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Frankenweenie (2012)
bad script, somewhat lacking design, not much originality
6 February 2013
The beginning of the film was quite entertaining, especially the resurrection scene. It was all quite promising till the point where the kids decide to steal Victor's technology, disappointingly followed by an impressive pile of clichés. Would this be an example of lazy writing? The visual design was somewhat lacking too. The best elements are the resurrection, the design of Sparky, Mr. Whiskas and his SHITTY PROFECIES. BRUTON (sic!) of course could have done much better. One of the problems is that Bruton tries to cater to kids of any age filming material that clashes with any form of puritan upbringing. 6/10 because it's a 3D film, otherwise its a strong 4/10.
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satirical view of a certain layer of the American society
17 April 2012
A brilliant movie whose value and subtle humour become apparent on the second viewing. One would want to re-watch it as many times as one can. Would you recognize yourself in one of the characters? You may: blue collar, white collar - the middle class is there, the writer, however, took a precaution and didn't include a certain common type of character in this film. It is a writer's film, indeed, the story is self-sufficient and was AFIK published as a book some time after the movie hit the screens. Nevertheless, the cast is quite good with the cinematography being on the par with it. I don't own any stake in the movie and review it only because appreciate it greatly.
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Avalon (2001)
24 May 2007
Avalon, the film. I finally found the true merit of this one. For the first time a film shows how tragic is escapism, or rather what leads to it: an empty real life that offers nothing neither for the body, nor for the soul. In the world's dominating post-protestant culture the man is reduced to a primitive form of life. Those who cannot put up with the circumstances and life setup/behaviour models are offered virtual reality. Drugs? Alcohol? These people may be too smart or civilised to destroy themselves in such a primitive manner. They use escapism – the film carefully portrays the final agony of the death of a human forced to renounce her real life. Kenji Kawai's soundtrack is really the key to see this in Avalon.
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Darkness (2002)
good plot, bad writing, design, production
27 February 2007
It is hardly a horror film although horror is the genre it was supposed to be. The film does not scare, it lacks the eerie feeling, mostly due to the way the script is written, but also because of incorrect design, primitive music and sound effects. Producers must have not been able to afford Hans Zimmer, the sound effects were taken from a library for computer games. Video effects seem to be made quite professionally so there must have been a good deal of money spent on them, but the overall choice of aesthetics is out of sync with the theme of the film which is "pure evil". The opening sequence is probably the worst part of the film with images being shown for a split-second and the camera shaking so badly that one may get sick; you gather nothing from those and only wonder if you should continue watching the film at all; the scenes you see are more plain rubbish than scary. It gets better in a while, and the cast is not totally bad as the actors are able to act the most relevant parts of the characters that they are chosen to portray, that is the actor playing the father conveys the weakness and psychosis, the mother – denial and selfishness, the girl – strength and devotion. While the cast conveys well these main traits of their characters, they do not appear to be a family at all, each going in his own direction, and you wonder why all those people are gathered under one roof and if they are a family, how they could have survived as such for such a long time prior to the events shown in the film's time frame. The plot is the strongest part of the film – it is an interesting interpretation of the haunted house theme with a twist and does have a good psychological dimension. Overall, the plot compensates for below-the-average production and luckily for the producers the film comes out as a mediocre one.
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