on some pretty gory deaths to great results. It's also shot very well. Also the lead actress did a more than passable job in her role.

So is it a good movie? Meh, it's just okay. But it'll serve as good promotion for a new young actress and an FX company on a nothing budget, so kudos for that.
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Even though there are zombies this is not a zombie movie.
29 August 2019
What we have here is a "zombie movie" written by someone who clearly hates people who love zombie movies. This entire movie was written as a way to mock people who love the genre and it does it in the most boring, droll, dry, and uninspired way imaginable.

The characters are beyond bland and hallow. No one has a backstory, they are simply a singular quirk. The acting is delivered purposefully flat to mock how bad acting can be in zombie flicks. Absolutely nothing happens during the first 50 minutes of the movie except bland, dry, empty character interactions. There's no build up, no plot, there is literally nothing. And then zombies with no real explanation except...zombies! Instead of gore we get sprays of dust. Every scenario is a stereotype but not in a fun or comedic way, just in a "well this is how it's supposed to happen" way. Then it's wrapped up with an absurd "twist", that's done in such a boring way no one will care, and then back to one final stereotype after a little bit of exposition.

With this cast this concept could have been something special except by the end of the movie you can feel the directors complete and utter disrespect for the viewers that he's tricked into watching his movie. This was a movie to take the money of people he thinks are idiots and he has no problem showing it during the conclusion of the film. Ultimately this was just such a waste of time. You'll either be bored to death or somewhat offended by the end of this film, I don't recommend it. I only rated it a 3 because it has Bill Murray.
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Deep Murder (2019)
Potential cult classic for the right crowd.
17 June 2019
So...ever watch porn? Uh, of course not, me neither. But I HEARD that the acting can be pretty bad in them and that people usually just skip through those parts. Well what if the sex never started and the movie just continued on within that little world, never knowing that they're characters in a movie.

That's what this is. Before the sexy times begin a murder takes place, and none of these dimwitted poorly fleshed out stereotypes know how to do anything but awkwardly initiate carnal relations with double entendre's and lame innuendo. But as they seek out answers and try to survive they start growing, and not just in their pants. (sorry)

All in all this was surprisingly funny and original. It's dumb, don't get me wrong, but that's it's goal and they manage to do it in a really fun way. There's no nudity though, so don't get your hopes up.
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Alone (2015– )
Great show...until season 4.
25 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Season one and two were somewhat middling but pretty interesting. By all appearances these people are really surviving on their own without any assistance, doing all their own filming, and the groups per season really improve pretty dramatically for the first three seasons. The first season is pretty bare bones survival, and they still makes it 50+ days. The second season sees more living and thriving at times compared to one, it's a stronger more knowledgeable group this time and while they do live better, it doesn't last many more days. But it's entertaining to see them actually having a good time once in awhile instead of just suffering.

The 3rd season is a masterpiece. Almost every contestant is competent and makes it at least 30 days with the exception of a few. The contestants that hung in there were super creative, showed many survival skills, skills to combat isolation, mental fortitude, and overall just straight up guts. Some of them straight starved themselves to scary degrees. This season was true reality TV, those people were hardcore. Easily the best season.

Season's bad. The people aren't interesting, out of 7 teams 4 give up within the first week or so. Very little survival techniques, very little food gathering or knowledge, it's all been edited for drama which is the downfall of reality TV for me. Episode after episode is 85% drama and the rest a mix of raw footage and survival.

I've been streaming it the last few weeks and as I get into season 4 I feel like dropping it. It's just not that interesting and neither are the people featured, I don't even remember their names. I gave this an 8 rating because season 3 was something truly unique and I really felt for the contestants, that's how good that season was. The rest...meh.
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The Twilight Zone (2019– )
Part Twilight Zone...part propaganda.
16 May 2019
There have been some good interesting episodes here that dabble in the supernatural and science fiction that have little to do with politics. I like those episodes for the most part.

Then they have episodes that are so in your face political left leaning propaganda with no real plot that it just makes me face palm. The episode where meteorites make men violent? There was literally no plot involved. It was an entire episode about toxic masculinity and nothing else. Another episode was about how bad deporting illegal immigrants is. Now these themes by themselves aren't bad but since this is a Twilight Zone series there should be some twist shouldn't there? Well there's not. TOXIC MASCULINITY BAD!! DEPORTATION BAD!! That was it. They're just clobbering you over the head with it, there's no clever plot twist, no interesting characters, no good thought provoking dialogue. Just hamfisted in your face political propaganda.

If they were subtle about it I'd be more understanding but it's not even remotely creative or clever. Knock off the political crap and just write some true mind benders and creep us out, why is that so hard? If this keeps up I'm going to stop watching, it's just not interesting.
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The Axiom (2018)
Interesting and enjoyable
12 February 2019
The plot synopsis really is pretty much the entire plot. A group of family and friends head to the woods in search of a missing sibling only to encounter a portal to another dimension and bad stuff happens.

What made this movie enjoyable was the acting was at least adequate for these types of films and the camera work was exceptionally good. Very low budget movie, not much in the way of special effects but what was there was quality, but it's the camera work really made this movie. They definitely know how to make the most out of a small budget, the movie didn't look cheap at all and the filming locations were very well scouted.

Another thing I like is that they actually explained some of what was going on. It's become far to common for movies to be overly mysterious to the point you have no clue what's going on at the end of it. Not so in this movie, as it goes on much of what is happening becomes more clear. Also, off topic, but the two leading women are very attractive. If you like indie horror you'll probably like this.
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Discarnate (2018)
Solid horror movie
12 February 2019
This movie was a lot better than what I was expecting from the trailer. It has a lower budget but it's by no means "low budget" and there's some really awesome monster effects here. In fact one of the best most original looking monsters I've seen in awhile.

This movie centers around an experiment into the supernatural. In the first several minutes of the film a mans son is suddenly abducted right from his arms by an unseen force and vanishes into the woods. Time jump several years forward and the father is now part of a team exploring the supernatural. He encounters a woman who has a recipe for a tea passed down to her by her grandmother that allows people to see into this supernatural realm through their dreams. They manage to refine this tea into an inject-able serum with far stronger and unforeseen affects. The walls between our dimension and the supernatural begin to fall down exposing the team to all manner of otherworldly events and dangers.

Anything more than that would be a spoiler. Unlike the one of the other reviewers I didn't find this film confusing at all, in fact there are several moments where the events are being very clearly explained and the movie does come to a logical conclusion.

Overall a movie that kept my attention the entire way through, had very decent special effects, strong cast, good camera work, and while not an entirely original story a well fleshed out one. For the horror genre I'd give it a 7.

Edited: I think the people hating on this movie so hard must be too stupid to follow a basic plot. They literally explain what's going on through specific reveals as the movie unfolds. This wasn't a complicated movie, but the people saying this is the worst movie ever or that these are fake reviews are morons.
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The Golem (2018)
Pretty lackluster
6 February 2019
This movie was well shot, well acted, and the special effects were adequate. The plot, action, and horror were all just missing for the majority of the movie. The story is really simple, it's centered around a small Jewish community in Europe during the 1700's when a bout of plague starts ravaging a neighboring community of Catholic's. The Catholic's blame the plague on Jewish "magic" basically because their community was left untouched due to how remote and segregated their lifestyles are.

Well an angry mob of Catholic's arrive with a very sick child and demand the Jewish folk cure her or face death. One of the towns folk takes it upon herself to summon the Golem, an ancient protector formed out of clay and tasked with defending the Jewish people. Which it...kinda does?

So far everything is fine, simple and easy to understand as that's essentially the whole plot. The problem is almost NOTHING happens for the majority of the movie and it's extremely slow paced. When the "horror" finally happens there's only about 10 minutes of movie left and they rush right through it without showing much of it. And then it ends.

So not terrible, but that's the best review I can personally write without giving any spoilers. It's watchable but you're not missing anything if you skip it.
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Adult Babies (2017)
Yes, it's dumb, but it does have an actual hamfisted message in there.
27 July 2018
This movie isn't for everyone, it's not for most people actually. It's absurd, silly, disgusting, bizarre, and...political? Kind of?

Basically this movie is about the wealthy elite who essentially rule the world and how it came to be. The ruling class makes a deal with politicians that involves regressing adults into the mental state of babies cared for by a team of sexy nurses and a pair of dictator like management. It's disgusting old men in diapers goo-goo-ing and ga-ga-ing, drinking milk from absurdly sized bottles, and pooping themselves. Along the way a family finds themselves involved and tasked with infiltrating the establishment where this is going on. There's some eye gouging, poison, chainsaws, some shootings, another stabbing, and pooping. A lot of it at the end. There's also a claymation sequence that comes out of nowhere.

Is it GOOD? Not really in a traditional sense. Is it good for a laugh and a bit of gross political commentary? Surprisingly yes. It's not even all that low budget, the effects are quite good, it's just freaking weird. But I was entertained and that's why it gets a 5.
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Cloak & Dagger (2018–2019)
This makes a slow burn seem like a wildfire.
6 July 2018
This show makes the same mistakes both 'Inhumans' and 'The Runaways' made. Low budget, poor understanding of the actual characters the source material pulls from, and awful direction. I understand wanting to deviate from the comics to reach a more modern audience but these go out of their way to frame it in an extremely predictable political correct way. Part of the charm of Marvel characters is how flawed they are because it gives them room to grow and instead of following that successful model...they toss it away to create a modernized SJW version of that concept. Cloak not only can't be portrayed as being a lost young person who resorts to crime, gotta make the blond girl one to avoid being called racist right? They're changes to the origin that don't make the characters better, they're just playing it safe, that's what I don't care for.

Once again a complete lack of action or special effects here as well. Dagger's only FX are a piece of plastic with some LED lights in it while Cloaks is just some dark wavy lines around him. That's the sum of all the special FX.

I could actually forgive all this if the direction made it work but it just doesn't. The pace is excruciatingly slow and not only that they try to do this artsy non-linear story telling that makes it a pain to follow what's going on. Then they mix in multiple dream sequences, flash backs, and monotonous dialogues that have nothing to do with whats going on. You have two teens who meet and find they have powers that are activated upon contact, yet one of the two has zero interest in looking more into it? You come across the guy who saved your life when you were both pre-teens and you're not curious at all? Really? It's more unrealistic than having super powers. I'm fine with drama and romance but make it human. These aren't people, they're just whatever the director wants them to be for the current scene without any thought to character growth. The acting isn't even bad and I like the look of both's the direction behind them that's to blame.
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Cheap, boring, unoriginal and overall...bad.
11 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I saw that Katee Sackhoff was in this and figured it couldn't be all THAT bad and gave it a watch. Nope, it's bad. The movie is about a failed journey to Mars where the onboard AI did something to the ship due to some alien code somehow added to it. The entire movie is Katee Sackhoff's character attempting to figure out what it is.

The problems are almost immediate, the movie looks plain cheap. Embarrassing bad CGI. Next the entire movie takes place within one really ugly and dark room with a floating CGI robot head where the AI resides where she basically interrogating it. THAT'S THE ENTIRE MOVIE.

*SPOILER* Then the AI somehow gains control to the worlds technology and blows up the planet. The end.
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Future World (2018)
It's pretty dumb.
26 May 2018
James Franco really doesn't know how to direct and should probably stay away from attempting it in the future. There really aren't many ways to describe this movie other than plain dumb, it's just not that good. It seems like this was more a project for some actors and rappers to goof around and enjoy themselves, which can work, if the story and acting doesn't suck.

I was going to write out a movie summary but decided it's really not needed. The movie takes place in essentially 4 "sets", a beautiful grove filled with flowing water and trees, a shack decorated to look like a brothel, an abandoned church in the middle of nowhere, and an abandoned resort in the middle of nowhere. They didn't build any of this, it's clear they filmed in random places they found, they didn't even bother dressing them up. Franco hams it up as the evil bad guy Warlord, Suki Waterhouse is a sexy robot, Snoop Dogg is a pimp (shocker), and Mila Jovavich is a chemist? Or something. I dunno, she somehow makes drugs from the crappiest looking chemistry set I've seen. Another dumb thing that irked me, this movie takes place over several days but not ONCE do they show what people eat or drink or how they get any of their resources. There's NOTHING else but the filming locations and it's all in the middle of nowhere. It a dumb thing to bother me but...3-4 days in the desert without a sip of water and no sign of dehydration? That's just basic character development. Which there is absolutely none of in this movie.

So why did I rate it a 4? Two stars for the film because it was shot relatively well, and two stars for Suki Waterhouse and Mila Jovavich looking hot as hell. Honestly just a really amateurish movie. It wants to be campy and cult status's not. It's just dumb.
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Just very bland and lifeless.
21 May 2018
I've never read the book or seen any previous films based on it so I only knew the rough outline of what this movie was going to be about. Honestly it's just not an enjoyable movie for multiple reasons. There's no clear motivational switch for Michael B Jordan's characters actions or the antagonist, their actions have zero depth. Michael B Jordan's acting is also extremely muted, having seen him in previous roles I've always felt he pushes out his lines instead of really immersing himself in the role, but it's pretty bad here. Blank stares and just delivering lines without any emotion. On top of this the overall surrounding plot is very poorly explained.

The entire movie comes off as lifeless and superficial, it's shot relatively well and that's about it. No one really delivers a convincing performance, it just seems like something was completely missing in this movie. With this cast it should have definitely been better so it has to be the writing and direction that's to blame. Not recommended.

That said, since I'd never read the book, this was pretty much exactly the plot of "Equilibrium" and I never knew it. I suggest you go watch that movie, at least it has action.
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Time Trap (2017)
Liked it, would even like to see a sequel.
2 May 2018
More than an adequate sci-fi mystery thriller right here. The plot is quite simple but there are definitely some unexpected twists throughout this movie and an ending I didn't see coming.

A professor is going off in search of an area that both his parents and his sister disappeared in decades ago only to go missing himself. A few of his students along with a sibling and a friend take it upon themselves to go in search of him and find themselves trapped within a cave with some mysterious properties. They soon discover that time passes much slower inside than outside and that years have passed on the outside. I can't say anymore without spoilers, but you probably won't see it coming.

This movie has a moderate budget and uses special FX sparingly, but when they do they're done well, and the set is put together quite well. The acting is mostly adequate, not spectacular, and some of the dialogue is delivered in a clunky way. One of the leading female actors is actually pretty annoying throughout much of it, screaming out her lines, but I'm not sure if it's due to the actress, the writing, or the direction. It's forgivable though.

I found it to be an enjoyable and easy to watch sci-fi flick. Recommended for sci-fi fans with moderate expectations.
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Good creature feature for the gore hounds
2 May 2018
I'm not going to pretend this movie was exactly original, the formula has been done over and over for decades at this point. A couple finds themselves stranded and hunted by a dangerous predator, but there was a twist that's not normally seen in a creature feature like this. It's sort of a mash up of "Predator" meets Big Foot meets Native American folk lore.

The plot synopsis is exactly what you get in this movie, so there's no real point in going in to too much detail. A couple gets stranded in the woods, there's some dealings with weird redneck locals, and a monster. That's the movie. As others have stated, the acting isn't really all that great either.

Now why did I rate it a 6? Because it has some really good special effects gore. No CGI, real old fashioned special effects, which is always nice to see. Also I like the twist on the monster, it's not just a mindless beast, but a cunning, plotting, and motivated by pure hate and evil. Also the leading actress is really attractive so that's a plus, no nudity though.

If you're looking for a gore filled creature feature then this is for you.
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Deep Blue Sea 2 (2018 Video)
Immediately annoying
18 April 2018
I just don't understand why this film exists. The first one was, for me, the best kind of shlock. Fun characters, random and shocking deaths, absurd was undoubtedly stupid but it was fun and that's why it worked.

This one doesn't have any of that. It's just cheap with lame uninteresting characters in a horrible looking set. The undersea lab is just plain pathetic, it looks like it's straight out of a 1990's C-movie, that's how dated and lame it is. I got about 40 minutes into this and nothing happened, the acting was terrible, there's no special effects, it's just a pointless movie.

Don't waste your time watching this.
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Lost in Space (2018– )
Imperfect but there's promise for future seasons
15 April 2018
I wanted to watch all the episodes before writing a review because honestly the first few episodes can be a little frustrating and annoying. They got a few things right in this series...but a lot wrong unfortunately. The FX, CGI, and set pieces are all quite nice and movie quality so it's nice to look at generally speaking. It utilizes a basic outline for the entire series with each episode revolving around some disaster that everyone has to work together to solve.

The issues come in with some of the acting, dialogue, and seemingly unnecessary emotional moments that come out of nowhere making the characters seem uneven. The mother for example, she does an adequate job of selling herself as this very intelligent scientist, she's funny and considerate, and then she turns into a total judgemental jerk out of nowhere making her suddenly unlikable. The writers have trouble distinguishing between writing a strong woman and writing one whose just plain unnecessarily mean and nasty. The father is written as a man used to being in charge but the wife has essentially turned him into a beaten down dog. It's just a bit off putting, but it does ease up as the series progresses.

The children are eh...mediocre. Their demeanor and actions change by the episode to basically justify the plot. So they'll be capable and intelligent in one situation and then completely useless in another, they're written very unevenly. I think their overall acting was fine, once again it seems the writers just have trouble writing actual consistent characters.

The biggest flaw for me was Dr. Smith. I don't care that he was turned into a she and I personally like Parker Posey. The problem is she's been written as just a crazy person, a very intelligent one, but they don't give her any motivation for her actions. She's just evil and destructive for no reason, her actions simply don't make sense.

I guess that's sort of the problem with the whole series. The writers and directors clearly had an idea but they're inconsistent and don't understand how to write fully realized characters. So it leaves you expecting more and when you don't get it you're let down. These are issues that can be fixed now that the outlines have been established, but I'd like to see them actually surviving somewhere. Every episode was some disaster where the characters personalities were changed to justify the plot. Let the characters breathe a bit, let them establish themselves and it will be a much better series.
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