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Rock of Ages (2012)
Most fun I have had at movies in a Looooong Time
19 June 2012
I agree the singing is not the greatest as many people have pointed out - but this is the most fun I have had at the movies in a very long time!

Even then, the singing is pretty good and respect for all the cast to put out a great show!

I don't know why people are cribbing about the acting! It is supposed to be a parody! The acting is just alright for a parody and the film is funny at places.

The song and dance sequences are very well done and decently glitzy and fun so that you can enjoy it if you are in a theater with good sound.

I love most of the songs featured so I had a blast. If you love 80's rock music and are not too stuck up on the "quality" of singing - then you will really enjoy this movie.

Even for a parody, I was amazed at how sincerely all the actors played their parts - which makes it a very endearing film for me.
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Ristabbànna (2011)
A very endearing film
14 January 2012
I was a little apprehensive when I went for this film at the Pune International Film festival today - not able to find any material on this online and no reviews. However, I was very pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the 90 minutes that I spent watching the film.

The entire film is shot in Italy and the cinematography is excellent - pulling you into landscape. The film has been shot partly with the point of view of a young boy (with a handycam) and a point of view of an elderly gentleman and the director has done some really good work with the shots and narrative.

The film has some element of humour though might not be roll on the floor funny. In the end, the film might not stay with you forever - but is honest, endearing and a good way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

If you have watched "A Good Year" and enjoyed the setting and the atmosphere, you will enjoy this film as well. Kudos to the director and the entire cast for making this such a pleasant experience.
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In Time (2011)
Interesting concept, extremely poor execution
6 November 2011
Honestly, I went into the movie purely because the concept seemed interesting to me. The movie starts off well but loses the plot in the first 20 minutes or so.

The concept I agree is interesting and may probably become true - but the futuristic reality did not seem very probable and the movie lacks a lot of treatment (and acting skills from Justin Timberlake).

I was expecting a Minority Report kind of a film - but was highly disappointed. Whereas Minority Report was extremely well thought off with every little detail taken care of, it seems in this one - the director (who is also the writer) decided to wing it after finalising on the concept.

Overall, a very unsatisfactory film. I would have been satisfied even if the story was well laid out - but it felt like people were in a rush to get this over with.

The characters are extremely emotionless and even scenes in which people die, you don't feel sorry for them.

I would recommend people to stay away from this film if you are expecting any action, sense or treatment for the plot and use the money to watch something else.
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