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Kodocha (1996–1998)
15 February 2007
Does anyone know a site where I can watch the Kodocha series with English subtitles? Almost all the episodes are deleted from! Only number 1 and 2 are left! Please, anyone, answer! And if anyone know about any funny anime series, please tell me! I'm a anime fan=) Wohoo! I'm bored.. Please answer! I'm in a hurrrry! Must... Watch... Kodocha... NOW!... Just kidding:P But oblivious I have to write at least 10 lines of text, so I'm just messin' around. Sorry.. Don't read all of this... You really don't need to bother... I'm from Norway by the way! There's almost no manga here. All I've seen is Inuyasha and Love Hina... And some others I can't really remember... Thanks anyway.. Please answer about the 'where to watch anime series, especially Kodocha', or whatever I wrote :P Byebye
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