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Cringe-worthy and pointless. A big disappointment
25 February 2010
I've finally got around to watching this movie tonight - albeit with Spanish subtitles - and it truly is ghastly. I, like most of the other reviewers here, really enjoyed the first movie which had life and spark to it. This has none. Yes, there's lots of good looking naked male flesh around but if anyone wants that we all know where to look. The plot is tasteless, and - for me - the scene where Scott Thompson as Mr Wilson (dressed in a dog costume) mistakenly humps his own son, then follows a flurry of vomiting from him, his son and his son's love interest is beyond tasteless. This film is utterly charmless, inane, and I agree that watching paint dry is preferable. I hope that this sequel is just a glitch and a third film in the series will go for charm and not paint all us gays out to be butt-chasing, screaming queens.
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