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The Flash: The Trial of The Flash (2018)
Season 4, Episode 10
Defending The Flash - The Trial of The Flash was incredible doesnt deserve the hate
15 March 2018
What the hell people? The Trial of The Flash was a good episode this show sticks to the basics. I am a fan of the old show and I am a fan of The Flash I can say the old show did had The Flash on the court room too and so did this episode. I know Episode Run, Iris, Run got a lot of hate, I haven't seen the episode and I know Iris West is really annoying person time to time and the show is losing their fans. I hated her character in the first episode but than I just got used to it she is overprotective and kind.

The Trial of The Flash was an okay episode. I love how The Flash risked is freedom and everything to stop a meta human Neil Borman / Fallout (Ryan Alexander McDonald) from nearly releasing the radiation inside of him, trying to kill everyone in Central City and Cisco Ramon sent it all to Earth Fifteen. I love how Barry stopped time in the courtroom and stopped Iris West from reveling his secret. I love that Barry goes to jail as an innocent man like his dad. I love the ending we see Barry seeing his dad's cell Henry Allen I love that. In my opinion Season 4 is improvement over Season 3 less boring and dramatic like previous season was. I hope they don't screwing up. 9/10
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Kickboxer (1989)
The best of Van Damme my favorite martial arts classic film of all time
12 March 2018
Kickboxer (1989) is one of the best martial arts films that Jean-Claude Van Damme ever made. I am a huge fan of Van Damme, I absolutely love this film to death! It is a cult classic film that Jean-Claude Van Damme made in to a star. Hard Target is Jean-Claude Van Damme's favorite number 1 film of mine this is my second favorite film of his. Bloodsport and Kickboxer are Van Damme's best films of the 80's he ever did. Since he edited Bloodsport himself and Cyborg flopped, Van Damme went and make this film that even today it is one of his best films of his career.

After an US Champion Eric Sloane (Dennis Alexio who was a kickboxing champion in real life) and his brother Kurt Sloane (Jean-Claude Van Damme) travel to Thailand, Bangkok to fight the Thailand Champion Tong Po (Michel Qissi). In the ring the fight is different than in America in a Muay Thai style and Eric get's hurt and paralyzed for life by Tong Po. Van Damme is angrier and vows for revenge, so he meets this guy Vietnam vet retired Winston Taylor (Haskell V. Anderson III) who helps Van Damme on his mission. With the help of the Thai master Xian Chow (Dennis Chan) who becomes his teacher, trains him and getting him ready for the fight of his life.

What can I say I love this movie to death, this movie kicks ass. It is great choreographed, it has no wires, just real action. Real fights they were all choreographed from Jean-Claude Van Damme him self. I love that the location was shot in Thailand and not in America. The director Mark DiSalle did a wonderful job directing this beautiful movie. David Worth was good by helping co directing it. Music was made from Paul Hertzog who made the music montage for Bloodsport. Trough inter film we se Van Damme training I love that, I love how Van Damme trains in the Stone City. The whole training montage was inspired from The Karate Kid and Rocky IV. Kickboxer defines my childhood I grew up watching Van Damme as a kid and Kickboxer is still my favorite film. Tong Po (Michel Qissi) is one of the best bad guys of all time.

On the end of the film we se the last fight with Kurt and Tong Po in the "ancient way", with a broken glass which it is a beautiful well choreographed. I love how Van Damme kick's and defats with martial arts Tong Po one of the best fights in the movie I ever seen. Van Damme dances while been drunk and kicks Freddy Li's fighters to the ground. Van Damme kicks a fighter in a tournament and deafets him in a kickbox match. I love the songs played in the film: Never Surrender, Fight for Love and Streets of Siam by Stan Bush. This movie spawned 4 sequels and 2 reboot films but no one of those films come near this movie. Don The Dragon Wilson can suck Van Damme's dick for challenging him Don your movies suck. Steven Seagal get your fat ass out of Van Damme way because Van Damme would have kicked your face with his technique to the ground on the dirt.

10 out of 10 Kickboxer is my all time favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts film and kicks ass, it is a cult classic film of all time. I love the cast, the direction I love everything about this film. I love this film to death.
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The Flash: Finish Line (2017)
Season 3, Episode 23
The Flash Season 3 Finale disappointed me
11 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
What the hell was that? This was one of the worst Season finale I have ever saw. Season 3 was so disappointing a lot's of episodes were devastated, overdramatic and manly boring. The first two season were so strong and now this show sucks. The ending was devastated. As the previous episode ended so strong this episode failed! They had to go and kill H.R. Wells from Earth 19 what the hell were they thinking? H.R. Wells become really a likable character unlike he was in the first two seasons so now he is dead.

Barry decide to help Savitar since Iris West and her ass are still alive. Savitar was a dumbass. He wanted to be friends with the team Flash. They split the team apart. Suddenly Caitlin for the rest of the show will be Killer Frost enemy to The Flash. Barry Allen/ The Flash goes to the speed force to prevent his city been destroyed by the speed force wtf?

Savitar was a dumbass in this episode the fight was awful and lame. The writers what the hell? The battle was not epic was boring. Who wrote this garbage? Iris West shot and kill Savitar on the end but just moments before she wanted to be friends with him. Barry Allen wanted to be friends with Savitar after what he has done so did Iris. How did even Iris got a gun?

I understand now why people are complaining abut Season 3 and 4. I have not yet seen Season 4 yet but if Season 4 will be dramatic with Wally Kid Flash and his stupid crap and the love story's I will quit. This show will lose a fan, if they will keep continuing doing this. Supergirl Season 3 sucks and it is awful, Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 sucks because they went and they killed off Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) off. The only show that I regular watch is Arrow I enjoy that show and I am manly the only person that I still watching it. 1/10 this episode can kiss my dick.
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The Flash: King Shark (2016)
Season 2, Episode 15
King Shark is my favorite episode in Season 2
11 March 2018
King Shark is my favorite Episode in Second Season in The Flash. After I just competed Season 3 I must say I love second season MILES way more than Season 3, the same way I love the first season. King Shark is an excellent episode written and directed in the second season. Special guests are David Ramsey and Audrey Marie Anderson from team Arrow. That is why this episode is terrific and excellent.

When King Shark escapes from an A.R.G.U.S. he travels to on a revenge mission to hunt down the man who captured him The Flash. I love how this episode shows CGI great effect showing half man half shark hunting down Barry. With the help from Lyla Michaels and John Diggle, Barry fights in the water with King Shark to capture him.

Mostly of the episodes did mention a lot of movies like In Season 3 The Terminator and Back to the Future this show mentions Jaws and uses similar tactic to capture the shark.

Grant Gustin was fantastic in this episode he acted brilliant as Barry Allen / The Flash. Fantastic acting from David Ramsey, Danielle Panabaker and Audrey Marie Anderson. The writers did an excellent job writing this episode. I love Caitlin's ark and John Diggle's advice to help Barry. I love how The Flash trapped and stopped King Shark in the water by hitting with his lightning. King Shark is my favorite Episode in The Flash Season 2. 10/10 I love this show to death. I recommend Season 1 and 2 to any fan of The Flash Tv Show.
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The Flash: The Once and Future Flash (2017)
Season 3, Episode 19
The Flash is the real hero my favorite and the best episode in Season 3
11 March 2018
The Once and Future Flash of Season 3 is absolutely brilliant and clever episode I absolutely love it. The Flash is the real hero in this episode. It was brilliantly directed by Tom Cavanagh who plays H.R. Wells. I love the actor and I love his character so much. This episode is the best in the third season I love it. Season 1 and 2 are the best cause I have enjoyed the first two seasons more than this season. Some episodes this season were really stressed, melodramatic and too complicated. This episode showed me The Flash / Barry Allen is the real hero. Grant Gustin I must say bravo he completely stole this show and the episode I enjoyed his performance as Barry Allen / The Flash I love him in here.

To stop the Savitar and finding out who is behind the mask our hero The Flash travels in to the future the year 2024, 7 years from the year 2017 (this season is set in the present, not the past) now to find information about The Savitar, but instead he finds a dark future. He find's out he couldn't prevent Iris West death. The Future Flash doesn't exist and he abandoned the Team. Now The Past Flash must bring his team of friends and family back together and stop the criminals.

The Flash has to fight now two criminals in the future Sam Scudder / Mirror Master and Rosalind Dillon / Top from Episode 4 The New Rogues, Season 3. Also we se the future Caitlin / Killer Frost now in which she reteams with Savitar and becomes one of the worst enemies of The Flash.

Since everyone has gaving up on The Flash TV show I will not do that. Because they are really some good episodes in here that are not a disappointment. The New Rogues and The Once and Future Flash are my favorite Episodes in Season 3 so far. 10/10 I love this show.
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Solid sequel in "Back to the Future" trilogy dosen't deserve the hate my favorite time travel movie
4 March 2018
Back to the Future Part II is an solid sequel to the first one which Back to the Future (1985) is a masterpiece. This is a fun travel science fiction comedy in the trilogy. It deals with paradox past traveling. From traveling with Time machine Car "DeLorean" in to the future and back to the past again. This film is a 8 in my opinion it doesn't deserve the hate, like mostly viewers stated. I love "Back to the Future" trilogy it is one of my all time favorite trilogy's of all time. I grew up with this trilogy I have seen the first one on VHS as a kid. Years later I have seen the sequels on TV. I love this movie to death and it is my third favorite film in the trilogy. Don't get me wrong but I have enjoyed Back to the Future Part III more than part II and think the third film is the most underrated film in the trilogy and unappreciated. This film does have the comedy and the humor in it.

I Love, Love this film so so so much, it is a great direction from Robert Zemeckis and brilliant writing from Bob Gale. Back to the Future Part II was nominated for an Oscar. I really did missed 21st October 2015 an important event date from this film in the trilogy that reached 30 year anniversary in the year 2015 when the trilogy come out respectfully on a Blu-ray.

Back to the Future Part II (1989)

The story continues when Doctor Emmett Brown, Marty McFly and Jennifer traveling in to the future 2015 to fix Marty's and Jennifer's future in which Marty has to save his son from been jailed. His arch enemy Biff Tannen steals Marty's idea and steal's Gray's Sports Almanac only to travel back in to the past November 12, 1955 to change the alternative time line paradox in which Biff creates the timeline in the year 1985. The same alternative timeline and paradox was also used in The Flash Season 3 Episode 1 Flashpoint.

Than the story sets Marty and Doc on the hunt for a Gray's Sports almanac from Biff in the year 1955 in which Biff is a teenager. The chase and a race on the road in which Marty is in Biff's car try's to get the Almanac back and Biff crashes with his car in the truck of manure is my favorite scene in the film. The Hoverboard scene in the future in which Griff chases Marty in the year 2015 and Marty outsmart them in which Griff and his gang lands in the court in the opening scene is also my favorite scene in the film.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are excellent in their performances. Michael J. Fox plays more than just one character, he even played Marlene McFly future daughter of Marty.

Things I really didn't like about the film and that is why it hurts the film: the dark future created I didn't liked. I hated Thomas F. Wilson's character Biff trough in tier film he was irritating awful person. I didn't like the death of George McFly. I didn't like Biff marrying Loraine. Half of the film was more focusing on Biff than Doc and Marty I hated that idea. I did not like the filmmakers repeat the first movie again in the year 1955. They copied the first film I did not like that idea so sorry. I still hate Biff Tannen in this movie so damn much! I did not like the ending in which Doc was hit by a lightning with "DeLorean" and sent back 100 year in the past. The film didn't had a satisfying ending or a happy ending that we wished for. I didn't like older Marty McFly he acted like he is stupid in the movie that is why I prefer III over this film more. Claudia Wells and Crispin Glover did not return to reprise their roles. I am surprised that actress Elisabeth Shue accept the role of Jennifer but she declined the role for The Karate Kid Part II weird.

This film get's 8 "Back to the Future" is my favorite trilogy of all time and I love this movie to death. I hope they don't make Part IV because it will be disaster. It is rated PG for language throughout, some suggestive content and violence. I miss movies like this they don't make em' like this anymore.
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George A. Romero's masterpiece - the best zombie apocalyptic movie of all time my number 1 favorite
4 March 2018
Dawn of the Dead is George A. Romero's masterpiece - one of the best zombie apocalyptic movies of all time. It is 1978 classic this movie really started the zombie genre. It is been almost 40 years anniversary now since this movie come out. Night of the Living Dead was George A. Romero's first film that really introduced the zombie genre, but this to me really started the zombie praise. This in my opinion is one of the best zombie movies of all time.

It is my number 1 favorite zombie movie I love this movie to death and it is one of my personal favorite horror films of all time. This movie is based on a Zombie apocalypse this group find's them self's with this pilot who takes them with the helicopter in the air and they find a shopping mall. There is a perfect place to go in to a "Zombie Apocalypse." So they go in to shopping mall and they have every single item in that shopping mall after disposal to use on the zombies.

As you can tell it is a very fun movie but more important this movie inspires zombies. Without this movie there wouldn't have been The Walking Dead there wouldn't be 28 Days Later there wouldn't have been any of that. This movie is very important this days it was remade in 2004. It is a fun, fun ride I enjoy this film it is entertaining horror flick. Back in the 1978 that come out it was more scary than it is today. This is where I give this movie the most credit, just like... you have a great time watching people murdering zombies. This movie has a great action, great story, plot, great effects the real zombies. It has gore, blood, you se heads been blowing off. George A. Romero's wrote and direct brilliantly this movie. Tom Savini creates a great special effects for the zombies. Great make up, great blood squibs. The film is fast paced it is excellent brilliant. You see all those SWAT team sieging the building shooting the zombies and gunning the down violent gang. You see whole world comes to an end and people shooting zombies even kids are zombies in this movie.

The group in the shopping mall has to deal not only with zombies and the disposing them, they also have to deal with poachers who break in to their home and start stealing items and letting zombies in the mall. Tom Savini was one of the motorcycle poachers who was stealing items in the mall. Gaylen Ross was a fantastic babe as Francine news reporter. David Emge as Stephen the pilot was excellent. Ken Foree as Peter a SWAT team member was the best in this movie. Scott H. Reiniger as Roger another SWAT team member was good in his role. They don't make movies like this today anymore. It's a R-rated movie and it is a perfect 10. Dawn of the Dead is one of the best zombie apocalyptic movies of all time, I highly recommend this film to any horror fan.
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Underrated and unappreciated third sequel an epic time travel adventure
2 March 2018
Underrated doesn't deserve the hate. Back to the Future Part III is so unappreciated. I keep hearing from people how bad this film is. Am I the only one who enjoyed this film? It is not a masterpiece like the first one is but it is a tied with the first one and it is a great sequel a great end to an excellent trilogy. Back to the Future is one of my all time favorite trilogy's of all time. I love the first film to death and it is a masterpiece and I love this (the third film) to death. Back to the Future Part III in my opinion it is tied with the first one and it is one of the best sequels of all time. It is my second favorite film in the trilogy in my opinion it is better than Part II I have enjoyed it more than Part II.

Michael J. Fox , Christopher Lloyd and Mary Steenburgen are excellent at acting I have enjoyed their performances. Robert Zemeckis writes and directs excellent this sequel. Alan Silvestri writes a beautiful score for third film which it was shot back to back with the second film. I Love the new score for this movie.

Back to the Future Part III (1990)

I love that this film was set in the Old West back in 1885. I love the rescue mission in which Marty goes back in time from the year 1955 back in to the past in to the Old West to save his best friend Doc Brown from getting killed by an outlaw Buford Tannen. I love western movies and Marty McFly was naming him self as Clint Eastwood in this film which it was brilliant. They even make similarity from A Fistful of Dollars (one of my all time favorite western films) in which Marty wears a boiler plate as a bullet proof vest in which Buford 'Mad Dog' Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson) shoots Marty. This movie has comedy, adventure, action, bank robbery, train robbery, gun fights, fist fights and one explosion. Great acting from the actors, great direction and great writing, great score. This movie shows group of Indians, followed closely by Cavalry men who are chasing them. Doc saves Marty just before he would be hang by Buford and his men.

I did like that the film was more focusing on Doc and Marty the characters that we care about. Rather then Loraine and Biff like Part II did. The movie wasn't dark like the second was. I love how Doc and Marty pushes the DeLorean along the spur line, on the tracks attempting to get it up to 88 miles per hour. DeLorean then reaches 88mph and disappears...with the locomotive barreling over the side of the ravine, and exploding in a huge fireball, brilliant and well done special effect. I love that the movie does not messes with the first two movies and it is an original film I appreciate that.

It is Rated PG for language, sensuality and violence. It is a perfect film from the 90's that I have grew up with it. It is my second favorite film in the trilogy I love, love this film to death and doesn't deserve the hate. 10/10 Score: Bad Ass Seal Of Approval a perfect score for me.
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The Flash: Escape from Earth-2 (2016)
Season 2, Episode 14
Seriously one of the best episode in The Flash Season 2 "Escape from Earth-2" rocks
24 February 2018
"Escape from Earth 2" is seriously one of the best episode in The Flash Season 2. "Escape from Earth-2" rocks. I love the old show and I love this show equally. Seriously I never thought this show will become one of my favorites. This episode is about rescuing Barry Allen/The Flash and Jesse (Harrison Wells daughter) from Zoom who captured them. This is a rescue mission for Harrison Wells, Cisco Ramon, Iris West and Bartholomew Allen both from Earth-2 to finding Zoom's hideout and to save Barry Allen/The Flash and Jesse with the help of Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker ).

Great acting from Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Violett Beane, Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh they all do great job at acting wise. In here we also have Killer Frost the first episode since actress Danielle Panabaker portrayed the character in two parts. I love that the cast are in other dimension Earth-2. I love the science fiction in this episode and mostly I love the Flash in Earth II two part. The creators and writers were really imaginative and creative enough for writing a story for this episode. Mostly I love the escape from Zoom. The second half of Season 2 is much more stronger and more better than the first half was.

Season 1 and 2 of The Flash are really wonderful and creativity to watch. I can't wait till I compete second season. On the end of the episode Grant Gustin portrayed excellent Barry Allen/The Flash and the same time Bartholomew Allen from Earth-2 his doppelganger. The episode left us a cliffhanger on the end in which Jay Garrick was swapped away by Zoom back in the portal Earth-2 before he close the portal. Great acting from Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick who try's to stop Adam Fells / Geomancer from destroying Central City with Caitlin's help by giving him Velocity 9 to get his speed back and stop Adam Fells / Geomancer for good by hurting anyone else. 10/10
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Alien (1979)
One of the best classic sci-fi horror films of all time - A masterpiece
20 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A masterpiece one of the best classic sci-fi horror films from the 70's I have ever saw and experience. The first time I saw this film was in the 97 when I was 13 years old because this film was so popular that time and even today people talk's about it. Watching the first time this film I must say I loved it. I love this film to death of all the sci-fi films today this one is the best one and beats them all. This is the real science fiction film about "extraterrestrial life form" it is interesting, brilliant about time in the space and life form that want's to whip whole humanity out. This is Ridley Scott's masterpiece and one of his best films of all time. Everything about this film is perfect, the script, the actors, puppetry, models, and special effects about Alien design.

I would give this movie an 8 but it deserves a perfect 10 because it has a vision of the most imaginative directors on earth. Dan O'Bannon wrote brilliantly a story and screenplay with help from Ronald Shusett. Both of them make a brilliant imaginative story. This film has no plot holes I don't see them. Helen Horton as the voice of Mother, the Nostromo's computer was believable and realistic and well performed. The design for the parasite (the facehugger) was excellent designed and brilliant.

Everyone from the cast in here at acting is spectacular and acts believable. I love all the characters: Parker, Brett, Lambert, Ripley, Ash, Captain Dallas, Kane and even Jonesy the cat. He was really trained I love that cat in this movie. The design about the ship Nostromo is fantastic and so is space and the computers in this film. The eponymous Alien and its accompanying elements were designed by the Swiss artist H. R. Giger which the effects and designs were excellent spectacular created in the film. Jerry Goldsmith makes an excellent music score for the film that I have enjoy it.

My favorite scene in this film is when Parker torchers with flamethrower on Ash's corpse and burns his remains great a special effect. This movie stars Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt, Ian Holm, Yaphet Kotto, Bolaji Badejo and Helen Horton they are all believable in their roles.

This is my favorite science fiction film tough I prefer Aliens over this film (because it is my favorite film), The Thing, Leviathan even The Blob as a horror films because I enjoy them more but "Alien" is my favorite science fiction film the best of it's kind. 10/10 doesn't deserve the hate.
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The Burning (1981)
Instant classic horror slasher flick
19 February 2018
The Burning (1981) is an instant classic slasher horror flick, puts most of horror movies today to shame. This movie come out the same year as did Friday the 13th Part 2 my favorite horror film. They are so many horror films in 1981 I haven't hear, see or they are forgotten. This movie however surprised me. "It ripped off Friday the 13th" no it didn't! This movie was different, it was a revenge film but it was different than Friday the 13th. It is an original story not a copycat of other slasher films. Honestly I think this movie is much way better horror movie than Friday the 13th Part 2. This movie has a different story, it is not that bad and it is a good slasher movie and it just become my favorite horror film.

The story follows campers from summer camp goes with canoe trip to Devil's Creek once there they become targets, from a former summer camp caretaker, horribly burned from a prank gone wrong, with a pair of hedge clippers to take revenge on the campers. Once there they are trapped while assailant is stalking them and kills them one by one.

I enjoy this film it is not a bad slasher horror film it is instant classic and really puts most of horror films to shame. It has a lot of nudity with girls been naked and sexy. This days I don't see any naked girls in any slasher horror films today. They don't make horror movies like this one in the woods today. Back in the 80's was more work than today. Tom Savini from Dawn of the Dead makes special effect for more gory blood and they work. Just like he did special effects for Friday the 13th, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and Dawn of the Dead he makes effects for this movie and the gory kills really works. There is a lot of scares and twists in here that keeps getting you interested and intense. It doesn't allowed you to stop watching it. Friday the 13th part 2, My Bloody Valentine, The Burning, The Howling and American Werewolf in London are really in my top five favorite films from 1981 in horror genre. Why can't we get movies like this?

Directed and original story by Tony Maylam who directed the film really good. I miss movies like this today and I think it is a really good movie. Brian Matthews, Brian Backer, Carrick Glenn and Carolyn Houlihan were believable at acting and they were really good. 8/10 this movie is an instant classic in the horror genre from the 80's for me.
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The worst one in the franchise this movie is awful and painful to watch
18 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Death Wish V: The Face of Death is the worst TV movie from the 90's ever made. The first 4 movies were really great I have enjoy them. Death Wish 2 get the most hate while I have enjoy that film way more than this. This is one of the first films I have ever saw. Charles Bronson should have stoped by part 4 but he decide to make the fifth one. I never liked this movie even as a child. Charles Bronson is way too old for this part. So now Paul Kersey is taking the mob are you serious? The first movie was a classic. The second movie was a revenge movie and a good one, third was an action classic my all time favorite. Fourth was about drug dealers and a good one. The first 3 movies were directed from Michael Winner and they delivered. The fourth one was really a good action film. I disagree maziun part IV was much better move than this shitty movie.

The movie supposed to be set in New York but it was filmed in Toronto why was it filmed in Toronto? I have no idea. This movie is way too brutal for me for my taste. So now Michael Parks is the bad guy. Charles Bronson has a step daughter in this movie which is beyond me. The script the dialogues are terrible, the plot is confusing. How did Paul Kersey keeps getting in relationship with these girls is beyond me. How could Charles Bronson poisoned and defeat all the bad guys and the personal hitman is beyond me. He is not anymore a normal working guy who bleeds he is now unstoppable cyborg in this movie. That is my problem. J. Lee Thompson was replaced by Allan A. Goldstein by unknown director that I never hear about it. This movie is a peace shit sequel and a horrible one. Now they are making the remake with Bruce Wills and Eli Roth. The guy who directed Knock Knock another awful remake with Keanu Reeves that sucked. Remake "Death Wish" will suck I don't care if it is rated R, it will suck!

This movie and story is not based on the original Brian Garfield's novel. It has nothing to do with the novel. Charles Bronson's career was pretty much dead in the 90's and he didn't make anymore more movies. This movie could have been by far worst but for some reason was a pure trash movie! 1/10 my at least favorite film in the series and Michael Parks is ugly men and sucks in here.
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A good series that comes to an end season 1 the best season 2 was flawles
18 February 2018
Scream TV Series was a good show that comes to an end. The first Season rocks it is the best in the series. Second season was flawless and was really boring. The Anthology was about Brandon James who was a killer but was caught and who is killing teens now. At the center of those murders was Emma Duval (played by Willa Fitzgerald), a teenage girl who is somehow tied to the town's dark past. I love the mystery in first season and who did it and why. The show is so intense that you are hooked up. Willa Fitzgerald and Carlson Young were a terrific actresses I seriously did enjoy them. John Karna as Noah Foster was also good in the series. The TV series started good as a slasher series. This series was dedicated to Wes Craven who died in 2015. Season 1 and 2 were good. Season 3 is been rebooted which it will suck! 8/10 a good series I have enjoy it.
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Scream 3 (2000)
Underrated gem enjoyable my favorite sequel in the "Scream" franchise series
18 February 2018
Scream 3 is so underrated and bashed from fan boys. I love this film to death I enjoy this film I have watch it with my dad. It is an underrated gem my personal favorite sequel in the "Scream" franchise series. It is an improvement over the second one. Sidney Prescott is a such a bad-ass, you have for the first time in the movie an explosion you see a house been blowed up. The plot and the story is set the first time in Hollywood. I love that it is an original story, it does not copy the second or the first film, it doesn't mess with the first two movies. It does finish the trilogy and brings an ending conclusion to the franchise. I enjoy this film, I love this film to death. Wes Craven did a great direction debut. Ehren Kruger replaced Kevin Williamson thank god and he did much better job to make an original story and make an conclusion to end the trilogy.

I love with what happened next with the characters: Sidney now is a crisis counselor, I liked that. Ghostface returns he has unfinished business with Sidney and he wants her back. Dewey Riley is now working as an film adviser In Hollywood. I love his character, this time around David Arquette was better actor in this movie. I love that they did something new with his character, he wasn't annoying, he wasn't useless, he was good. He shot with a hand gun and killed the killer on the end, a real hero in this movie. Patrick Dempsey as detective Mark Kincaid was great he was likable and I have enjoyed him. I love his character. I love Jenny McCarthy as Sarah Darling she was believable. The movie was not dull, lame, or repainting the same story again, it had less humor, more horror, mystery and action it was mixed it had that what the second movie didn't had.

The story is set three years after Scream 2 Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), who has gone into self-imposed isolation following the events of the previous two films is drawn to Hollywood yet again she returns again to face the past and find out who is responsible for her mother's death. The new Ghostface begins killing the cast of the film within a film Stab 3 and has a score to stale with Sidney Prescott. Dewey Riley and Gale Waethers are trying to find out who is responsible for the killings. Gale has an unlikely sidekick Parker Posey as Jennifer Jolie. Courtney Cox is excellent as always as Gale Weathers.

10/10 I personally enjoy this sequel it is my favorite sequel in the franchise. Lance Henriksen is in this movie too and he is believable. I love the setting, the story and I love Sidney she is a bad-ass and I love happy ending, I love the trilogy to death and I love this movie to death sue me!
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Scream 2 (1997)
Flawles but yet enjoyable horror slasher sequel flick
18 February 2018
Scream 2 is flawless but enjoyable sequel it is not better than the first one but much way better than part 4. Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson does return for this sequel but still I enjoy the third one much way more. The second sequel was good little different mixed with action and humor, but it wasn't that scary to me. It is really a step down from the first film. I have a lot of problems with this film.

The bad: The writer Kevin Williamson copied the first film why would they copy the first film? I don't get it. The film looks like the same as the first movie, first the name of the town was Windsor like in the first movie Woodsboro: Then the victims were killed whit the same names and surnames the same emo from the first killer. Than was a copy killer on the loose and than they were like two killers just one wants to get away, the other wants to get caught. Deputy Sheriff David Arquette as Dewey Riley did do nothing in this movie and he was useless in this film! He was complaining, yelling and did do nothing, he was slashed but yet again he survived, how did he survive? or why is he in this movie is yet beyond me. Kevin Williamson wrote his character dull and awful. Marco Beltrami copied and stole the theme music score from Hans Zimmer music score for Broken Arrow (1996) John Woo film. The humor I didn't like in here and I didn't like they were talking about Stab fictional movie in this film that was based on Scream film. Jada Pinkett Smith was in the beginning in this film and she was terrible. Most of the characters in this film are awful.

The good: I love the ghostface killer in this movie and he doesn't use so much scary movies questions like in the first movie, he simply kills fast his victims. I love Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott she was lovely, such a sole survivor, such a bad-ass even more sexy than in the first film. Her ass was sexy, man o man she was hot! I fall in love with her, I did enjoy her performance as Sidney. I enjoy Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers this time she had a different hair cut but she was still good in her performance as a nosy tabloid reporter. The most hero I enjoy in this movie is Liev Schreiber as Cotton Weary he is awesome!!! A true real hero he is excellent! I really did enjoy the plot twist and his character. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Casey "Cici" Cooper is in here she is really good and Timothy Olyphant as Mickey from Live Free or Die Hard is in here! The cast work really well.

8/10 It is a good slasher horror movie and a good sequel to the first one I still watch this films, I like this film and the trilogy. I like the song "She Said by Collective Soul excellent song. My third favorite film in the series but still a good one, doesn't deserve the hate.
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Scream (1996)
The best teenage horror slasher film in the 90's my all time personal favorite in the horror genre
18 February 2018
Scream is the best teenage horror slasher film in the 90's and it is my all time personal favorite film in the horror genre. I love this film I always did and I love to death! It was really the first movie that introduced me in to "horror" genre slasher films. It was directed from my favorite horror master Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson. It is a horror mystery like was Friday the 13th and April Fool's Day. Scream deserve legendary status. The movie spawned three sequels and the TV series that I did like. Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox and Rose McGowan work for me. It is about a high school teenage student in the fictional town of Woodsboro, California, who becomes the target of a mysterious killer known as Ghostface who kills teens and who uses his obsession with scary movies. The first one is the best in the series and it is still one of the best horror films of all time.

Wes Craven borrowed and used Halloween, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street mostly scenes for this movie. It mentions a lot of cult classic horror movies and till it's day it is still praised by fans. I enjoy this film I always do. This is my movie and my personal opinion! Scream follows the teenage girl Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) who becomes targeted by a psychotic killer dressed in a ghostface mask who uses his obsession with scary movies. David Arquette plays police deputy, Dewey Riley who helps protect Sidney and Courtney Cox plays tabloid reporter, Gale Weathers. This is one of Craven's best along with "A Nightmare on Elm Street" that redefined the genre and Ghostface has become another popular slasher since. "What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?" Ghostface is one of the most popular and really scary character. The mask is so scary before new year on Halloween day I saw the mask putted on a front seat in the car and i was so scared, I thought it was the killer waiting on me but it was only a mask but a scary one.

The Story begins after two high school students are murdered by the serial killer. Sidney Prescott becomes next victim of intelligent serial killer, Gale Weathers reporter and journalist is shure that serial killer is the same person who murdered Sidney's mother one year ago and now he's terrorizing Sidney her self. Deputy Sheriff Dewey wants to investigate the murders by himself, but attractive Gale seduced and confused him, so it's up to Sidney to find the killer, before he kills again to find the truth, she will must kill. I love also the characters: Matthew Lillard as Stu Macher, Rose McGowan as Tatum Riley and Jamie Kennedy as Randy Meeks. Great story and great soundtracks. I watch this movie thirty times and is still the best, I watch with my mom as a teen good times. I love the script the dialogues in this movie, I love Drew Barrymore as Casey Becker in here.

10/10 Scream deserves a legendary status it is my personal favorite horror slasher film from Wes Craven in the franchise. I have the whole collection on Blu-ray discs and I have the first three movies on VHS tapes. I love this film to death I love it!
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Chloe (2009)
Amanda Seyfried takes my heart away with her beauty an underrated tragic love drama
18 February 2018
Chloe (2009) is really underrated love tragic drama. It is not that bad of a film I really liked it. I am not a drama love story fan guy but this movie really surprise me. It was not boring, over long or over dramatic like some movies are! It has a love drama and it ends with a twist and with a tragedy on the end of the film. Amanda Seyfried took my heart away with her acting, her beauty and I feel remorse for her character. I understood her character. I know now is based on the earlier French film Nathalie... (2003) I know that film is praised since Chloe come out, but who cares! I hated Dear John and Notebook I hated those films. The only films I liked in drama were American Beauty, Great Expectations that was a based on a novel and The Vow I like those movies.

Chloe this movie also has an erotic thriller about seducing and manipulating other peoples and it has a message. Don't belive anything and anyone you hear from people. Julianne Moore is fantastic and the women can act. She is awesome actress she is one the actresses I like and that's rarely by me. Liam Neeson is excellent as always I love this guy. I love Taken, Non-Stop in which Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson reunite again. A Walk Among the Tombstones, Unknown and Run All Night. I love the actor even in this drama he is so good. The thriller that was in this movie reminds me in other movies like are: Fatal Attraction. The Game, Disclosure and The Boy Next Door.

8/10 this is a tragic love story and that a good one, It worked by me I understand the character, the movie worked better then in other movies. In my opinion I like it! Atom Egoyan did a good job directing this movie. Response to a nutcase below me: the movie is not bland it is at least much better than your stupid dumb movie Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Justice. F**K Off!
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This movie is not a Die Hard movie so where is McClane?
14 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A Good Day to destroy the franchise! This review will contain spoilers. I love the first four Die Hard movies. I love Die Hard to death, this movie killed the franchise. John Moore please get out of the film business forever because you blow it!! Bruce Wills is bored out of his mind. We see Bruce Wills in this movie but not John McClane we know!!! He is not the main character. He is not the main hero but his son is! Why would I care about his son dammit? Die Hard was about one man army fighting against a team of terrorists. While in this movie he is unlikable sidekick!!! The movie is horrible digitally CGI filmed. The movie is about Russia again. I understand Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rocky IV Stallone films dialed with the Russians been bad guys and they worked that was different it was the 80's but this movie fails to be A Die Hard movie! This movie is painful to watch, it hurt my eyes. John McClane is a sidekick not a main action hero that he is, he is a laughing stuck! I was laughing my ass at Bruce Willis!

Die Hard 2 and Live Free or Die Hard are bashed from fans and critics but you know what they were not that bad at all. I love all 4 films to death all 4 films are great action films. This movie is awful painful to watch and it fails to be a good movie. R rating sucks too in here. No sidekicks anymore! Bruce Wills grove your hair. The movie does not deserve to focus on his children why would I care about his children?! Die Hard With A Vengeance did not need it another 2 sequels!! Live Free or Die Hard was still a good movie in my opinion, but it was not need it. This movie fucking sucks! It is a disaster! Where is McClane in here?! Where are his jokes?! Where is action in this?!

This movie sucks! The worst one in the franchise. From here it well all down hill. Not my favorite in the franchise I don't have it in my collection and I will never have it. This movie doesn't exist. You think how bad Live Free Or Die Hard is? watch this film it will hurt you! Watch the CGI glass falling on McClane and on his stupid son Jai Courtney all fake! They don't bleed they are both animated stupid brainless morons in here. Score 1/10 avoid this film like a plague. Bruce Willis retire and grow your hair already! John Moore and Skip Woods you both are scumbags both of you!! Thanks for killing off the franchise!!!
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Death Wish (1974)
A powerful realistic cinema a real action drama classic the original vigilante
14 February 2018
Death Wish (1974) is a classic, realistic powerful cinema action drama about a men and origins of how he become one-men army type to fight against hoodlums and criminals at night on the street of New York. This is the original, powerful realistic performed film. It deals with realism and real performance on screen. "Death Wish" doesn't deal with CGI nor does it deal with special effects. It deals or tries to deal really hard on what is real. I love this film to death it is my favorite film in the franchise. The first four films are great I love action and drama in this movie delivered. Fifth film sucked and they are making now the remake with Bruce Wills and Eli Roth. The guy who directed Knock Knock another awful remake with Keanu Reeves that sucked. Remake "Death Wish" will suck I don't care if it is rated R, it will suck! Charles Bronson and Michael Winner are the real deal. The film is based on Brian Garfield's novel. Wendell Mayes wrote a script while Michael Winner powerful directed this film.

Charles Bronson acts perfectly as architect Paul Kersey who turns in to vigilante. The movie shows trough in tier film how this men become a vigilante and mysterious hero. He is not a super hero or The Punisher he is just a normal average working guy. He didn't just turn a vigilante at night so soon, he was a torn apart after his family was brutally assaulted in front of daylight in his apartment. His wife was beaten, murdered and his daughter was raped. The men becomes torn apart and the police doesn't do anything they don't have chance to catch those people who did it. I love the characters in this film, Charles Bronson's performance. I love Vincent Gardenia as Detective Frank Ochoa it also shows the police work, that they do everything to catch the guy who is killing muggers. Vincent Gardenia does a powerful realistic performance as police officer Frank Ochoa doing his job. The movie in my opinion shows realism, that it could have happen to everyone like it did to Paul Kersey.

I know sequels are bashed because they are more action films while this film is an action, realistic drama performance from everyone. I only wish that Paul Kersey would catch the killers who killed his wife the movie never showed that. The movie shows the real mean streets of New York that was filmed in the 70's and the movie was shot in New York. Paul Kersey is not a robot, he is a human been who also bleeds and is scared, terrified, not safe on his own streets at night and kills people only in self defense. He even safe a men from been beaten almost to death. This film is the best in the Death Wish series because I understand the character and I understand why he is acting violent. "Death Wish" doesn't bring us Paul Kersey, the action hero but Paul Kersey, a regular men with a lot of demons he must face. "Death Wish" is the best in the series. 10/10 my third favorite in the franchise I enjoy the sequels more, but this movie is arguably great that I will still watch.
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Aliens (1986)
A masterpiece - one of the best epic-action films of all time my personal favorite
13 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Aliens (1986) is the best Epic Sci-Fi Classic Action Movie of all time and one of my personal favorite best action sci-fi flicks that I love to death. Just like I love The Terminator and T2, I love this movie to death. James Cameron's classic masterpiece. The now classic science fiction film was only the third feature directed by James Cameron (following Piranha Part Two, The Terminator). It is the sequel to the 1979 film Alien and Alien is a masterpiece I love that film, but I love this movie more sorry this is my personal opinion this is my movie. I am not saying it is better than the original movie but it is right up there with Alien a real classic.

Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), the sole survivor from the original "Alien", returns to Earth after drifting trough space in hyper sleep for 57 years. Although her story about the Alien encounter is met with skepticism, she agrees to accompany a team of high-tech marines back to LV-426 and this time it's war! It has great cast I love the marines fighting aliens in this movie. The movie stars: Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Carrie Henn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, William Hope, Jenette Goldstein, Al Matthews, Mark Rolston , Ricco Ross, Colette Hiller, Daniel Kash ,Cynthia Dale Scott and Tip Tipping and they are all believable enough.

I love the characters beside Ellen Ripley, Newt, Corporal Hicks, Bishop, Private Hudson, Private Vasquez, Sergeant Apone, Private Drake, Private Frost, Corporal Ferro, Private Spunkmeyer, Corporal Dietrich, Private Crowe I love those platoon of US Colonial Marines I know I haven't mentioned Burke because he was the bad guy and I don't like him. But most of the characters in this movie I love.

I know it is a sci-fi action film but it also does a have a horror mixed together people just don't see that. There's plenty of horror in it. The nightmare sequence in the beginning, the creepy atmosphere of the LV-426 colony, and the heart pounding face hugger on the loose scene in the medical bay. You see mother of those aliens who cocooned all the humans and killed them you see Ripley finding the nest and fight the Alien queen on the end. Ripley faces her fear and gets over her PTSD by going in by herself to rescue the Girl/Fight the Aliens/and Destroy the Entire Nest...Battles One on One with an Alien Queen and Whips its' Ass...and, by the end, now both her and Newt can dream without the worry of any more Nightmares (which plagued Ripley at the beginning of the film).

This is the finest action movie of all time. And, yet, believe it or not, it's not the action in the film itself that makes this be the case. This is especially odd in a movie with a $100 million budget (in 1986!), with multiple huge explosions, with thousands of bullets fired, and scores from James Horner of stuntmen used.

10/10 I have the Blu-ray disc which it also have a special edition version on it I used to had this film on DVD but I throw it away because I bought the Blu-ray which I am very happy about it. I love this film to death it is my personal favorite sci-fi action film even Lance Henriksen from Hard Target and The Terminator is in here and he is the good guy.
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Death Wish II (1982)
Better than original arguably the best masterpiece sequel of all time!
9 February 2018
Death Wish II (1982) is arguably the best masterpiece sequel of all time! It is my personal favorite action sequel from the 80's. Since a month away in March 2nd Death Wish remake is coming out with Bruce Willis, I am reviewing all Death Wish films. I am a huge Death Wish fan and Charles Bronson - "Die Hard" fan. This is a sequel to the original classic 1974 film Death Wish. It was brilliantly directed by Michael Winner who once again teamed up with Charles Bronson. This film is very entertaining, fast paced, not boring not dramatic real action movie. I love this film to death I grew up watching it. It is long only 1 hr and 28 mins. it is not that long. It is my third favorite "Death Wish" film in the series I always enjoy it.

This is an action packed stylish revenge flick in the 80's. this movie was filmed in 1981 and come out in 1982, the same year that First Blood come out. The first Rambo film is my all time favorite action film alongside with death Wish II. This sequel in my opinion is better than the original because it has more action and it is styled on a revenge. Charles Bronson is back as Paul Kersey the original vigilante. The film was filmed in Los Angeles, California in which the plot was set. Charles Bronson's wife Jill Ireland was in here and she played Kersey's girlfriend. In all Death Wish films Jill Ireland's character Geri Nichols was the only one who wasn't killed off. Charles Bronson refused that his real wife is assaulted and brutalized so she did come on in this movie and she was brilliant, not only gorgeous but she arguably acted brilliantly well.

Charles Bronson is fantastic as Architect Paul Kersey getting revenge on a muggers who raped and killed his house keeper and his daughter. It is time to settle the score. He is excellent and it is his best performance in here. Paul kersey is his best role in my opinion.

I love this film to death, I saw it as a kid I watched the trilogy. Death Wish 1,2 and 3 were all directed by Michael Winner which he did a brilliant job as the director. The film has a lot of action real bloody squibs it is rated R. It has rape, explosions, great gun fights and great shootouts. Paul kersey is looking for 5 rapist and killers who brutalized his daughter. I love how Paul tracks the first killer down and shoots him right in the chest. "You believe in Jesus? ,Yes, I do. Well, you're gonna meet him." bang he shoot's him dead. Paul Kersey saves an older men and his wife from been raped again and he kills most of the rapists and save the couple before they would be killed. He shoots down the second mugger in a final attempt he shoots' him dead. I love how Paul Kersey is tracking down the killers one by one like a Predator. I love the idea that actor Vincent Gardenia as Det. Frank Ochoa returned from the original film to be in this sequel. He stood up from Paul, he saved Paul's life, he killed the sniper aiming on Paul and sacrifice him self. Vincent Gardenia's brilliant performance too bad he is no longer with us anymore.

In the final shoot out with a lot of automatic weapons, Paul kill's two out of three muggers one get's away. He kill's their friends too who are arm's dealers. He shoot's with his Beretta 84 one shooter trough window glass of the car and the mugger Jiver (Laurence Fishburne) in the head of radio when he tried to flee and he killed him. I love the final fight between Paul and Nirvana (Thomas F. Duffy). Charles Bronson did his own stunts, but in which Nirvana pushes Paul in the wall you can see that was Bronson's stuntman. All the actors in this movie does a fine job. No CGI or shaky cam, real actions, real guns and automatic weapons all made for real. I love action movies like this. Jimmy Page makes a music score for the Death Wish that I love specially in the beginning of the credits. Jimmy Page replaced Herbie Hancock. Actress Robin Sherwood replaced actress Kathleen Tolan who was playing Carol Kersey, Paul's daughter. It was never explained what happened to Steven Keats character Jack Toby from the first film. The muggers in this movie are: Thomas F. Duffy, Kevyn Major Howard, Stuart K. Robinson, Laurence Fishburne (as Laurence Fishburne III), E. Lamont Johnson and they are believable. In this movie one of the muggers was also Laurence Fishburne who was called that time in the 80's Larry he also played in Red Heat and A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors and he acted well in this movie.

Michael Winner brilliantly directs this stylish action masterpiece and David Engelbach writes an excellent script that delivers. I always enjoy this film and it is one of the best sequels in the Death Wish series. My all time number 1 favorite is Death Wish 3 this is my third favorite "Death Wish" film.

Death Wish II is a 1982 crime thriller action film directed by Michael Winner. It is the first of four sequels to the 1974 film Death Wish.

10/10 it is my favorite action film in "Death Wish" series. Today all action movies are wrong in Hollywood they don't make em' like this anymore. Charles Bronson was the best actor.
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Die Hard (1988)
The greatest bad-ass best action movie hands down my personal favorite number 1 movie of all time
4 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Die Hard (1988) the first action film is by far one of the greatest best action movies of all time from the 80's till this day hands down. It is my number 1 personal favorite action movie of all time, I love this movie to death! I love it so damn much and I have fun watching it so much. I have to talk about this movie: It is one man army fighting against a team of terrorists with automatic weapons and plastic explosives. Bruce Willis performance was excellent in this movie John McClane is his best role ever. It is my number 1 personal favorite action movie of all time, I love this movie to death! It's stay in my heart forever. To me it felt this film realistic and it makes you think that you are alone trapped in a building against bunch of terrorists what will you do?

This film has heart and soul. A lot of movies have try to do that premise since, but no movie has nail it like "Die Hard." This is a modern day action film of the action genre. I watch this film as a teenager I even watch it with my mom it was ultimate thrill ride. I love everyone in here all the characters and the lead character. I love that McClane is alone he has no help, all telephones doesn't work he is barefoot with his gun and the only help has is from Sgt. Al Powell down there who didn't even see him at all but were both talking on a radio from cop to cop. I love that bond between those two lead heroes. I always love when McClane talks to himself whenever he was about to do something crazy.

It is going to be 30 years anniversary this summer 20th July. I love this film to death I am hugh fan of Die Hard films I love this film so damn much. I would really love to see this movie in a widescreen in a movie theater. It was directed by brilliant John McTiernan it is is based on a novel Roderick Thorp Nothing Lasts Forever. This is a masterpiece action film that started all action genre one man army types battling terrorists while trapped in a confined space. It was arguably the first one in the action genre. This movie has everything . It has intense Action, Drama, Thriller, twists, great dialogue, explosions, fights. Exploding building, great helicopter explosion action scenes. John McClane is one man against a whole team of terrorists. A cracking Action Thriller from beginning to end, Die Hard explodes with heart-stopping suspense!

It has great cast, great plot, great explosions, no shaky cam, doesn't deal with CGI, but real actions real practical effects. Great Direction from John McTiernan, great dialogues, great acting from everyone. Everyone does an excellent job. Bruce Willis is a bad ass action star as John McClane. It has a great bad-ass action hero who does impossible buy stopping the terrorists who were actually a real terrorists who try to steal the money in a vault 640.000.000$ in bearer bonds stored in the building's vault.

My favorite action sequences and the best part of Die Hard: McClane grabs the fire hose, ties it around his body jumps with the helicopter about to kill him. Then Gruber blows it a second after McLane jumps off the roof! It was an incredible explosion that totally takes out the helicopter. But McLane is falling down the side of the building and needs to get inside quickly this is the best scene in the movie my favorite. McClane climbs in the elevator shaft escapes Karl and his men trying to kill him. McClane shoots on the table with his gun killing Marco. (According to the director, the proximity of the gun to Willis' ear during this scene caused permanent hearing loss for Willis.) McClane shot's Hans and Eddie "Happy - Trails, Hans..." Incredibly satisfying action in a brilliant action movie! McClane try to save Ellis when Ellis try to save him self. McClane was afraid of flying and he always carry gun because he was afraid someone would have hijack it. The fight between Karl and John was excellent and well choreographed. McClane drops C4 down the elevator shaft and destroys the entire floor where the terrorists are firing from, giving the cops a chance to retreat. I love The broken glass scene. He shoot's and kills two terrorists with his machine gun to escape Hans and Karl, John McClane is forced to sprint over broken glass while barefoot the best bad-ass scene in the movie my all time favorite. Three terrorists are shooting on McClane on the roof chasing him in which he escapes in the beginning of the movie awesome. Karl shoots in an elevator shaft in which McClane is hiding a real kick-ass scene I love this film to death!

I love the characters in this movie: John McClane a real action hero to me that does something that no one can he stops a team of terrorists. Hans Grubar the German mastermind he was ruthless and brilliant and he would do anything to steal the money even killing people and get what he want's. Alan Rickman's performance was excellent I love him to death in this movie. I really miss the actor he was the best villain of the whole world. The LAPD Supervisor (Diana James) I like that girl she was so good when McClane call's her for help, I love it. I love Sgt. Al Powell how he stand's up and defends McClane against his supervisor. Reginald VelJohnson does a brilliant performance as a great supporting hero in this movie. I love Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson to death he is my favorite character in here. Paul Gleason was so good I love his performance - "kick ass." I love how he tried everything to safe the hostages including SWAT team who were badly hurt. I like Richard Thornburg in this movie who is annoying reporter but I still like it. Bonnie Bedelia as Holly McClane's wife was great.

John McTiernan directed excellent this masterpiece Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza wrote a script that it delivers. The helicopters in here were models in this movie delivered, to me the action scenes felt realistic. This movie has ton's of action and you never get bored with it. Michael Kamen made a music score and you never get bored with it. You'll see lots of heavy automatic and explosive weapons, and you'll see them used well. The film is violent, and bloody rated R with real blood squibs.

10/10 it is my favorite action film in the action genre I love this film to death it is my personal action favorite film. I miss movies like this I miss action movies like this one today I want them back. It is a shame we don't have movies like this today.
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The best action sequel of all time and one of the best Schwarzenegger's movies my personal favorite
6 January 2018
Terminator 2: Judgment Day is (1991) is the best action sci-fi flick movie from the 90's ever made of all time. Terminator 2 is my personal favorite film I absolutely love this movie to death! Is my number 1 best movie ever till today the best of the best epic movie of all time. T2 was nominated for 4.Oscars the only movie of the franchise was nominated for an Oscar. If you watch T2 carefully and follow the story you never got bored and you are very entertained. This movie kicks ass! I love the hospital scenes mostly at night, the Cyberdyne building action sequences and of course steel mill action sequences are perfect for this film. This film deals with a lot of action, sci-fi and does involves a lot of paradox past travel. There is a lot of explosions and automatic weapons used in the movie and they are used well thousands of bullets are fired and explosive projectiles are fired at the police cars.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the good terminator T-800 did an awesome Terrific real job, he acted believably as one of his best characters I ever saw on screen. Terminator walks to the front of the building and kicks a desk out a window. Than ignores the police's order to surrender and fires a M134 Minigun with Chainsaw grip at the police cars below, avoiding the humans. The helicopter pilot moves away. Terminator than uses a M79 grenade launcher to destroy two more vehicles. Its heads-up display indicates no human casualties. The film has a heart and is the best film in the world.

Robert Patrick as T-1000 is "a mimetic Polly-alloy" or "liquid metal." He can shape shift to match other people he touches, after first arriving in present time, he decides to have his base form be that of a nearby cop he killed and passes himself off as a cop in that form. The truck chase scene is awesome and the crash is also awesome. The truck that hit in to another column in the canal and explodes, T-1000 emerges as a shiny, featureless, liquid metal figure. Its features become more pronounced and its colors return to normal, returning to the form of the unharmed pseudo-cop is awesome. It shows what his character can do.

Linda Hamilton is the only Sarah Connor she acted her character perfectly here she played her character genius and very convincing and real, tough beyond all belief and completely focused on preventing the nuclear war and ensuring John's safety. Sarah Connor is her best performance ever in the both Terminator films. Little out of her mind with paranoia and anger: amazingly, you see actual character development (specifically, when John and T101 arrive at Dyson's house to prevent her from doing what she wants to).

Edward Furlong, is the only John Connor for me, is not bad himself as the extroverted kid who's confused by the fact that everyone except his mom told him his entire upbringing was based on a lie. The bit players all do their jobs well. Earl Boen plays the semi-sadistic mental hospital warden Dr. Silberman from the first film The Terminator (1984) that stands between Sarah Connor and her son (until the T1000 makes a chilling entrance).

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong and Robert Patrick did there best acting performances, those actors who played there characters are beloved till this days and Terminator 2 has since been ranked as one of the greatest action, science fiction sequel films of all time.

Twin sister of Linda Hamilton also appeared as Leslie Hamilton Gearren as Twin Sarah in dream she was for real there wasn't no CGI in here. Twin brothers Don Stanton and Dan Stanton both of actors appeared in here one as Lewis the Guard the other as Lewis as T-1000 who kills lewis they were for real no CGI, except special effects for T-1000 knife. Terminator special effects were designed by Stan Winston R.I.P. who has done incredible job making those effects.

The film is absolutely filled with great, classic moments. T2 is James Cameron masterpiece. This wouldn't be an action movie without some action. James Cameron writes, produces and directs brilliantly this film. Brad Fiedel does a perfect music score to the film. American rock band Guns N' Roses wrote a single for this movie "You Could Be Mine" and Schwarzenegger appeared in the music video as T-800 in the music video for this movie.

The chopper scene that crashed in to a SWAT van and explodes was awesome. The CGI and special effects are awesome. This movie is what it is, a perfect 10, because it takes the vision of one of the most imaginative directors on Earth, and realizes them almost perfectly with all the tools that fit the task actors, stunts, puppetry, models and special effects designed from Stan Winston.

It is Rated R for strong sci-fi action and violence, and for language, it is a perfect film from the 90's that I have grew up with it. 10/10 Score: Bad Ass Seal Of Approval
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Schwarzenegger's my personal favorite best action classic masterpiece of all time
5 January 2018
The Terminator (1984) is a masterpiece, the best sci-fi action classics horror movie that started all the Terminator movies. This is Schwarzenegger's best movie and my personal favorite action film. I love this film to death it is my childhood film I grew up with it. Arnold Schwarzenegger was The Terminator T-800 Model 101 indestructible killing machine cyborg. This movie is brilliant, it has brilliant story, brilliant plot, excellent additional cast, brilliant director and writers, good special effects, it is mixed with sci-fi, action and horror. This movie deals with the war that was set in the future but the battle will be fought in the present. It deals with paradox travel trough time.

"It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop... ever, until you are dead! "

This is the perfect action film of all time and still even today over 30 years it is a cult classic. The plot and the script provides excellent dialogues. Why it is brilliant? Imagine someone did something in the future and didn't know about it and becomes a primal target for extermination from a killer cyborg from the future now in the present. That is brilliant and excellent idea and story.

Two naked men appear in different locations in los Angeles trough flash blue light and electricity they were both set in time from the year 2029 to the present year 1984. One is a human the other is an indestructible cyborg reprogramed to find and kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) the woman whose unborn son will become humanity's only hope in the future war against the machines. The other men is a human being a soldier from the future who has to find Sarah Connor and protect her at all cost. That's the basically plot for this film.

James Cameron writes and directs this film with his than wife Gale Anne Hurd who also produced this film and they both does that brilliantly. The script with the story provides a perfect action entertainment trough whole film.

Brad Fiedel does a wonderful music theme for The Terminator character and action sequences, car chases and does a drama in which Sarah and Kyle have sex together in the motel room. That's how John was later in the sequel born. Great music score for the film. I love the soundtracks from this film: Photoplay and Burnin' in the Third Degree by Tryanglz.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the top of his career. This movie bring his career at top of the action stars. Arnold is excellent and he performs excellent and acts brilliant as The Terminator. At one time his agent pursued Schwarzenegger to play the action hero, but Schwarzenegger wasn't interested to be an action hero he was interested to be The Terminator and he played brilliantly well and believable enough.

Before Sarah Connor was a tough bad-ass gun guerilla squad in the sequels, here she was a scared victim. A beautiful young woman who was a waitress at the diner and was just a human being leaving a teenage normal life in Los Angeles. Linda Hamilton is the only Sarah Connor no else can replace her. She is beautiful and smart and it is my favorite Linda Hamilton movie. She acts very realistic, brilliant and perfectly as the scared victim. Linda Hamilton is the best of the film.

Michael Biehn is the only Sgt. Kyle Reese no one else is or can replace him. He is excellent and brilliant I still prefer Corporal Dwayne Hicks but Kyle Reese is my favorite character from Michael Biehn he is a perfect action hero. I love Kyle Reese because he doesn't kill any human being.

Lance Henriksen from Aliens and Hard Target is in here and he plays Detective Hal Vukovich and he is very good and realistic as the detective.

Paul Winfield is Lieutenant Ed Traxler first he doesn't believe Kyle Reese story but later he witness it him self. I wish there wouldn't be deleted scene in which Kyle and Sarah finds Traxler dying and he gives Kyle a gun.

This movie has ton's of action: You see a lot of automatic weapons, shotguns and handguns used in this film and they are used well. You have a car chase between The Terminator and Kyle Reese with Sarah and both men are shooting at each other. Terminator has a stolen Police car and Kyle fires his shotgun and hits twice the Terminator once in the eye. The Terminator than crashes with the car in the wall. In the next scene you see Terminator's eye bloody. You have a great car chase by the end of the film Terminator with truck tries to kill Sarah but Kyle put's a pipe bomb in the truck and you see a huge explosion the truck explodes great special effect. Terminator shoot's with an IMI Uzi in Tech Noir night club. Killing bunch of people in which Kyle stops him with a shotgun. Terminator crash with the car in the police station and kills almost 19 cops.

When we see The Terminator been all burned out without flesh with only been endoskeleton covered with steel with his red eyes glowing that is scary when he chases Sarah is scary when I was 6 years old I screamed when I saw that skeleton cyborg attacking Kyle and Sarah.

The Terminator is a 1984 American science-fiction action film directed by James Cameron.

10/10 Bad-Ass Seal Of Approval The Terminator is a masterpiece a science fiction action horror film, a film I love to death and it is my personal favorite Schwarzenegger film. This is Schwarzenegger's best film with Predator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day I highly recommend those three films.
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Criminally underrated good Charles Bronson's action Death Wish flick
2 January 2018
Death Wish 4: The Crackdown the fourth movie in Death Wish franchise is criminally underrated and misunderstood action flick from The Cannon Group, Inc. of the 80s. It is a good movie it is not the best or great but it is a decent good movie. Paul Kersey avenges all the children that have died an over dose from drugs that is why I love this film to death! It is my favorite action film the movie that grow on me. This movie has special place in my heart it is my favorite Charles Bronson film of all time. J. Lee Thompson beautiful directed this film it arguably his good film.

This is the original Punisher not Frank Castle Jon Bernthal but Paul Kersey is The Punisher. You watch Jon Bernthal as The Punisher (2017) I watch Charles Bronson Death Wish 4: The Crackdown film. It is arguably my favorite and so underrated action flick I really miss movies like are this one today I miss action movies like are this one. I am a huge fan of Charles Bronson I have been watching his movies since I was a kid and Death Wish series are my favorite film series. Death Wish 1,2,3 and 4 were really good misunderstood action movies.


Death Wish 4: The Crackdown it is my favorite Charles Bronson action film in the 80's. Michael Winner, who directed the first three films in the series, was replaced by J. Lee Thompson. Death Wish 4: The Crackdown had a substantially lower budget and a more limited release than its predecessors. Even with a low budget the film for me works I really miss the 80's. The movie and the character Paul Kersey.

Paul Kersey kill's the bad guys drug dealers for all the children and that's all the movie tells you. Charles Bronson acts brilliant and does a fine solid job. John P. Ryan is a perfectly bad guy. Soon-Tek Oh plays a corrupt cop he plays decent the bad guy. Kay Lenz was beautiful and decent perfectly as the new girlfriend of Paul Kersey. Perry Lopez as the bad guy was also excellent. George Dickerson as detective Reiner was excellent cop i have seen and a real good guy. Almost everyone who played in this movie is dead and it is no longer with us anymore. This movie has my respect.

The movie has tons of action and explosions Paul (Charles Bronson) uses a M16 with M203 grenade launcher to go after Nathan White (John Ryan) and his men at the roller rink. He shoots the bad guys and he blows Nathan White with grenade launcher to pieces. I miss action movies like this, this were real practical effects real actions no CGI crap all real actions. Is it just me or this is just my action movie? I love Paul Kersey he kills all the bad guys with machine gun MAC-10 and kills all the drug dealers.

The movie has a beautiful score that I love from John Bisharat, Paul McCallum and Valentine McCallum.

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown is an American 1987 action crime film, and the fourth installment in the Death Wish film series. The film was directed by J. Lee Thompson, and features Charles Bronson, who reprises his leading role as Paul Kersey.

9/10 Grade: A
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