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Saw (2004)
Waste of film
2 November 2004
It takes a lot for me to write a review. I try to write reviews that are positive and critical. But, as you well know by now, I have nothing good to say about SAW. I have to say that this film ranks as one of the worst movies out there. I was paralyzed with fear....knowing someone agreed to finance this monster. This movie was 100% predictable. How can anyone be afraid when you know what's about to happen? Please don't get me started on the camera work. This movie is a sad reminder than many of these new directors spent their youth watching too much Mtv for inspiration rather than investing their time in watching films directed by talented individuals.

I would rather the audience spend their money renting "The Shining" or at least donating the eight dollars to a worthy cause.

If you want to be scared by new a recent film, I propose watching "The Others."

I am just one of many thousands who writes reviews on this wonderful website, and my opinion has no weight, but please believe me, this film will be a waste of your wonderful time.
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Frenzy (1972)
Did i see the same film everyone else saw?
14 June 2002
I don't understand how most of the comments on this film are positive. I enjoy most of Hitchcock's films, few indeed, and Frenzy is not one of them. Hitchcock throws, yet again, another one of his "man-caught- in-the -middle-of=something-he-can't-control" themes such as "North by Northwest" (which I did not enjoy) and "The 39 Steps." Frenzy has no memorable lines, and only the hallway shot is worthy of recall. Besides that, there was nothing compelling about any of the characters. It seemed to me that the detectives' wife was the only interesting person in this whole film. It could have been better, and according to the title awarded to Hitchcock as being "the master of suspense" it should have been better. Alas, it was disappointing. I recommend The Birds, Psycho, and Rope
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What you don't know, won't hurt you...
8 November 2001
A great documentary on a terrifying subject: Nuclear war and the lack of information of it. At times I found myself chuckling at some of the footage, sometimes I sang along to the tunes present in the film, yet, without a doubt, I was overtaken by fear. Fear of knowing that our government fed its citizens wrong information. It made me wonder what else the government is keeping from us? Will we see a documentary, fifty years from now, called Germ Cafe? I hope not. If you can, please watch this movie. There's enough dark comedy in this film to make it easy to watch. Without this element of humor, Atomic Cafe would be too depressing and nerve wrecking to view. Just remember to "Duck and Cover." A recommended film concerning this subject is "Dr. Strangelove, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb."
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Ranks among the top ten best horror films ever made
8 November 2001
I saw this film at the age of ten. I was sick and could not get out of bed. My dear mother decided to go to the store, and left me alone at home with the television on. Unfortunately for me, "Night of the Living Dead was playing, commercial free. since then, I have been a great admirer of this little, low budget, black and white, horror movie. Not that I admired the film the first time i saw it in my incapacitated state, but since then, I knew this movie was not for ten year old children. This film incorporates a documentary style element which adds much to the flavor. It starts to become real enough so that you gain the fears and anxieties of the characters. Few films like this are being made nowadays. Not even "BlairWitch Project" truly captures the element of fear from its characters as does "Living Dead." In my opinion, "Night of the Living Dead" is a masterpiece of film. It ranks among the top ten best horror films, and it should form the basis of inspiration to any one interested in a career in cinema.
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One of the best films of this genre
3 November 2001
The Invisible Man should rank among one of the best horror films of the 20th century. I was amazed at the special effects, even more when I think how computers and digital images for FX where but a dream in the 30's. Unlike most films today, where explosions and hurtling asteroids are ,perhaps, the main actors in film now, The Invisible Man relies on a great plot to counter the effects. This is a world where scientific discoveries and lust for power take hold of mankind. The absence of law and restraint disappear along with the man. This film, directed by James whale, allows for the viewer to compare and contrast Mr. Whale's other masterpiece, "Frankenstein." But one should also watch The Invisible Man as a powerful film of its own right.
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