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You always wondered.....
12 May 2008
You always wondered what those actors that guest starred on the Love Boat did with their time well now you know. They hung out with Doc and made a movie. I watched this with sheer guilty delight, the costumes the way people felt about marriage - the effects of the sexual revolution on said marriage it was all pure 70's (yet no one goes to a disco). I should have changed the channel - but in between watching Cybil flip her really long blonde hair and watching Chuck Woolery play tennis I was hooked until the very end. It was a joy to see Barbara Feldon - although confusing at times one day she seems to have the energy of 99 at the gym and a few days later jogging is not her thing (watch for the amount of workouts in this movie - at least everyone is fit) Not the best movie in the world but the love in the beginning is cute and funny and the love at the end...well you'll have to watch -
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Middle East Suspense
11 October 2007
This was a based on true story movie - and my husband and I enjoyed it - another find in the $1 bin at Wal-mart. As it says on the box it covers the kidnapping of Mr. Levin in the Middle East and his wife's attempts to free him.

This movie took many interesting twists and turns. It showed that even then we did not know how to deal with the threat of American's being kidnapped and how much danger we put reporters in to get close to the story. The only thing I was disappointed in was I would have liked a little more back history, on Sis's family (since she and her brother call each other Sis and Brother) and on how Sis and Jerry met. You see her deep love for her husband yet they both seem so different from one another.

On a side note it was interesting to see Marlo Thomas as a blonde.
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What an action Flick!!!
4 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I think that Franco sat down and thought - what haven't I done in life? I am best friends with the Gov' of CA - I have Mr. Universe, I have a good practice. But wait, I haven't gotten to slam a man's head in a fuzball game, I haven't gotten to drive over a car with a large piece of machinery, I haven't spent enough time with Frank Stallone, so I will make another movie!!

I am confused since the plot of the previous movie he made and this one sound so alike - but I haven't seen the other movie - I will watch the dollar bin for that one, since that is where I got this one.

I was a great way to spend an afternoon - (we had watched Pumping iron earlier in the week and thought it was Karma to find this movie in the WalMart bin)

It has the most interesting way of killing someone I have ever seen - Smash them - run them over - and toss them in the trash (literally) -

The beautiful landscapes - the blue skies - the mountains, that made it fun to watch - Franco is no Arnold - but it almost made it better.

If you figure out the plot any better though - please let me know - plus the ties to the Alive movie - was one just a re-do of the other? Because it seemed if they were the same that the senator would be meeting him for the first time - again - and should really watch his mistresses locations better. (I am going by the review of the 1995 flick)
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Laserhawk (1997)
Good Sci-Fi
10 May 2007
This was the best movie I have found in the Wal-mart DVD for a $1 bin. I expected a lot worse and was pleasantly surprised. The effects were pretty good, the plot was okay, most of it believable for a sci-fi plot, the acting was very even. (Mark Hamill didn't look like the teacher in drama class around a bunch of beginners)I hadn't seen most of the actors before but they did a nice job. (Minus the parents)

Not sure why I never heard of this movie when it came out. I wasn't in the cave then. So pull that spare change out of your couch and take a take a ride on the wild side. It all will be worth it.

On a scale of 1 to ten I rate Last Starfighter a 10.5 and Megaforce a 2 (but still love it) so a 7 isn't all that bad.
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