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Best Documentary on the DVD set
10 October 2005
On the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 1, there were many fine documentaries. Well I found this one to be the best. It tells the story Of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies origin from start to finish. It was also a lot longer than the other documentaries so you could learn more. WB did a good job putting this together. There was a lot of archive footage of Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng and other greats. Many pictures I had never seen before were also there. There were lots of short segments on many people that usually are not given the recognition they deserve such as Bob McKimson and Frank Tashlin. Stan Freeberg did a fine job narrating this documentary. The special is great and is certainly worth your time.
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The Good Guys (1968–1970)
very funny series I wish I could see more of it
6 July 2005
I think anything with Bob Denver is great and when I had the opportunity to see this rare series I was very happy. I was not expecting much from it when I saw it, but it was very funny. I watched four episodes including one with Alan Hale Jr. I wish that this series would air on TV because it really could have the chance to catch one even if it has not been seen in 35 years and that many people have never heard of it. I like the connection between Bob Denver and Herb Edelman. The jokes were funny and original and they are still funny even if you were not around in the late 60's. I just wish more people could have the chance to see this because I know a lot of people would like this. Its funny show with family values and could fit in with any audience.
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Injun Trouble (1969)
very funny final WB cartoon
1 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen the full version of this unaired on television cartoon online and I must say that it had some funny parts. Cool Cat is no Bugs Bunny but I still enjoyed it. Cool Cat is riding in a dune buggy when an Indian is yelling. Indians always yell like that when they are mad. We encounter and Indian using a type writer to do a smoke signal. and we see other Indians doing modern things. Cool Cat makes it into a western town and sees a doctor who is a horse. (You get it, he's a horse doctor) Also Cool Cat goes into a bar and orders Root Beer. A big guy plays cards with him and all he has are two two's, and oh yeah a gun. With that Cool Cat cuts himself out of the picture. Robert McKimson did a good ob with this final Warner Bros theatrical short. If you have a chance to see it you should because of all the short little jokes in it.
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Cartoon Alley (2004–2007)
features some of the best shorts around
31 March 2005
I don't get the Boomerang channel so this weekend collection of shorts is my only chance to see some of the animation worlds best cartoons. Each month the host Ben Mankiewicz talks about three cartoons connecting with a common theme. Some of the cartoons featured are from the early 1930's. I believe that the shorts featured are uncut and unedited. Another bonus to this series is that it is commercial free. The cartoons featured are directed by some of the best including Tex Avery and Rudolph Ising. The show does not just feature MGM or Warner Bros cartoons it features a great mixture of both of them. Some shorts already featured include "Hollywood Steps Out" and "The Cat Concerto". The only problem with this show is that it comes on only once a month. I wish it would come on every Saturday morning.
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It was alright
16 October 2004
I saw this special after watching most of the 48 hour marathon of The Brady Bunch and was some what pleased with it. I liked that they were all together but, they should have had Ann B Davis and Sherwood Schwartz for the whole thing. Instead of having Jenny McCarthy as host they should have had Sherwood Schwartz hosting it. They could have also had Allan Melvin (Sam the butcher) on it. They way they presented it was good though. I am glad that TV Land used clips of the Brady Bunch. TV Land could have done a longer dedication to Robert Reed as well, but at least they did one. This special was not terrible it just might have been better if it was longer. I am glad they did something for the 35th anniversary of The Brady Bunch. TV Land is doing good with having original specials they are just airing them to many times a week. These specials are taking the place of classic shows. 8/10 Stars.
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The 2nd Annual TV Land Awards (2004 TV Special)
many more years to come
1 June 2004
This was the second of TV Lands awards shows. This year they seemed better prepared. There was the Andy Griffith show reunion, and the Gilligan's Island and Mary Tyler Moore reunion. The Sex and The City spoof was not as funny as Living With Arnold Jackson from the year before. Some of the awards were repeats like best supper hero and best dual role character. It was also nice that they did a tribute to John Ritter. It was not seeing the cast of a lot of the shows. TV Land aired a bit to many times after it aired the first time. They should just put it on DVD, but over all they are on the right track to having better awards shows every year. They kept with the theme song opening as they did on the first TV Land awards and they had Max Baer and Donna Douglas but that's all they were in they should have presented and award together.
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My Brother and Me (1994–1995)
Good Show
9 November 2002
This is one of Nickelodeons Best and Finest shows. Dee Dee and Alfie were Hilarous The Episode guide at TV Tome has all 13 episodes listed I rember every episode because they were all so good. Nickelodeon did not Know what they were doing when they cancled this wonderful show.
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