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Klown (2010)
The word outrageous is not close to sufficing
7 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I feel that the Hollywood comedies these days tend to be quite identical. However, the Danish movie Klovn (Clown) is something extremely different, and quite frankly, it's hilarious.

Frank Hvam and Casper Christiansen are very popular in the Nordic countries after their TV series Klovn was a huge success and this movie seems to be the final puzzle in that series. And boy, what can I say? The series was great, but this movie is even better!

To put it short, the movie is about those friends, Frank and Casper, who decide to go on a canoe tour, which Casper chooses to call "The pu**sy tour." However, the tour takes a drastic change when Frank takes his 13 year old cousin on the trip to prove to his pregnant wife that he's a worthy father.

What follows is a series of outrageous events on their journey which I'm not going to name here. However, I can tell you that most of the things in this movie is something you NEVER expected to see on film. That's why I'm so glad I saw this one, it's something absolutely new and so over the top that one can't help but feel awful but cry of laughter at the same time.

Frank and Casper are so self-centered and clueless persons that they have no idea what's ethical and what's not. They just can't seem to figure out right from wrong and that makes way for a lot of hilarious events! This is a movie that makes the audience feel so awkward, that most of the time you're saying to yourself "no no no, he's not gonna do that, nooooo!!!"

To put it short, this movie is something brand new and some scenes are so outrageous that you can't help but wonder what sick bastard wrote this script! But no doubt, it's one of the most hilarious movies I've ever seen. If you have the possibility to see it, you simply have to! You'll never regret it.
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Antichrist (2009)
Absolutely astonishing
30 October 2009
Lars von Trier's Antichrist is one of the most magnificent films I have ever seen. I was never a big fan of von Trier, and one of the reasons why were because he always tries to be too original and different, and usually his movies just end up boring and unexciting. In this film, he also tries to be different, but this time he does a perfect job. The prelude of the film, slow-motion black and white action, is one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen in a movie. It just looks great, the music is perfect, and it really sets the tone for the movie. The atmosphere in the film is very special, and even though not much is happening for the most part of the movie, it still managed to keep me excited for the whole time. There are some brutal and disgusting scenes that have made people walk out of the cinema, but for me, it just made the movie more effective and von Trier balanced the brutality perfectly with the movie's atmosphere. Honestly, I love this movie - and I recommend that everyone, even those who call themselves "weak-hearted" - see this movie. It leaves you with so many questions, and you think so much about it after wards. It's just amazing!
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This one is not only for Icelanders!
9 September 2009
I was very impressed with the film Reykjavik-Rotterdam. Just from the moment that I saw the trailer, I knew that I had to see this movie, and I was absolutely right! This movie offers you everything you need; Excitement, laughter, drama, you name it! The actors do a fantastic job, especially Baltasar Kormákur who is better known as a director but proves it in this movie that he is a fantastic actor as well. Ingvar E. Sigurðsson, one of Iceland's most beloved actors, is extremely convincing in his role as Baltasar's "friend" and I must say that I feel like all the actors just do a fantastic job. Most Icelandic movies, such as Baltasar's "Brúðguminn", I feel that are only fun for people from Iceland. However, this movie, Reykjavik-Rotterdam, can amuse everybody, and I can definitely say that it's just as good as many Hollywood thrillers I've seen. Try to find this movie and check it out, you won't be disappointed!
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