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Grace Is Gone (2007)
Great Sense of Loss
21 October 2007
I get the feeling that people who do not like this movie wanted some large seen where John Cusack's character tells what he is thinking. I'm confused at this. If we wanted to watch movies where characters laid out their thoughts verbatim we wouldn't have an opportunity to infer our own emotions on the situation. I would have been upset if this filmed decided to tackle the issue of war instead of the issue of how modern loss can effect us. This is a film about being put on pause. When we are shaken out of our sense of normalcy how do we cope. In this case, how do you explain the loss you cannot comprehend to your children. I think that this film is powerful in it's absent of the affectation of the outside world. You have a man who insulates himself from the events and in that case you have something a lot more honest. If the film had chosen to attack those issues i think the depth of loss would have been shattered. This isn't an anti-war nor pro-war film. I think that if you go in expecting that you will dislike immensely. This is a film about normalcy and our failure to cope. I think it works. I think wanting it to do something it isn't trying to do is an incorrect way to view this film.
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Sin City (2005)
Cringe City
13 April 2005
What a complete and utter bore of a movie. I cannot believe that the fan boys/girls are so entrenched in the idolatry of the graphic novels that they cannot admit that this movie is a mess. It is completely disjointed. What works in a graphic novel does not work on film. I have read all of the graphic novels of Sin City and found that my imagination went along way in making them work. What was put on screen was tiring and tired. How many stories of a man seeking revenge of the scorn of a woman can one watch? This was one retread after another and made the film way too long. How many toilet bowl dunking scenes does a film need to show its lack of creativity. I admit the film looks really neat, but gloss does not equal substance and this film has zero depth. This movie is rife with horrible dialogue. "I tied those ropes myself it's my specialty." Cheeeeeeeeese!!! What the hell was with the woman in the zorro costume? I know it is in the books, but she looked so utterly silly. Every time she showed up on screen the theater lost it. This is going down as one of the biggest disappointments I've seen on screen. This is a movie without heart and is so loyal it trips all over its own self. Lastly, for a film drenched in gratuitous sex and violence I find it highly amusing that the star attraction at the local "strip" club is a girl doing rope tricks. That is quite possibly the lamest choice of directing I've ever seen. If the actress doesn't want to get naked for the stripper role get another actress. I don't care how hot Jessica Alba is, that is lame.
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