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Entertaining and Funny
26 May 2008
I am an Adam Sandler fan and I am never disappointed with his work. He did fall short just a little bit from his previous work on this one, comparing to his last summer's blockbuster Chuck & Larry - Zohan reminds me getting into cheap slapstick humor like maybe Wayanns Brothers may have been involved (not say they have but its that same kind of cheap humor) Zohan was funny and he is a hero and is very entertaining and from the comedies coming out this summer it will do well. Compared to his previous work, I have seen Adam do much better. There were some corny parts but overall I say this will probably be the better comedies of this summer.

I would like to see Adam and Kevin James team up again as I feel they work very well together. I did see Kevin had a small cameo part in Zohan.

If you like movies like Deuce Bigalow then you will not be disappointed in this film.
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Leatherheads (2008)
This movie is NOT good at all
31 March 2008
OK where do I start? I saw a screening a couple weeks ago and I was shocked how bad this movie is. Sure if you just LOVE Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres (bad acting) and you think they are the best TV shows on air then you will definitely love this movie. Me, personally, I really like George's work and he is very talented, but comedy is not his forte. Some people are natural in comedy and I am sure he is great & funny to work with personally but comedy he can not pull it off on the big screen. It was a cute movie but would I pay $12.00 to see it? H&LL no !!!! Now that I have seen it I would not recommend it to anyone to spend their money. George, buddy, I love you but please don't do any more comedies? This script is lacking a lot, great concept but just didn't do it.
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The Fall (2006)
Totally Blown AWAY .....
18 March 2008
I was absolutely blown away. I absolutely had no idea really what this movie was about and I didn't do any research on it and met a friend to see this screening and I have to tell you THIS IS film MAKING!!! I loved every minute of it!!!! I don't know why it hasn't been released but this is one movie I have to have in my video library to watch and watch over again. Story telling at its ultimate highest. I was very impressed with Catinca Untaru "Alexandria", I would love to see more of her, very talented not to mention Lee Pace, you can tell they worked very well together. I can not wait to see this movie again. I felt the ending was closure. Dan Gilroy - you need to write more often-I just can't say enough about this film. The cinematography ....is just awesome. Please release this film, I wanna see it again.
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The Bank Job (2008)
This Film was GREAT!!!
26 February 2008
I had the opportunity to see this film tonight and I have to say this has to be one of the best films released in many many months. This film has almost everything you can thing of: Action, torture, corruption, nudity, sex, did I say action-pack, edge of your seat? I absolutely loved it!!!! I had no clue that it was based on a true story until the very beginning credits. The story was beautifully written not to mention the directing and I have to say that there was NOT one slow part in the entire film. The only problem I see with this film is that there hasn't been much advertisement but billboards about this film. I have not seen a movie trailer whatsoever regarding this film and its opening up next week. I would not take children to see this film but if you love fast moving movies...I highly recommend this film!!!! I wanna see it again
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Vantage Point (2008)
It was OK but got very annoying........
6 February 2008
I had the opportunity to see this tonight and it was good. The action scenes were intense. This is definitely original with the way they did it but after the 3rd time (you will see what I am talking about once you see it-I cant give it away here) it was starting to get a little annoying as I did see some people walk out the theater. Dennis Quaid did an awesome job, as usual, he alone makes this movie. I never suspected how it ended and the creativity and concept was genius but in my opinion need some adjustments. The director must be a big fan of movies like THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and CLOVERFIELD (camera effects) as I was starting to get a big headache with camera shaking and bouncing around but finally stopped. It did seem like you were actually there right in the middle of it and experiencing what was going on. I can see this movie making a lot of $$ the first week but will fast fizzle out. Kudos to Forest Whitaker, awesome job.

Great movie to see but I was a little disappointed in the final edited cut.
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I really enjoyed this film !!!
6 November 2007
I saw this film yesterday and I have to say I actually enjoyed it. Kudos to Ryan Reynolds for mastering his craft beyond his known comedy side. I loved the whole Democratic "Bill Clinton" thing. A lot of single people can relate to this story and it is truly realistic. This film is nicely structured and it this is a definitely take your girlfriend/boyfriend or significant other to see and this film as it is very refreshing. I was like "Maya" guessing where this was going. I would like to say to the editor please redo the opening credits, it was too long as I was ready to fall asleep and shorten it a bit, please capture your audience!! But overall GO SEE IT !!
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Smother (II) (2008)
Dianne was awesome !!!
26 September 2007
I saw this film last night and I throughly loved it. Dianne as always is a piece of art. She never got out of character and I have met someone exactly like her. I have never been disappointed with Dianne's work and you definitely won't be with Smother. The combination with Dax and Dianne really clicked and it worked. This film is perfect for any age and is really a nice change of fresh air that is out there. This film is a feel good movie and highly recommend it. This is perfect for those who feel that their parents are smothering them. I see Dax is starting to have a future as he seems really natural with his character. My advise: GO SEE IT !!!
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Into the Wild (2007)
I have to say Oscar Material.
11 September 2007
I have to say Sean you did buddy. This movie is ultimately awesome!! We need more films like this. I had the opportunity to see this film last night and I loved it from the very beginning. The cinematography was absolutely awesome and breath-taking. If more people would worry about other human beings rather materialistic things we would be in much better environment. I truly believe Happiness is SHARING as well. When you see a "HOMELESS" looking person, or someone who doesn't have what you have, you should NEVER judge how they got there. I have to tell you this movie really touched me and makes me want to live more to the fullest to make a difference and to be a better person.
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I Loved This Movie !!!!!
4 July 2007
I am so glad I was able to see this film last week. This movie was so entertaining from the very beginning to the end. The connection between Kevin and Adam are perfect and hope they work together because you can tell they really had a good time on this movie. I have been telling everyone Go Out And See This Film when it comes out. I love Kevin's fast comebacks and he is very well known for that from K.of Q.

You can depend on something very entertaining that has Kevin James in it. I really hope this film does very good at the box office. I hope the writer has another one in the works. If you pay to see a comedy at the theater this summer go see I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

I loved it
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This movie was so funny I was hurting!!!
4 July 2007
This movie was brilliantly written. I saw this film about a month ago and we were probably one of the first public to see it and I would not change a thing. Ryan, I have to say was just awesome and I can see him going to the top. This film is cleverly written and I was laughing so hard in this movie that I almost had to stand up because I was hurting. The people around me in the theater said the same thing they loved this film and this would be at the top of my Recommendation Movie List to Must See.

I won't be giving away the film but I all I can say is go see it. Kudos to the writer and director and this movie was perfectly written for Ryan.
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The Amateurs (2005)
4 July 2007
I have to say I saw this movie 2 years ago and this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I am not surprised at all this film hasn't been released yet. Jeff Bridges, which by the way I highly admire but after seeing this film and the door in the floor, he has truly slipped!!! In this film he stumbles his words. He seems as though he has forgotten his lines and just rambles on and one till it kinda sorta sounds like this is his lines. Jeff did not seem like he was sober in this film.

As for Ted Danson, PLEASE, I beg you do not play another gay man. You are great actor but you can NOT play a gay man.

The concept is good but the writing is horrible. My advise to the writer: go back to writing school or learn a different trade.
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I just got through seeing this film......
28 March 2007
I actually have to say this film didn't do it for me!!! Hands down Della Reese had to have been the funniest in the movie but she had such a small role. There were a lot of flaws in the continuity....some of the time frames just didn't match up with background. Sharon Stone's character was extremely funny at the beginning but it wore off really fast as it started to get very annoying. There were a couple of parts where they could have cut out and I am thinking WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ANYWAY....they must be related to either the director or the crew somehow to get them a small part but towards the end these two characters kept popping up and its like ENOUGH ALREADY....these characters did not go with this movie whatsoever...they had to be written in at the last minute.

But I have to say the concept was very original but needed some extreme help!!!!!! I say go directly to cable.....not wide screen theater material....which is very said because I love Sharon Stone and Whoopi!! Not trying to be cruel but I just don't see this making harding any money financially.
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