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Circumstance (2011)
Could be better
2 December 2011
Honestly the first parts of the movie is not so fascinatingly as it should be, after a while it gets more deeper to the real situations in Iran. It doesn't say how Mehran really evolve to a point that he hurts his own family. What had been seen here from Mehran, I think comes from all Iranian women mind that they think men are evil. it wasn't explained why Ati wanted to stay. And "Dad"'s reactions to his son's works was unnatural. Now the good things are, that despite shortage of money and location, camera somehow gave the common viewer the feeling that, it is in fact in Iran (except one seen). Shireen played a really good Iranian girl, Also Ati's Mother played a very good Iranian mother. Director used so many no-face people which I can't understand the reason. She was successful to transfer lots of problems in Iranian society but jumped so many time from situation to situation. Personally I think the scene that Shireen is in a taxi and what taxi driver did, was the best. It showed how lower level society of Iran is so sick in the mean time showed deep pressure on both sides in that taxi.
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2012 Doomsday (2008 Video)
Worst MOvie ever! just like Mollah s' Movies
11 March 2008
that was the worst, poorest and cheapest American Movie i have ever seen. i suggest anyone whom believe in Jesus to see this Movie and understand what poor God he believes in. trustfully i have seen some movies like this one, but you know where? in Islamic Mollah s' TV, there are some people die in these movies and from the beginning everybody just crying and praying they don't even think to the happenings and then out of no where the God Mirecilly solve everything.

At the end of the movie you saw that the day is finished and the night starts but after few minutes that the child born-ed, we saw the sunshine again this means that they believe that the God have a Rope to the earth and after the birth he simply shake the rope so the direction of earth circling changed(something that can never happen).

i think it is just ridiculing what people believe instead of bringing them to believe. the more worst thing is that the director and the writer saying with this Movie that there is just one shape of belief that is true and that is Christians beliefs. i 'm so sorry for all the people worked in this Movie and even i 'm sorry for myself to put some time to watch this.
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Persepolis (2007)
Could be better!
25 January 2008
First of all i must say that it is the best, telling about all the situations before and after the Revolution, the feelings and the Truth about the Iran-Iraq war and many other things. The truth about the western that they brought us that damn War, the truth that under pressure of loaded Gun pointed to us people of Iran try to find Freedom. but the disappointing part is the cuts between the Original Story and the Movie, lots of parts Omitted. like the two challenges with that different Mollah or the views of immigrants from south. After all, i was so excited watching Perspolis, i hope for all the Iranian to remain Iranian even if Iran means Terrorism!
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300 (2006)
this is a big lie!
7 April 2007
Persian had the greatest civilization on that time! They freed Jews and they started to pray God! The first God in the world that bring Three Rules of; Kindness, Good Speaking and Good thoughts! They defeated Romans so many times in over 700years of war! They had the huge land that begins from china to Egypt! They built dams, libraries, Big Cities! the fool director in this movie had a big mistake, he showed Persians just like Arabs! The Persian were not wild like Arabs, and also they will never be like them! I suggest the people who want to see this movie, to read a little historic books about Persian Empire and then watch the movie and compare the Truth and the fantastic big LIE!!!
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