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Flight of the Conchords: Prime Minister (2009)
Season 2, Episode 7
Official name of this episode...
2 March 2009
Although at the time of writing this, this episode had only been named as Episode 7, for those of you who would like to know, I have just checked on HBO's official site, and the official name for this episode is 'Prime Minister'. (So if anybody has access to amending this on here, then please feel free!) I have also just watched this, and although I feel the songs within the episode seem to not be as good as in the first series, the stories themselves are improving! As you will see when you watch this episode, Murray Hewitt (played by Rhys Darby) has become indeed one of the strongest characters! (although it was a bit disappointing to see that Brett and Jemaine (the stars of the show) had less funny lines, I'm pleased that at least Murray is still making me laugh! So if you're a conchords fan, you will definitely still enjoy watching this episode! I don't want to spoil it though, so you can see for yourself, but you may find that this episode probably isn't the best example to show any of your friends if they've never seen them before! If you want to get them hooked on flight of the conchords, better to show them some of series 1, and let them see the rest once they understand it a bit better! Then it's enjoyment all the way!
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Ignore the terrible phoney accents, and this movie RULES!!
1 February 2009
The first thing that will strike you about this movie is how totally fake the accents are! In fact, there are probably only TWO people who sounded at all convincing! That said, even though a lot of people have totally slated this movie for other aspects of it, I have to say that I still really enjoyed this as a movie! For those of you who have followed Brian Yuzna's work, you will know that he usually makes very low budget movies, so you expect that the special effects are not necessarily lifelike and more '80's horror' plastic looking, but once again, the movies were so addictive to watch, that it never really spoiled them one bit! They just kinda leave your eyes glued to the screen! (and this movie's certainly no exception!) So please don't be discouraged if you're a Yuzna fan, and you've read any of the negative comments about this movie! I absolutely loved it! especially the ending! But the other reviews are totally right when they say about the actors sounding dubbed! I'm not sure if that actually was the case, but certainly those accents were not realistic one bit! and if anything will annoy you about the movie, that'll probably be what does it! Indeed the Fear Factory movies he's made have slipped a bit, but on the other hand, a lot of his first works were originally taken from H.P.Lovecraft novels, (so just imagine quite what a task it would be to even try to beat those!) Although I must say that just before I had watched 'Beneath Still Waters' I'd just finished watching 'The Darkness' (which he produced). Unfortunately, 'The Darkness' was the first of his movies to truly disappoint me! (and it did it BIGTIME!) but after watching 'Beneath Still Waters', all was quickly forgiven! Yuzna's style was back, and his magic was truly working once again! Don't be fooled by a few bad reviews, it's well worth judging for yourself! ;)
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Darkness (2002)
Brian Yuzna fans will be disappointed!!
1 February 2009
I am a HUGE fan of Brian Yuzna who has written and directed many fantastic horror movies, however, the fact that he only produced this one and had nothing to do with the writing or directing really shows! (and not in a good way!) Don't get me wrong, towards the end you have what becomes quite a good 15 minutes of what could have evolved into a good horror movie, but the entire beginning was so slow to get started that much of the time was wasted before anything exciting actually happened! (you'll see what I mean!) Also, the ending tried to go out on a cliffhanger, but didn't really quite achieve the suspense that the writer had intended. but instead, it just felt unfinished, and a bit of a cop out really! However, I will point out that I watched the American cinema version, and the people who watched the International Version wrote some really good reviews about this movie, so it is entirely possible that a lot was cut out on the version I saw! On the other hand though, they really must have cut out a lot for that to make this a good movie, so more than likely, it's just a matter of different tastes! Don't get me wrong though, it wasn't TOTALLY awful! For the 15 minutes of good story that it had, it did start to get good! So by all means watch this movie to make your own opinion! And my advice to anyone who sees it is simply not to expect too much, and certainly if you've been following Brian Yuzna's work before watching this, just don't expect it to be as jam packed full of great exhilarating ideas from start to finish like the majority of his other films! If you keep your expectations low to begin with, you might find yourself enjoying it for what it is! I'll let you decide!
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