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Excellent Movie, excellent actors!
30 January 2007
Astrapoyannos, a hero from an old time, the time that real heroes existed. This is Astrapoyannos. A man with honour, a man who has fought for his country freedom, and now fights so as to clear out his fellow-countrymen ("kotzambasides", "prouchontes") who happened to be rich and took the place of the former conquerors; they have bought the land. And these men torture the poor ("kolligous") even harder. Astrapoyannos, however, like Robin Hood of his time helps everyone that needs him. And so the story starts...

Astrpoyannos is the well known Greek actor, Nikos Kourkoulos, that today, 30 Jan 2007, passed away. A real actor, beloved as Astrapoyannos by everyone in Greece, who has played in many many films and theater plays since 1960 -or so. And in this film, as in many other in the past, Nikos shows all of his great acting talent. May he stays for ever in our memory.

To end with, Nikos Kourkoulos, in this film is surrounded by lots of good actors, and that's why I feel that this movie is excellent!

R.I.P. Nikos
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