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Tezaab (1988)
excellent reamke
18 December 2007
this is the film which i saw when i was just 10 year on VHS i mesmerize from the performance of the cast everyone perform exceptionally well.while it is MUNNAor BABBAN or LOTIYA PATHAN OR MADHURI.

music scored by LP that was rocking i remember even today that EK DO TEEN was all over i also like the another song of this movie was NITIN MUKESH "SO GAYA HAI RASTA" which is good u can easily listen this song on any FM channel at night after 12 o clock.

the director N CHANDRA is its best in this movie he was in peak of his imagination and direction which he started from ANKUSH and PRATIGHAAT i really wonder why he is unable to create same magic till now. even he started making style and XCUSE ME type of films.

the biggest fact of this film which i like most is that, it is the remake of English film the streets of fire it take best adaption from the film u may surprised to know that streets of fire was so so in Hollywood but tejaab rock all the India and it gives edges to ANIL KAPOOR to other film star of country support to MADHURI and lot of name and fame to N CHANDRA not to forget LOTIYA PATHAN.
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romantic comedy with very good music score.
18 January 2007
The movie is really good.the best part of movie is music of S D Berman and the direction of Vijay Anand.Vijay Anand has given us some of the best movie of that time like guide, Teesari Manzil, Rajput and jewel thief that show the versatility of director. this movie is romantic comedy and u will love to see it and till climax u will not able to know how Nutan's family and Dev's family going to accept each other. some serious moment come at the end of film otherwise film was pure comedy.

story is Dev Anand is architecture who is making a bungalow of Nutan's father but the same design is like by his father who is rival of Nutan's father and he insist to make bungalow in front of Nutan's bungalow.think's start going more funnier when both family like Dev and Nutan but they don't know they are rival's children. when they know put restriction which is worthless. one of the most emotional ending where both family agree for marriage of their children for sake of their children's future and love.
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