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The Skulls (2000)
A great movie!
3 October 2001
I just saw The Skulls and I loved it! The characters were very believable in my opinion. After reading most of these reviews, I think a lot of people are overanalyzing so they never really got to sit back and enjoy the movie for what it was.

Joshua Jackson did a good job as Luke McNamara. He could have done it a little better, but all in all, his acting was very well done.

Leslie Bibb did a neat job as well. She was an awesome female character and looked nice on screen with Joshua.

Paul Walker did an amazing job of adding that complex aura to Caleb Mandrake. I think he was the best part of this movie. He has always done a really wonderful job of expressing emotions through those beautiful eyes and he did it again in The Skulls.

I'd give it a 9/10
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