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Help!!! (2000)
Ekin Cheng talks to cars!
14 July 2002
Ekin Cheng in skin tight jeans and sparkly tight sleeveless top. Alternated with mechanic overals and hospital scrubs. What more do you need?

This film prooves that Ekin can do far more than the young and dangerous triad boss or fantasy swords master. He has alot of variety in his acting, making him not just a pretty face. Jordan Chan and him make an admirable pairing.

Weird black comedy with slapstick horror, but that's just chinese humour for you. The ending...I was in shock disbelief untill the 'twist'...the twist just made it perfect!

Any Ekin Cheng or Jordan Chan fans' must have.
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Tokyo Raiders (2000)
Pretty boy Ekin Cheng nearlly steals the show...
14 July 2002
When the film opened with cantonese spanish music to an action fight in Tokyo, I knew this was going to be a winner.

It is a fantastic action comedy, Ekin Cheng and Tony Leung working together admirably as a bit of an odd couple. Tony Leung doing a great job at the action, even if he isn't an action actor really (he still insisted doing his own stunts).

THis was the first film I saw Ekin Cheng in...and since I've been ordering his floppy haired dvds from Hong Kong. He is a great actor, does the action well (he should, he's a Kung Fu champion) and is as funny as hell.

I didn't like the Macy character (or the actress who played her)...she was so...dumb. I don't think much acting was needed for that either. Now I'd hate to insinuate anything between the director and her... The 'actress' is a pop star really, and when I saw a CD of hers in China town with her wearing this plastic power rangers outfit...well I smiled in sweet revenge.

The plot isn't complicated, and even if you don't get it first time round it dousn't matter it's still an enjoyable film.

If you watch this PLEASE watch it subbed. As always, the dubbing is appalling, with the laugh line pin-up idol Ekin Cheng delivers 'I'm not pretty but I can fight!'...did the dubbing script writers even see the cover??
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Future Cops (1993)
Ekin Cheng does 80s heavy metal look...and is still sexy!
14 July 2002
I got this because I'm an Ekin Cheng fan, but I got much much more.

This film, is Hilarious. When me and my friend watched it, we couldn't stop laughing, not for a few hours afterwards even. We even nearlly fell down in the street when we were reminding ourselves of the classic moments.

It's a classic, there's barely any way to describe it.

It's insane, it's silly and VERY funny. And Ekin Cheng as the evil yet cool school teacher... JUST GO AND WATCH THIS FILM!
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