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This is a worse sequel than highlander 2
5 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Never have i been so pained by a sequel. If it wasn't bad enough that the story had no point, the characters went nowhere and the violence was unrealistic ridiculous and not scary they had to constantly hark back to the original with the overplaying of the originals theme and the constant views of an empty London. when i seen the original these features made for a stylish and absorbing film but that might now be ruined. And Robert Carlyle was an absolute nightmare to watch and then to replace him with those two smelly kids who were even worse. I hope they just don't do any further harm with another sequel. i was really looking forward to this film
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my god
16 February 2007
i thought this was called the "the mysterious Disappearance of Kevin Johnson" it had a different cover on it when i seen it as well. words cannot describe how bad this film is which wouldn't be so bad except every review on the box touted it as a cinematic great. the documentary shooting style is unbelievably painful and boring, when it starts you assume it's only going to stay in the style for about ten minutes but it stays that way as far as i know for the whole film. I watched it in a large group and we were all excited to watch it because of the ratings but after an hour, for more than half of which i had to fight to keep it on despite finding every second absolute misery (i genuinely believed it must have had some merit - it didn't) we turned it off took it up to the second hand shop and sold it for 25p towards a new film.
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