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Leyla ile Mecnun (2011–2014)
One of the greatest show ever in Turkish channels
16 October 2013
Firstly, if you ask why this TV show ended, this question should be asked to TRT which are now in the command of mercenary government politicians.

Due to the gezi park events, when this TV show artists supported peaceful protesters against the government's acts to demolish Gezi Park, TRT, which is the channel ruled by nothing but political characterless people, canceled this TV Show so that they could fulfil the commands of the government party, AKP.

"Leyla ile Mecnun" is in fact is a famous Turkish story, and therefore, this TV Show had many fans watching the TV Show. In fact, it was the most watched TV Show in TRT until now.
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666 Park Avenue (2012–2013)
11 November 2012
I cannot say this TV show is the best one. However, according to me, half of the Hollywood TV shows are made in vain, this one is a lot more watchable than many others. Some critics showed up "oh, this one is just like Keanu's film! Let's do not watch it". OK, let's leave these perfectionists to watch nothing after "the big bang theory" or "how I met your mother"!

I think this one must have got higher rates than 7.2 as currently; it could be 7.6 or 7.8. Therefore, by giving a rate of 10, I just now made a very very small adjustment.

Terry O'Quinn's classical act from the TV show "Lost" is just like similar here. Again, he has a mystical role, and he keeps making us to ask the question "who are you man?".

Rachael Taylor, having the leading role, really deserves to be in this role. But, I wish Helena Mattsson would play a good person not losing her current style and mood in the Show.
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Worths to watch
12 November 2011
I wouldn't give a rating of 8 over 10 to this movie like almost everybody else, but I see some prejudices in some cruel comments, and on the contrary I believe it worths to watch. Some people just gave 2-3 points as if those films, in which we see some visuals, are perfect in sense. There are a lot worse movies than this one, and if you think this movie deserves 3 over 10, then, Hollywood must stop the 90 % of their films.

Justin's other recent movie, "In time", has got 6.8/10, and hasn't nobody else seen the toy car crushing scene and the rest of the crap in that movie? So how the hell is this "Friends with Benefits" worse than that movie?
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Roommates (2009)
fine show
20 September 2009
If you watch the pilot episode only, you will probably decide this is really a bad show. However, with a little patience to watch the next episodes, it gets better and better. Of course, there are some unfunny and stolen jokes, but, the rest is worth to watch. I think it is similar to the show "how i met your mother" which keeps us waiting for the new episodes in those days and "roommates" was the alternative of it.

On April 29 2009, it was announced that Roommates would not return for a second season which is really disappointing news. Unfortunately, we couldn't see the end of the relationship between the characters which are almost like Ted Mosby (Mark) and Robin Scherbatsky (Katie); even the same lookings, same kind of humors. The other roommate James is a little bit different than "Barney", much similar to the character "awesome" in the show "Chuck". And Hope is the one who never retreats in any hard situation and makes her all jokes opening her eyes more.

As a result, this is a real watchable show which we cannot understand why it ended although it has the potential like the show "Reaper". Maybe, its commercials and luck weren't enough.
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A.R.O.G (2008)
nice film
9 December 2008
Cem Yilmaz, who is the funniest man of Turkiye, has broke another record with this film (with its hilarious and creative scenes of course). Unfortunately, for non-Turkish ppl, like most (even all) of Turkish films, many humours in these scenes were lost, since mostly attributions are about a life of a very classical and easterner Turkish person and his comments about Turkish social, political and cultural life. You will also childish joke scenes which I also didn't enjoy, too. I don't know, but, this must be his way of filming, on the contrary, his shows never make concessions about quality.

Another subject is don't expect a great visual scenes, as this is not a Hollywood film which one of the richest governments in the world supports financially, on the other hand, this is just a Turkish film (not the best one) which a company accepted to be the sponsor of limitedly.

Nevertheless, don't get disappointed yet. The film is more than 2 hours and each 5 minutes include at least one thing to laugh(for all). Well, this is no different indeed for non-Turkish speakers to watch this film or for me to watch "how i met your mother" episodes. I find "how i met your mother" as the funniest show ever, but, sometimes there are a few jokes American-ish. So I think it will mostly make you laugh, while it is important to watch it with a valid subtitle to understand every single joke, as this movie was filmed mostly to make people laugh.

Such a very small explanation for non-Turkish speakers; Ridvan Dilmen is a commentator (and an old footballer) who seems in late minutes in the film. In Turkish matches, whenever he says "it's a goal", well, there the shot then and it is. (damn! he is like a seer!) Well, he was not really the person who we expect to see in that scene all of a sudden.

Oh, I'd almost forget! Have I told you what record Cem Yilmaz broke with this movie? His first film, GORA, had been watched by about 1 million people in three days in Turkiye. Now, this is the third day and I think for AROG, this number has already rised up and still is rising...
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