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No Good Nick: The Italian Job (2019)
Season 2, Episode 5
This is when it becomes brilliant
15 August 2019
I kept watching because the sitcom format makes it enjoyable even tho some episodes where hard to believe. This episode made it all worthy and it stays solid until the end, great show.
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No Good Nick: The Charity Mugger (2019)
Season 1, Episode 7
Jump the Shark too fast
12 August 2019
I get that the premise itself jumps the shark but, this one episode was over the top unbelievable, I just could not believe it at all.
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Swiped (I) (2018)
Unable to relate to any character.
6 July 2019
I thought the characters were very unrealistic, I couldn't like any of them, I am a sucker for the visuals of generic low budget college movies so if I stopped watching something must be really wrong.
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Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too (2019)
Season 5, Episode 3
Its an ok episode
9 June 2019
People who give this a lower rating than Metalhead are the definition of insanity.

I thought it was entertaining, most of black mirror feels forced, this one feels fine,the pacing is one of the greatest in all of black mirror.
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Beautiful and strangely creepy.
29 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
After so long of knowing and loving these characters, watching this episode was one of the most beautiful experiences I've had. The show gives you so much hope on how the decisiones you have made throughout your life may be imperfect but is how you are still still alive after all this time, the ending was sooooo subtly creepy, at the beginning Kimmy attacks a package delivery guy because of her PTSD the delivery guy ends up being a serial killer who admits he was about to butcher them. The show ends with Kimmy and Titus getting married? after taking decisions that were apparently the most perfect ones, and yet, because Kimmy does not have PTSD now, the same serial killer enters their condo and closes the door behind ready to butcher them as they celebrate being together after taking great decisions that led them to this moment. It made me cherish my own personal suffering, my own pain, maybe that is what has kept me alive, who knows?
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Psychokinesis (2018)
No character arc for the protagonist, tries to force you to like him with score
4 May 2018
Downplays it's best character trying to give protagonism to it's main character that is one of the most unreleatable protagonistsI have seen in a film, it worked in Train to Busan because it's main character's flaw was treated seriously unlike Psychokynesis which shows a terrible trait and a terrible person while playing quirky funny music trying to make us like him. The other thing that really bothered me is that the female character was downplayed so bad, it was easily it's best character and also she seemed like the protagonist who's role was stolen to give it to a man, it works in Train to Buscan again... Because the women depicted in that picture were weaker for good reasons, a pregnant woman, a child and a couple of old people. In the film it feels like everyone is trying to force her to like his father in the most convoluted and incredible ways, and when I say incredible I mean I do not believe them and it ruins movie magic.

It is as big of a dissappointment as it's main character, it would of been better if the writers had read the book "Save the Cat" or if the director was Milo's Forman's who's Amadeus is a great example on how to make a terrible person into a great character, in this case it simply doesn't work to anyone who doesn't feel guilty for leaving his wife and kid for 10 years and coming back demanding respect that is actually given to them pretty fast and applauded.

The photography is decent but not anything special, production design is pretty clean and it seems like they had a big budget for this one with all the extras in police costumes. The acting has it's ups and downs the one that shines is the villain that is only seen for a couple of scenes. All in all it is a very underwhelming film considering it comes from South Korea which tends to have close to flawless execution on it's widely distributed films.
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Suspense of disbelief just went off the roof
24 April 2018
One bad episode pretty much destroyed all the good things I felt for this show,

This episode you can pretty much see a bunch of writers struggling with the amount of episodes they have to write for the season. The Lucifer vs Pierce thing with Chloe went for far too long now and this episode was the ultimate proof. I defended the show from many haters with that same opinion, but this episode allowed me to see things clearly, the show is losing ¨it¨. I was so aware I was watching a fictional story it wasn't even entertaining anymore with the on point dialogues and the lazy subplots that were not going anywhere special or intriguing. I expect the next episode to be sooo much better to keep me watching.
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31 (2016)
23 April 2018
Thoughtless red-neckish main characters, strangely written, it feels like a very random free movie, it feels like a script that would of never been approved due to a lack of proper structure and I enjoyed that a lot. I have heard so much hate for this movie so maybe my expectations were low, even then, I don't understand the hate for a film that isn't even trying to be more than one more slasher in the genre, it was kinda of gory but not too much to be grossed out, it was a very balanced meal.

The concept was great but I expected 31 killers sent out at the same time so the fact that they go 1 by 1 and that they are only 6 was underwhelming, but then again, I think he saved it with style, the ending is a beauty, not as a huge beauty as The Devil Reject's Freebird, but, a pretty soft unpretentious, chill, great ending that made me feel the greatness of slashers and the beauty of the last character alive. Poetry.
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The Fosters: Many Roads (2018)
Season 5, Episode 19
Perfect enough to be a series finale
27 March 2018
The rest of the episodes will probably be an epilogue since this closure was a flawless victory for the show, I always thought they would eventually just ruin this since some of the arcs this season seemed to be going nowhere but it all tied up, Grace's arc was one of the most unexpectedly amazing storylines, and while The Fosters has so many characters, they somehow, incredibly managed to find a space to finish everyones character arc, this is simply something that film will never be able to emulate, some of the performances were just too great to be true. I am glad the writers did not disappoint and I would of been happy if this was simply the series finale.
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Ted 2 (2015)
Tryhard cop out
21 March 2018
It might fool ignorant people but the film is not relevant, it tries wayyy too hard to be cool and it ends up being one of the fakest film scripts and characters I have seen in a long time, makes the kardashians feel real, anycow, the film has no soul but tries hard and tells it in your face that it has, so there is no subtext, and the whole time they are telling you what the themes are with dialogues and it becomes simply boring, it is one of the most boring films on earth, the jokes are fine tho, it should of been a bunch of sketches or even a t.v. show, but on film it simply didnt work, the plot is all over the place if theres any, the antagonist is there for like 3 minutes in total, it just did not deserve a film, the story was too thin and not worth telling. The first one had something to say, this one should of been a blog article.
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One Day at a Time: Not Yet (2018)
Season 2, Episode 13
6 March 2018
I was going to rate another episode before this one saying ¨Brilliant for a sitcom¨ but, after this one, I realize that this show is just great storytelling, really sharp and fast paced, it does not let a beat escape in most episodes, the use of the silence is just so smart, something that I find rare in a sit com, melodrama is sometimes an underrated genre this show nails it, it makes you want to be part of the family, knowing them in real life, it just makes you feel accompanied.

As far as this particular episode goes, without spoilers, it is emotional and suspenseful, it also feels raw at the last monologue, it is a show that does not mind showing the bad side of their characters, making them so human that sometimes I forget is a sitcom.
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Office (2015)
As usual pretty clean technique from South Korea, but mediocre third act.
9 February 2018
The atmosphere, the editing, the pretty much everything dealing with technique was pretty clean and engaging, the atmosphere specially was great, good at building suspense, the problem to me was easily the ending, the third act rushes everything and leaves an unsatisfying feeling of a major plot hole. Sadly it is literally unbelievable.
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Not everyone can pull this off, and they failed.
22 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This kind of ending was made famous by Black Christmas, even in that film it has a third act with an ending, this movie fails because a lot of plot elements were never even used, what was the point of the lady with alzheimer other than a red herring? what was the point of the visions of his dad?, if you are going to make a bunch of red herrings just to surprise the audience with a cop out because you had no idea how to end your script then be more straightforward and get rid of all the BS so many wasted minutes on this film. It is not original, it is not shocking, it is not well written, go back to film school how did you even get a 100k budget to do this. The 3 is for the actors, they did fine.
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The X-Files: My Struggle III (2018)
Season 11, Episode 1
Is this why Gillian Anderson is leaving?
5 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So, they kind of pulled off the ¨it was all a dream¨ like... the whole last season? I am confused, Mulder's voiceover felt so off and out of place it was just weird, it was all so fast and confusing and I was not even sure if I was mad at "it was all a dream" because, the stakes were so high at the end of last season and they just took it away, so sad. Also the revelation at the end made me a bit angry, while it was really cool to use a flashback from En Ami, It felt unnecessary, some people might like it, some might not, in my case I kinda of really hated that revelation of Mulder not being Williams father. It was an awkward episode, while it was really fast paced it felt uncomfortable and even boring just noisy.
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Black Mirror: Metalhead (2017)
Season 4, Episode 5
Don't worry about the 10/10 reviews, you didn't "misunderstood it", the episode is bad.
1 January 2018
People tend to overestimate Black Mirror and underestimate the audience when they really like an episode, I have seen some 10/10 reviews defending this episode with such passion and quotes like "you misunderstood it" "black mirror is a social satire" etc. Even if that is true, that is simply common sense or the theme of black mirror, is no secret, everyone knows this. The episode is bad due to bad editing and bad writing. It feels like a very pretentious student film that did not bother to rewrite the script, you can fast forward most of the episode and you will not miss much, is a lot of walking, and sometimes running while the story is rarely ever moving forward, technically is good, but this is subpar storytelling.
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Black Mirror: USS Callister (2017)
Season 4, Episode 1
One of the solid ones...
30 December 2017
I think Black Mirror tends to have terrible third acts, which is why people praise San Junipero, they do not force a terrible ending just for the sake of it, in this case this was one of the most solid three act episodes of the whole series.

The thing about Black Mirror is that reviewers have a tendency to project themselves when they hate or love an episode, I disliked many things about this one, but, the story was well told, it was also incredibly imaginative and they had enough things going to make it interesting, unlike other entries that have had lazy editing, this one was entertaining all the way even if you hate it for your own particular reasons.
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Black Mirror: Shut Up and Dance (2016)
Season 3, Episode 3
A Group of old writers try to get Trolling right, and they fail.
30 December 2017
This is pretty similar to 13 game of death, there was even a very similar feature film recently, either way this is a very standard cliché, so, it was uninteresting to me, the message as usual is pretty clear and you can understand it by simply having common sense. As usual the third act is weak, but unlike other entries it was an entertaining third act. The use of a troll face feels insanely forced, the whole thing was so forced in order to make a social commentary which weakens the story as it needs to forcefully fit in this rally against technology that is black mirror in order to be told, it was unnecessary to say the least. The first act is solid as usual, there were many scenes of walking that were skippable tho, they tried to keep the pace with fast editing but they were not necessary, I skipped through these. Mediocre episode.
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Black Mirror: White Bear (2013)
Season 2, Episode 2
Mediocre at best
29 December 2017
This episode has 10 minutes of irrelevant filler storytelling, it should of been like 12 minutes shorter, some reviews elevate this episode because of its meaning, well, unfortunately is not a difficult message to get, this is not Mullholand Dr. It is a very straightforward story, with clear social criticism, you do not need to overthink the meaning, is pretty dumb. Overall the story could of been fine if it was not over explicative at the third act. Most boring episode so far.
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You will mostly hear biased opinions on this film
4 December 2017
Technically speaking, the movie is amateurish, it is mostly noticeable at the start of the film, Alan Cumming almost feel out of context since he is a great actor, but as the movie keeps going, it simply keeps getting better and better, all the plot points tie up in the end, so the weakness of the script at the beginning as well as the film school shots, eventually turn into something good and then great, I do not know why or how this happened, but this is a film that improves as it goes just as much as its lead character. Overall it was a feel good, great movie, with a useful social commentary and with memorable supporting characters.
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The Gifted: threat of eXtinction (2017)
Season 1, Episode 8
I was not Expecting such great episode
24 November 2017
I do not even recall what happened the episode before and the episode before that 1.6 and 1.7 were just boring, on the other hand, thread of eXtinction 1.8 was just great storytelling that you rarely see on a superhero t.v. show..

The plot gives enough screen time and plot points to all the characters, even when it focuses on the Strucker family altho this time it is great and not just complaining and running. The beginning, middle and ending are pretty clear, it is a really fine and on point great storytelling. There is one epic moment in this episode and a great reveal of a bigger episode to come, it is also somewhat emotional and most of character decisions make sense.

I hope this is just the start of a string of well done scripts and not just a lucky one.
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Lucifer: Off The Record (2017)
Season 3, Episode 7
It was pretty much a feature film, Best Episode this season.
14 November 2017
I recall the Angel series doing an episode similar to this at some point, the brilliance of this particular episode relies on how the story told was great even without seeing the whole Lucifer series, it was a solid story from beginning to end, the acting was great, they created a character that I though was good enough to be the next major villain, I was able to hate the reporter who came off as a great antagonist. The story had very subtle twists and at some point I was confused at the time line but understood it about a minute after. The ending was a beauty.

Great storytelling, could of been a feature.
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1922 (2017)
It was OK... Sort of... Not.
13 November 2017
If you are going to make a slow paced film, make sure your director is flawless at this as well as the editor, I recently watched an incredible slow paced horror film, but when I compare it to this I just feel like there were lots of empty spaces, the editor chose to play it safe rather than tight, that is the difference between brilliant and not knowing how to. The movie sin is being boring, there is really no reason to be scared ever, it is a supernatural drama that is oddly edited. And everything good about it could of been told in 30 minutes. The cow scenes were lovely.
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Fine editor, fine concept, terrible everything else...
29 October 2013
Fast paced movie, the editor knew what he was doing with the awkwardly shot footage he/she received, the concept of the movie could of been one of the biggest surprises in direct to DVD release to the point where it could of become a cult hit, instead whoever wrote the dialogues and whoever directed the movie, definitely ruined it.

Illogical reactions from the characters make you feel stupid just for keep watching it, but is a fast movie so you just hold it. There are no good or gory deaths at all maybe except one at the ¨climax¨ of the story, where they reveal way too soon and in the most anti-climatic killer reveal you will ever see that comes in the shape of an on point dialogue with terrible delivery.

Then after the surprise is over you are so confused about how a good concept was used in such a dumb way, so the only conclusion you can get to is that it is a dumb movie, cos it is. Also is obviously full of clichés in terms of character archetypes so don't expect the only cool character to outlive it.
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Sheitan (2006)
Great characters, so why follow the formula?
28 October 2013
The movie is alright, it is entertaining mostly but not in an overdone clichéd way. The characters are clearly defined unlike many horror movies where they just throw a bunch of archetypes in a mix and people start dying. It is not a thriller but it ends up like one, in the Dumbest way possible. They could of created something new and with no precedents, instead they decided to go for the obvious just so we could see Vincent Cassel more time on screen.

There is not much wrong with the movie technically, it was an interesting attempt, but the ending made seem ¨House of the Devil¨ like a good movie, some of the characters make good decisions, but then they just throw it all away and kill the cutest one, not enough gore, not enough comedy, not enough suspense, not enough anything, good character development in a bad story which does makes sense but tries too hard and uses a very cheap resort for the ending to fit in.
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Ahead of its time ironically.
27 October 2013
This is a movie that is extremely self aware of what it is going for, I would compare it to one of the movies I love ¨Cabin in the Woods¨ this movie is completely aware of all the comedy clichés in comedy movies of this kind, so they don't avoid them but intentionally include them and make fun of them, just with that this should be an extremely successful film, but it isn't.

The real failure of the film, it's the lack of star power, of a very handsome lead, Jamie Kennedy is fine but not enough for people to socially accept him as a lead, it has the wit that "21 Jump Street" has, minus Channing Tatum, there are some awkwardly fun scenes that never push it far enough to become gross, the movie knows the limits of what it's funny and what is gross, which is also another amazing thing the script had.

Other than that it doesn't takes itself too seriously, it seems like a movie in which the crew and actors could have fun, I would of really though this movie was done in the 90's which is another good point for the D.O.P. and perhaps a bad point for marketing.

All in all, it is one of the few solid comedies around the last decade, unfortunately the lack of star power, the out of date visuals, and the script being too smart for it's own good, it might be a movie to watch in 10 years, it came out too soon.
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