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Amélie (2001)
This Movie can CHANGE your life :-)
24 December 2001
A year ago, if someone would have asked me "What is your favorite movie ?" , I would not have known what to answer exactly, maybe Fight Club, maybe Vertigo, Indiana Jones even would have come to my mind.

Since June, I have but one answer: 'Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain' !!! It is simply unique in his kind. And now it has come out in the US, I am a bit frightened, because everybody there describes it as a simple 'feel-good movie'. It is so much more than that ! Never before has a movie INFLUENCED my life in such a way. Audrey's performance is simply stunning... she plays with an innocence, a wit, a smartness and naïvity that even someone with 40 years experience could not have done better. (please, will someone give an oscar to that girl, she makes Kidman & Blanchett look pale :-) The score from Yann Tiersen is so beautiful that by now I'm addicted to it ( I read here somewhere something about 'accordeon jingle', please, get some education ;-). The story itself could easily have been abused, and I'm sure that if Hollywood had made this movie, it would have been ridiculous, but now it is a beauty, a pearl amidst broken hearts.

This movie is for everyone who understands passion or who has lost his/her childhood somewhere along the way. If you love art & music, sunshine & poetry than you are qualified for seeing this movie, be warned though...this movie can change your life (and will ;-)!

Audrey is superb, Matthieu is better than himself, every actor gives a stunning performance, the scenery is beautiful, the whole movie is amusing, entertaining and charming, even CGI is perfectly done ! 10 out of 10 !!!

a 21-year-old Amélie fan who can enjoy the little things in life again
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it's a FANTASY movie
23 December 2001
To everyone :

there are those who have read the books and those who haven't... and I think it makes no difference in which category you are

Because, I have spoken to people who've read it and weren't pleased with the movie at all; I have also spoken to people who didn't read the book and thought it was a wonderful movie!

I have read a great number of reviews here, and what bothers me most is that some people compare it to Schindler's List and Casablanca and other stuff (just because it's #1 on this moment)

Please, do not compare this movie to any of these...first of all , it's fantasy and if you don't like fantasy, then don't go see it ! Second, i must admit, i've read the books, and The Hobbit and The Silmarillion,...

So I was disappointed in some changes, but not in the movie as a movie ! To be honest, there are 2 top movies for me this year: Amélie & FoTR !! Why ? Because I think them to be the most 'beautiful' movies, off course, memento was good and stunning...and requiem for a dream was touching !

But to be 'beautiful', well I must say, FoTR is !

There aren't often movies when you see EVERYONE 'in character', this one is.

There aren't often movies when the sceneries are so well-detailed, this one has.

There aren't often movies i go to see more than twice in a theatre, this one does.

The only thing i'm sorry about is that it only lasts 3 hours..., there's no doubt in my mind that the movie would even be MORE beautiful if it had been longer (and that would also cure the critics who now say it jumps from 'scene to scene').
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