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Survivor Series (2001 TV Special)
Great but Predictable
17 December 2001
This whole PPV was full of great wrestling, aside from the womens match. I loved the Immunity Battle Royal, but Test shouldn't have won, I would have liked to see Tommy Dreamer, Lance Storm, Justin Credible, Hurricane, or DDP win. But anyway, Christian vs Al Snow was a great match, and Al should be on TV much more often. The Winner Take All Match of Survival was great. I think everyone knew WWF would win over WCW/ECW, but thats not the point. I mean, with talent like RVD, Kane, Jericho, Booker T, and Angle in one match, how could WWF even screw it up? Well they didnt, and Undertaker brought back the Tombstone Piledriver and delivered it to Shane McMahon. Poor Shane, he got every finisher from team WWF. Oh well, I still cant wait for Royal Rumble 2001 :)
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