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King of the Ring (2001 TV Special)
29 November 2001
This was an excellent PPV that sent a lot of careers going up and reestablished a lot of guys status as legends.

Kurt Angle-This guy is your olympic hero mine "Oh Its True Its True" but after watching him in this ppv he became one of my favorites, he was able to face two rising superstars in Christian and Edge(see below) and then if that isn't enough he was able to go through one of the most brutal matches i've ever seen in the street fight with Shane O' Mac. What a night by our olympic gold medalist, he deserved to be WWF champ for a lot longer than 2 weeks.

Edge-What a performer, if this guy doesn't have a serious run at the WWF title within 3 years there is something wrong with the WWF creative team. Not only was he able to put on a great match against another rising talent in Rhyno, but than able to put a stellar performance against Kurt Angle(see above). He is very well deserving of the title King of the Ring. He will also be well deserving of the WWF title within he next few years.

DDP-What a treat it was to see this great wrestler, who was rotting away for years in the old WCW, finally get a chance to shine in the WWF. What a good job by the WWF creative team to reveal that the man stalking the Undertakers wife Sara for weeks was this man was none other than the King of Bada Bing. Keep giving him angles like this and he will definitly be someone to keep an eye on in the coming years.

Booker T- What a way to come in, attacking the WWF champion Stone Cold Steve Austin during the main event. This man may be the most underrated performer in all of wrestling. Although his appearance in this show was brief it had a huge impact on the entire show. Look for more great things from this man real soon.

Shane McMahon-Wow this kid is crazy. Why does he do it he's a billionaire. The street fight with him and Kurt Angle ranks right up there with Rock-Mankind Royal Rumble 1999 "I Quit" match in terms of brutality. Shane never ceases to amaze with the bumps that he is willing to take in order to make his matches the best they can be.

All in all this was an awesome PPV, if not for anything buy it for the Shane-Kurt street fight that was brutal, as well as the PPV debuts of WCW stars DDP and Booker T, what a good show!!!!
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WWF Rock Bottom: In Your House (1998 TV Special)
28 November 2001
Not a bad PPV altogether, the buried alive match with the Undertaker and Austin was one to be remembered and The Rock-Mankind was the first match in many of a great rivalry. The moment of the show though was where Debra was forced by HBK to remove all her clothing and strip down to her little tiny bra and thong, thats when Debra used to do cool stuff like that. All in all a decent ppv would recommend buying it.
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True Romance (1993)
A Classic
28 November 2001
A definite future classic, the acting is great, features many before they were stars roles for actors like Tony Soprano James Gandolfini, Tom Sizemore and Samuel L. Jackson. The scene between Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper is legendary, and the acting of Gary Oldman is nothing short of spectacular, that combined with the two main characters Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette combines for an instant classic.
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