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The Wolverine (2013)
This is "The Wolverine" I Was Waiting For
13 August 2013
The Wolverine totally surprises me (in the good way). From what I saw in the trailer I'm pretty sure this gonna suck but after giving it a try I glad I did went to see it. They truly revive the franchise and now it is so much joy watching it.

I love the story. They connect it well with the previous movies without trying too hard. What best was they decide to concentrate on develop a better story and does so by developing each character and overloading it with zillion mutant. It is basically 2 hours of fun and action and despite it is PG13 it is ain't soft.

In-fact there is very little characters in the movie. The casting was not bad and the acting was better and well suited than some Hollywood big name that was in previous installment. Hugh is at his top physical form, Tao Okamoto as Mariko is just stunning!! Truly gorgeous!! And despite it is her first movie she did a magnificent job. Other characters are also suited well too.

The action sequences and the fighting moves are just awesome. Add to that the change of location to the beautiful scenery of Japan really help the movie from looking very cliché.

All in all I love the movie. This is just the Wolverine I was waiting for. Can't wait for the unrated version that they going to release on the DVD - will definitely adding that into my collection. Highly recommended while it is still in the theatre.

Rating: 8
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Highly recommended
12 August 2013
This is nothing short of Monster Inc.; I love it through and through. Yes, the story is not fresh like the first movie but it is still great with a very good connection between the two. Seriously, this movie is so much fun.

I love the story – it is about friendship, competition, getting to know oneself, teamwork and so on; very much suitable for kids, as well as pretty fun for adult too. There are quite a lot of funny scene and a lot of cute characters too.

I love the creativity and how they connect the two movies. Plus with so many characters you will enjoy it even more (somehow they managed to give perfect screen time to each character).

So that is it. I love it and I highly recommend people see it while it is still on the big screen. It is fun, great animation, cute, good story, and really funny.

Rating: 8/10
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Lockout (2012)
Don't Think I Will Ever Watch This Again
8 August 2013
I didn't quite know what to expect from this movie. The trailer looks very promising so I decide to watch it. In the end it is nothing more than a B grade action movie that is very well made with utterly rubbish screenplay.

Not kidding when I say that the story is like the work of the undergraduate film student. It just plane predictable, boring, weak and full of clichéd dialogue, the whole thing is just not working out. The characters were also one dimensional and unbelievable. (Never know that prisoner in the maximum speak are so mild manner between each other?)

Anyway it wasn't all bad. The look and feel of the movie is very good. The casting is awesome. Actually the reason I watch was for Guy Pearce. But this character does him no justice. Everyone else is so-so.

In the end I decide to watch something else before coming back to finish it the next day. It wasn't good and it was not that entertaining. The writing is just really bad.

Verdict: Don't think I will ever watch this again.
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You get what you expect, maybe more
4 July 2013
I will keep this short as I'm one of many who enjoy this movie through and through. I will say it right here in the first paragraph that I highly recommend it. It is highly entertaining with good substance and well written story. There are still some down part but overall it is just truly --- "awesome".

Like most Tarantino movies the story is well written, rich in character and every second it can surprise you. Truly deserve its Oscar for best screenplay. My only complaint was "the third act" it started to get a bit playful and out of place (when Tarantino make a cameo). Still I enjoy it thoroughly.

The best part was the casting and acting. I read that Will Smith was actually the first choice but Jamie Foxx really nails it. I like him here so do the character of Christoph Waltz as Dr. King Schultz.

Overall - I love it. I need not say how the production is because it is good (simple as that) and very creative. High in action/ not that gore (easy on the eye)/ well written/ well act, nothing more could I ask for.

Rating: 8.5 /10
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World War Z (2013)
Decent Flick from Brad Pitt
24 June 2013
Decent, is what describe best for me for this movie. It is fun to watch and it has many suspenseful sequences and very fast pace story. Problem was once you saw it - it pretty much "ordinary".

Well I can understand if people were disappointed. After all it is one of the most anticipated films of 2013 and for the past 2 years they have been giving glimpse of the movie. But it turn out to be "so-so".

I think the whole Rated PG 13 destroy almost everything. Zombie movie with no bloodshed, who the hell think that? It turns into very mildly violence movie for kids. And while there is no violence they also decide to rewrite the story that everyone can understand. I heard that it was so different from the book that Max Brooks (Novelist) don't want to involve with the movie.

Anyway it wasn't all negative. The movie is extremely suspenseful and if you don't expect anything at all it can be fun and a great time passer. While Brad still look great and give a decent acting everyone else was flat.The fighting sequences though not very grand as hope but still very much fun from start to end.

I still do recommend it but don't have a high hope and you might actually enjoy this movie.

Rating: 6/10
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20 June 2013
Even with no expectation this still didn't quite live up to anything at all. None the less it is still mildly entertaining and pretty well made. Good for the boring afternoon that you have nothing to watch.

This is the retelling of the children classic book Hansel and Gretel and makes it darker for the adult viewer. I must say the story is pretty decent and not at all complicated. There is a good enough background story with loads of action sequences.

Well that got to be the best part of this movie because action is almost non-stop and the fact that it is rated "R" killing and slaying is delivered all the time.

The casting of Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Bond's girl Gemma Arterton is probably the smartest move. I suppose this really drawn in many viewers (including myself) - Gemma Arterton really looks good here.

The set is very small but they did a good job here (thought many scene look very setup). Overall the movie is good for the first time viewer. It is not all bad. Worth a try out.
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Flight (I) (2012)
Trust no trailer, this is a good serious drama on alcoholism
16 June 2013
There are so many reasons why I wanted to watch this movie – first it is directed by R. Zemeckis, second it is starring Denzel Washington and third the trailer look pretty cool. And as usual R. Zemeckis's live action film never a disappointment though it might not be for everyone since the trailer is misleading and you end up expecting something else.

Flight is about an alcoholic pilot who saves hundreds of live when his plane went malfunctioned. Though dubbed as "hero" he is being after by the National Transportation Safety Board as they suspected him of his intoxication that led to plane clash.

This is a drama of a man abused by alcoholism and how it affected his life. Not a thriller of CIA chasing around people trying cover-up plane clash. The story itself is pretty much slow but very well written (though a bit overlong).

But it was actually Denzel performance that truly brings out the best of this movie and so is the rest of the cast. It is good to see a good old fashion movie rely on great acting, good script and great direction. It is really that good.

Overall it was a good movie, very well done. But sadly it is not really the kind of movie you going to re-watch it again and again. A good film that you hardly watch it again like Sleeper / Seven years in Tibet/ Gandhi/ Master and Commander/ The way back etc. (I hope you understand what I meant)

Recommendation: Worth a try

Rating: 7/10
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Man of Steel (2013)
Better Than Most Superman
14 June 2013
This time Superman get the real reboot with real director and production team, and because it was made in the twenty-first century the word "reboot" mean that it has to pack with - shaky cam shot/ loud noises/ never stop action sequences/ a lot of CGI/ and choppy editing. It has it all except trying to write a better screenplay. Never the less the movie is still is fun to watch and the kid will love it.

Don't want to get into much detail of the origin of Superman because more or less people already knew it. The story itself has great potential but somehow they didn't manage to put that well into the screenplay and all you have is a much underdeveloped characters and many scenes skip too fast that you hardly feel for the character.

I must say the casting of Henry Cavill is superb. This role serves him well and he did a good job with it (A lot better than that pretty face in Superman Returns). Michael Shannon as General Zod and Russell Crowe as Jor-El was acceptable, but other than that was just not good enough. Even Amy Adams – she look so old and sloppy here (her character is so dreadful).

The reason I went to see this movie was it is directed by Zack Snyder. I enjoy most of his work. And this Superman was leaning toward the good side (though not by much). What he did here was pretty good – cool villains with cool armor/ better Superman outfit / high amount of action to enjoy/ and great casting of a real looking Super of a man.

Anyway I don't think this really add anything new to the franchise. If you have seen Smallville or other superman you probably have already seen it only this time it was a much better production. I think it will do great once it come out in DVD cause it doesn't matter if you see this or not.

Rating: 7/10
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Nice movie; Lack "Wow" factors
12 June 2013
The experience was great, it was fun/ heartwarming/ humorous at time/ and well written and executed. Yet for me it still lacks that "wow" factor of many great movies. And at the end by a week or two I cannot quite remember or care about it anymore.

I thought the movie was written really well but it was the actor's performances that really bring out the best out of this movie. The story of a man with mental illness tries to get back his life by trying to reconcile with his ex-wife. Things change when he met mysterious girl – Tiffany.

I thought Brad performance as a mental patient was really good, much better than I give him credit for all this time. I thought he was even better than Jennifer Lawrence whom also did a remarkable job here (though not really an Oscar worthy). What they both did as for the rest of the cast is what really save this movie from going straight to DVD kind of movie.

Apart from good cast/ great performance and well written lines and story I can't really pinpoint anything else that standout. It was fun to watch the first time, but somehow I don't quite crave for more of it. At the end it is just another good romcom.

Recommendation: Worth rental, see if you will like it because I don't really see anyone will watch it repeatedly.

Rating: 7/10
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Iron Man 3 (2013)
Good fun, but add absolutely nothing new to the franchise
10 June 2013
This felt more like a new episode of the Iron Man franchise because what you see here is what have already seen before (only with different villain). But none the less it is still is fun movie to watch.

This time around Stark dealt with his personal health, his love for a girl, his obsession with the suit while trying to save the world. Like I said, this has been told since the first Iron Man. So what was the different between this and its predecessor: almost none (maybe a little darker and more serious – and that's good)

The main reason why I went to see this was for the fact that they casted Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce, I love both of them. They did a nice job as a villain, only wish they have a cooler role and not Mandarin. This character is a little too comical.

The good thing about this movie is they able to maintain good sense of humor/ more screen time for Gwyneth Paltrow/ very stylish / and more or less nonstop action scenes. Plus the scene where Tony stuck in a small town with a little kid who help him pick himself up add a little different to the series

Anyway I do recommend this movie (especially for dull Saturday evening with your kids). It is still is fun movie to watch despite the story get a little stale.

Rating: 6 /10
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Like Watching Indian Action Movie
9 June 2013
I think this movie has met with its objective – a good popcorn movie. It was fun/ fast/ loud/and stylish. If you are looking for those things you will love this movie. If you look for story then look elsewhere.

This movie is no longer related much to cars and engines like its predecessor but rather concentrated in action/ gun fight/ bombing. Through there are many cars chasing scenes it not really about the car anymore. (Don't they like assemble car anymore? all they do is went out to buy one)

While the movie was really fun to watch many things that went on in here are just pure ridiculous that it turn to be so funny. It reminds me of watching Indian movie that no matter how beaten up or shot at - the guy is all he seem to get little bleeding at the side of his mouth. He is untouchable!!! And in the end anything will be alright. Even the dead are now undead (remind me the like of American soap opera like The Bold and the Beautiful)

Another good thing about this movie is the set, it is freakishly huge!!! Involve the use of tank/plane/bike and so on. It is fun to watch that they don't seem to hold back the budget and bring about everything that they wish to get.

Anyway while they did managed to make a really fun movie to watch the story and how unrealistic everything is just pure ridiculous. I recommended if you want to watch a mindless fast pace action movie.

Rating: 5 /10
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Oblivion (I) (2013)
Not Really Satisfy With It.
22 April 2013
The main reason I went to see this movie was because of Joseph Kosinski and what he has done with Tron: Legacy (that movie was awesome by the way!!). This movie has potential to become really good but I think because of its story that lack substance it bring the whole thing down.

This movie is more like a sci fi/ drama rather than sci fi/action that we mostly get nowadays but never the less there are still some action to enjoy. Yes, only some (very few to be precise).

The story of a man left on the ruined earth with only one mission: to extract Earth's remaining resources and repair driod. Sound fun? Yes it is. But sitting in the theatre for one full hour watching Tom Cruise repair droid ain't much of a fun (it will come to the point when you will thinking to yourself – "will there be anything happen in this movie?)

The second part of the movie is when most stuff happen, when things get more interesting and clues start reveling and action start happening. Everything squeezes into this one hour that you hardly get to know and feel for the movie. I don't think I even get the name of Morgan Freeman.

Anyway apart from the story everything is not bad. It got brilliant direction, acting (by Tom Cruise), CGI, music and the tone of the movie. But with weird choppy dialogue and the story that has been told a million times in other movie - this left me totally unsatisfied with this movie.

If this wasn't for Tom Cruise and good CGI I think this movie going to fail.

My recommendation: Worth a rental!!

Rating: 5/10
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Like a tiger without its claw
16 November 2012
At first I didn't believe other reviewer. How bad can it be as I was thinking to myself. Well, now they can count me in. This movie is a total mess!! I think this is one of the most disappointing movies of the year.

Synopsis: After being attack by the UFO, a group of cowboys are after the alien in search of rescue their love one that the alien took.

It all starts with the script that is a total mess. The story itself has a potential to be a decent action movie instead they opted for something 5 years old could watch and has omitted everything good for fear that it might scare children. Like a tiger without its claw, this movie is no fun. The dialogue is just weird (No way cowboy speak this way), and everyone talk, walk and moving about without any passion. There is no character development at all. The story is just unacceptable - almost seem like 12 years old wrote it. Seriously this is written by 7 screen writer? Really disappointed with Jon Favreau. His movie till date has been more or less watchable and more or less entertaining. But this is just bad. Like he never read the script before he did this movie.

I think the casting was the main attraction for this movie. They somehow managed to get many A lister to be in this movie. All of them fail. Don't want to get into detail, but with so ridiculous character even A list seem like an amateur. Harrison Ford character is just sad!!! He was beyond awful.

Overall the only good thing about this movie is its very catchy name. Yeah that is about it. The movie runs for almost 2 hours and they can't even put in anything good into it.

Recommendation: skip it. seriously!! Rating: 3/10
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Prometheus (I) (2012)
Visually Extravaganza but Ordinary Story brings the whole movie down.
16 November 2012
I think people are too harsh on this movie. All I read was negative review after one another. It was so bad that I decide not to watch this movie. Several months went by I decide to give a try, after all it was Ridley Scott's film. I glad I decide to watch because I really enjoying this movie. Maybe because of the very low expectation but I truly enjoy it.

Synopsis: A team of explorer travels the universe in search of the "Engineer" the creator of human to ask them the meaning and origins of mankind. The journey turn fearful as the answer they seek is about to reveal.

I thought it was a great idea to mix sci-fi with mythology and they managed to do that very well. I also like the way it slowly link itself to the Alien movies. The main problem was the lack of character development and the suspense that were there in its predecessor. I suppose that was the thing that people are most disappointed about. Not just only that most characters are so underdeveloped to the point that you don't feel for them whatever what happen to them; but also some of the scene are quite impractical and plain out silly.

Now despite all that, even if you don't know if it was Ridley's film you will know that this is not an ordinary film. The art and craft are clearly showed this is not an ordinary direction because the visual, the direction and the production was stunning; and this cannot be don't if you don't have years of experience. Visually the CGI are just breath taking (especially the opening credit) As for the cast I thought they did a very decent job. Fassbender as an android steal the whole show and is by far the best actor. Noomi Rapace also did a pretty good job too. Apart from these two people I hardly see any reason for other character particularly Guy Pearce who appear for like 2 minutes and the other appear here and there briefly.

I enjoy the whole film and wish it was a little longer. Yes, the story was not good it wasn't a real mess; it is still watchable and pretty much enjoyable if your expectation was very low.

Rating: 7/10
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The Town (2010)
Good But Not Great
9 November 2012
Despite many positive reviews by fellow movie lover which lead me to watch this, I rather find this film a mediocre at its best.

Synopsis: A robber fell in love with the bank he just robbed while at the same time tried to distance himself from the crime business and the rest of the gang.

The story is nothing new that we haven't already seen or heard. And this movie makes sure it stays that way. You can very much predict from scene to scene what going to happen next who die and who lives, but despite from that it is still mildly entertaining that two and the half hours went by quite fast with decent amount of action sequences.

The casting was alright though for me not a single person was really stood out in their performance. Only two days went by and I hardly think about those characters and the movie anymore. I don't even understand how Jeremy got the nod from the Oscar, he hardly has any screen time and his performance was hardly remembering (despite the fact I watch the unedited DVD).

As for the direction and everything else was also very ordinary. Ben tell good story but he has no artistic vision. Everything was very straight forward, man shoot a man, man kill a man, man love a women etc. Everything else is just bland.

All in all it is another ordinary movie. I can't really understand why people find it to be very good drama/heist movie, to the point that they even compare it to HEAT. This film is not even close to HEAT and I don't think I will likely watch this again anytime soon.

Recommendation: Sure, you might it more than I do. Worth a rent!! Rating: 6.5/10
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Kick-Ass (2010)
The Most Fun Movie Experience In Superheroes Genes.
30 November 2011
One of the most satisfying action movies I have seen in a very long time, so good that I actually forgot what other movies I have seen recently.

Synopsis: Dave is a typical high school comic book nerd who one day decides to become a super hero, even though he has no powers. Things never go right from the start and only got worse when he got intertwine with the mafia who is out to kill him.

What I love about this movie was it bases its story on reality. There are no super power, no nothing – just a simple geek pretend to be a super hero and basically everything that would happen if one pretends they are a superhero.

Kick-Ass might not be the most original movie but it is among the best executed superhero movie ever created. I think the R rated really help bringing out the best of its story because it is so intelligence and so violent it is satisfying to watch (really tired to see this PG13 superhero movie).

Anyway the casting got to be one of the highlight of the movie with the Hit Girl came out as the most lovable character with her sharp witted sarcasm and her ability to kill. By the end you seriously want more of her. Nic Cage did seriously surprise me here – Big Daddy totally rock! His solo fight got to be one of the best action sequences (Which later topple by a scene by Hit Girl save Big Daddy Scene). Dave (aka Kick-Ass) is one of the most realistic superhero. He is courageous but also very fragile.

The movie also comes in with brilliant score and music that fitted perfectly with the mood and tone of the movie especially during the action sequences. I guess it is the good thing when the studio decides someone with great vision do the movie. Matthew Vaughn really turning himself into one of the most sought after director in Hollywood.

Overall the movie fulfills my every expectation. One of the very few action movies that managed to do almost everything right. Totally fell in love with it.

Recommendation: Yes, Get yourself a BlueRay !!

Rating: A

* Give it a 9/10 for too open ending.
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Thor (2011)
Mildly Entertaining; Nothing Wow About It
23 November 2011
Out of so many super hero movies that have been released quite lately I somehow find this to be pretty much the most ordinary of all - Very ordinary. Almost nothing here really entertain me. The flick felt empty without proper villain and without anything that is a major wow factor (scenes) to hold my interest too.

I have never really care about character Thor in those Mythology stories since his stories has always seem so complicated to care about when I was a little boy, plus I don't really like his power that much –A Hammers with super strength? I never find it to be a "cool" superpower.

Anyway I don't think those things have that much influence on my thought on the movie. The movie itself does have a solid script and storyline but it still lack many things, as I have mention earlier. There is nothing really to hold on to the movie. Sure they got A. Hopkins, N. Portman, C. Hemsworth and that is a brilliant cast but there are no captivate scene. I almost had forgotten this movie just two week earlier.

Otherwise almost all the stuff is great; the actors did pretty decent jobs for their role. The CGI is brilliant and the wardrobe is quite stunning. But the lack of action sequence make this movie seem much slower than it should be. The Destroyer is absolutely stunning, though it only appear for like 3-5 mins.

Recommendation: Yes, it is still mildly entertainment. Kids will enjoy it.

Rating: 6/10 (Grade: C)
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Super 8 (2011)
Not Really Super
22 November 2011
I really try to like this movie because it was directed by JJ Abrams and I like his movies and all the stuff he produces, but this time I still can't help but feel barely disappointed.

Synopsis: Unexplained events occurred in the small town after the train crash incident while a group of friend accidentally tapes the whole occurrence.

I was expecting a whole lot more from this. But the story itself was very shallow and is the major letdown though I still think it is a great production. But in my account - the story itself count for more than 50% of greatness in movie, that is why I'm so disappointed.

The story become very cliché after a while and by the time you met the reason of all the mystery you will end up feeling disappointed especially if you have seen Cloverfield. But in Cloverfield it was new at that time. This is like a repetition but a kiddo version. Even though it was suppose to be like friends bonding and all; I don't really feel connected with the characters.

The casting and acting was in fact brilliant considering they are very young and new to the industry. Especially Elle Fanning, she was awesome. The rest of the cast also did the good job, but with the limited screen time they are the one we don't care.

The set look great and have this mystifying experience. The mood and tone is very well delivered and cleverly shot with absolutely great lighting.

Overall, the movie is still very much entertaining but wasn't living up to the expectation. I still think this will be really enjoyed by kids of age 7-15, or grownup that already have kids.

Recommendation: Still - Yes, Have Low Expectation And You Might Enjoy It.

Rating: 6/10 (Grade: C+)
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21 November 2011
For some odd reason I find myself really liking this movie and it does put the joy in me every time I watch it even though there hardly any substance in the movie. This will not be enjoyed by everyone but for me it is a great time passer.

The name of the flick (in Thai) already implies that this is a love triangle movie. What different from most movie was it was film in the beautiful country of Vietnam and the funny situation occurs when two girls - one with impaired hearing and the other with sight problem misunderstood that the guy is falling for them.

This is like "See No Evil, Hear No Evil" though they are not completely blind and deaf, and no one is killed in the movie but to give you the idea. Though they are not really a laugh out loud kind of film there are some moments that always make me smile. The best part was it keeps a pretty good pace and thus making it a present movie experience. (Though I wish they gave us a better ending).

The casting might be the highlight of this movie because they are all suited they role and very believable characters. Thua Kiao was the most realistic character and the actor nails it, he walk, talk and act exactly like one of my friend so it kinda remind me of him. The two leading actress was present watch – they are pretty cute and some of the expression they make is lovable. All in all I think they managed to get the character right.

Beautiful scenery of Laos and Vietnam also added something different since not many movies has a chance to go and film the movie there. Another great thing about this movie is the Thai music that accompanies each part of the journey.

All in all I don't really find anything much happen in the movie but some of the situations are quite funny. Added to my love for travelling this movie therefore make me wanted to pack my bag and head off in the caravan to Vietnam just like the one in this movie.

Recommendation: Will Not Be Like By Everyone But I Still Recommend It; Rent It First See if You Still Like It Or Not.

Rating: 7/10 (Grade: B-)
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SuckSeed (2011)
My Guilty Pleasure
21 November 2011
Its been quite sometime since I last saw Thai movie cause more than half the time it end up very much disappointing. The good thing was not this time, this time I felt great. The movie left me with this really good heartwarming friendship bonding kind of feeling and by the end the movie it managed to make me laugh, weep, and enjoying myself through and through.

Synopsis: Like most teenage boys Ped and Koong, the two best friends decide to form a band. The problem was they suck. So they decide to recruit Ex - a drummer and Earn a guitarist. Things when haywire when Koong started to fell for Earn who was Ped secret childhood crush.

I must say there is nothing new in this movie. It is the story that has been told like a thousand times but something was different this time. There is a good balance in the substance and it has been executed pretty good. The story might be a little childish when compare to Western culture but it is more or less accurate to the Asian culture. I love the fact that they managed to entertain me for over two hours without forcing sex into the movie like most teen movie do. This one is about friendship.

I love the casting, it is one of the best thing that GTH production can do and most of the time they always able to nail in this department. All the four characters are likable; the best part was they all have enough screen time for us to feel for them. I must say the group work out a whole lot better than I expected. Plus Earn is so freaking cute.

Their acting might be dub as unacceptable if compare to Hollywood but I somehow don't really get distracted by it. I even love some of the expression and some of the scene they acted even it seem by force.

When it comes to the technical stuff, Thai movie is nothing to really speak of – it is very ordinary. But since it is Chayanop first feature films I say do is doing just fine.

Another thing that can't be left out is the music accompanying this movie. It is a great combination of Thai rock music. Each song define how each characters feeling which sadly for those who doesn't understand Thai might not enjoy it as much as one should be.

Overall I love this movie and will definitely be adding this to my DVD collection.

Recommendation: I highly recommend this movie to anyone that below 35. You will love it if you're a teenager.

Rating: 7.5/10 (Grade: B)
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Depressingly Awful (I Wish There Are Better Words To Describe How Awful This Is)
6 November 2011
Out of thousand of movies I have seen and hundreds I have review, I seriously wanted people to listen to me this time, as this is one of the most indescribable hurtful movie experience I have ever countered. It is also probably the most pointless, torture, retarded and a real waste of time. Having seen it it left me full of angry and rage as to how I wasted my time watching this turd throughout?

This thing has no story (I don't even want to call it a movie). Oh my god… I have seen a lot of film student written something that has more substance and constructed than this. For crying out loud - porno has more storyline than this.

There is absolutely no entertainment --- you don't feel anything for any character, you just simply don't care at all. After 20mins I thought I'm going to see something more but nothing ever came. NOTHING!

My reason to watch this movie was Mads Mikkelsen, I think he is a pretty decent actor, plus there are quite lots of good reviews on IMDb; But it turnout to be one of the worst movie watching experience I had in decades. My other worst seem at least a little bit more bearable now comparing to this.

Everything about this movie is just plain WRONG! There is no storyline; the direction has absolute no vision (even worse than some of fist time film student tryout film); the editing is abrupt (really horrible); score is probably taken from some 80s' horror film.And the film got this vibe that it was made on $50000 budget. The saddest part was the director making himself believing that he is making some kind of artistically beautiful movie but it a real complete opposite.

Don't want to sound like only I only complaining but there are some part that got it right like make up department. Here you get a lot of gruesome image like brain smashing, ripping guts out, and many more and it look pretty real. And some beautiful scenery, but other than that this film is just a real mess.

I wish I could just bash, bash and bash how horrible this film is but I guess everyone (director and all the cast) has done their best (plus it would have not sound professional of me to only bash it).

In the end – it is the film they you will just fast forward it endlessly wondering anything might came up but it will never came. It is the film that you want to punch the guy that recommended you to see it. It is the film that all they do was panning the camera left to right, right to left 3/4 of the movie without doing anything.

In the end: I wish I hadn't seen it!!!

Recommendation: No, Please No. And I really mean it this time.

Rating: 2/10 (Grade: Fail)
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Very Cliché Alien Movie
3 November 2011
When this movie first trailer came out it make everyone excited about it, including me (maybe also add to how bad Skyline was, people really wanted to wipe out bad taste in their mouth with this one.) Plus it got that guy - Aaron Eckhart in it and he is a pretty decent actor too. With so much hope it all crash us down when the story didn't even live up to the movie at all and in the end it fail quite badly.

Synopsis: Follow the lives of the group of US Marines as they struggle to save people and fight with the alien invasion.

I got the feeling they try to imitate something like ID4. But it ain't anything close – a lot is missing. The story was loose; there are no connection with character and its viewer, everything seems very cliché and in the end I didn't feel it add anything new in this genre.

The story like "War of the World" this movie was decided to follow the story on the small group of people. Despite they concentrated on small group of people they don't even do it that good. You don't feel for the character at all. The pace is uneven and the dialogue is cheesy and odd. Also many scene that is pointless. But despite all my complained the movie is mildly entertaining.

My other complains was the casting, almost none of them really fit the role. They all look misplace and not even perform that well.

The CGI is OK, nothing really stand out. But I think the sound effect is pretty cool, though not the soundtrack.

Recommendation: Anyway the movie is nothing new and you won't miss anything much if you haven't seen it. But if you still want to watch it don't expect anything much and you might actually find it pretty fun.

Rating: 5/10 (Grade: D)
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Ugly Americans (2010–2012)
Worth A Try
2 November 2011
Base my review from what I've seen in the first season, I must say I'm looking forward to the new season 2. I really enjoy this quirky little show, it really make a great time pass though not something I would look forward to in a week but it is still fun to watch.

Synopsis: Like the metaphor on the ugly side of the New Yorker.

I'm not sure how long they can carry on with this show but for now I think the show is new to watch (something that not very cliché) and with each episode despite all the entertainment you will get, you also got a lesson or two on the City Life. Plus you will never guess what going to happen next since everything is almost out of the blue. Most of the time this doesn't work but this time it is acceptable. The fast pace moving story add to the goodness of the series.

I also like the style of the cartoon and its vibrant colours. The drawing is weird but alright, I like it. And the voice does match well with the characters.

Overall try to watch pass couple of episode and if you still don't like it then you won't like it, but if you like it you will enjoy the rest of the season. Get some episodes to used to the show.

Recommendation: Yes, It was fun.

Rating: 7/10 (Grade: B-)
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Disappointment, But Wasn't Too Bad
1 November 2011
It's been over the decade since I saw the last Alien so I don't quite remember what going on in Alien3 but I guess it doesn't really matter since this movie took place 200 years later and there ain't much connection between the rests of Alien trilogy.

Synopsis: Ripley was raise back to life after 200 years of her death by the process of cloning; where the scientist decides to take revive Alien that was in her for experiment. Things don't stay as plan when they escaped while the Queen is breeding a new kind of alien.

Written by Joss Whedon, the guy who wrote Buffy, Firefly, Toys story and so on; this guy got his own fans – whatever he does or he touches turn into gold for them. Sadly it ain't me, I see movie for what it is. And despite the great potential in this movie – it fail.

I do not blame Joss for this failure since there seem to be quite a change in the script and how it was executed. But overall there ain't anything much in the storyline to hold on to. It was kinda lame and predictable storyline (maybe in 1997 it was awesome, but in 21st century it wasn't – it was dated). The only memorable scene might be the underwater fight (still, it last only few minutes).

What I suspect was there has been a great influence from the studio to change the feel of the movie (almost half of budget has been cut) and the story and production design has been change. The movie feels like an ordinary - man versus extraterrestrial movie and not an ALIEN movie. It is not much of a thriller ride anymore.

Anyway I don't get why they always give to the project to the unknown director (first it was James Cameron, and then it was David Fincher, now this - Jean-Pierre Jeunet). (James only did Terminator and Piranha) (David only did commercial before that) (Jean can't even speak English – maybe that is the reason he can't communicate with the rest of the crews and casts).

Overall the movie lacks the very ALIEN feel of the first three that very unique in its own way. This was very commercial. The story was weak and the execution wasn't very plane movie – nothing really stand out. Not even the newly hybrid Alien that suppose to be one of the most fearsome creature in the universe. It was disappointment.

Recommendation: Sure why not, it wasn't all bad if you have low expectation and not compares it to its predecessor.

Rating: 5/10 (Grade: C-)
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Paul (2011)
Highly Entertaining
24 October 2011
The difference between their previous two movies was I didn't read the review and so I didn't really have any expectation for this movie at all. I guess that is a very good thing because I can really enjoy this movie for what it really is and not because of Simon and Nick were in it.

The story about the two British sci-fi nerds (Graeme and Clive) sightseeing across United State to various UFO sighted spot, that until one night they encountered PAUL, an alien escape from an Area 51. Chase after by federal agents and couple hillbilly they must find their way to send PAUL home.

Yes, there is absolutely nothing new in the story; like watching the grownup version of ET: Extraterrestrial. Still I didn't quite bother much by that since I didn't see ET in ages. And I thought they did manage to write PAUL character very well – he is a very lovable character despite his slacker foul mouthed behavior. He is also pretty funny too.

I think the story is well pace and I don't really feel bored at all. Though not really many laugh-out-loud moment the movie was fun from the start to the very end.

Despite this is a Simon and Nick's movie but I think PAUL really steals the show here. He seems to be everywhere with his foul witted mouth. The bad part was I wish there should be more screen time for all the bad guys. Not much has been emphasis on it.

Overall I enjoy this movie throughout. It definitely work well especially if you watch it with your friends when you have nothing to do.

Recommendation: Yes, definitely worth a watch.

Rating: 7/10 (Grade: B-)
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