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Rubbish Science fiction, not a political message!
7 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Apparently this movie has generated some critique about inciting violence and attacking one part of society or another.... ie go back in time eliminating people to see what effect it has ion the future? eg go back in time and kill Adolf before his ideas take hold and whooppie dooo we have a much nicer present, except for some disgruntled Nazi's without the leader, but maybe another one more powerful... so where do you draw the line?... but of course time travel is FULL or paradoxes and it takes very clever writing to circumvent them. But there have beeb a few really good time travel movies and they are better than this. For example "Time Crimes" and "Predestination" to name just two...

So forget about the "political" critique, IMHO that's a very small issue with the movie!

Having said that, it is kinda entertaining.... But overall disappointing, because it's poor science fiction... Try "Timescape" or "Timequest".....
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The Model (I) (2016)
Young aspiring model loses her way
21 August 2016
A 2016 movie about a young model who is taken advantage of (a little) by some of the people she meets in Paris... I agree with the previous reviewer; it's well made, good story line, well acted, giving a balanced picture of the modelling industry, and one girl's story of how things can go wrong, & survival. There was another 2016 movie about a model, "Neon Demon", and this was 100 times more worthwhile, and probably cost a lot less to make! The audio & visual impact of Neon Demon was awesome, but it was a hollow waste of time, and the publicity machine made it look attractive. If "The Model" was treated the same way, it would still have been good, but it didn't need the gloss or powerful audio track to make it work. Some of the dialogue is in Danish, but you don't really need subtitles to understand what's being said.
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Soulless Visual Stunner
13 July 2016
Pretentious, thin, shallow, disjointed, lacking any strong cohesive plot & story line.... The so called "controversial" elements are only visited fleetingly and there's not the slightest element of eroticism to arouse the living, let alone the dead!

Visually stunning with a "thumping" sound track, but nothing that hadn't been done before, & not really enough of a reason to breathe life in to this somewhat dead turkey of a movie.... The posters make this movie look awesome, & it does "look" awesome, but a hyped up movie needs much more! Big green tomato!

It's good to see really high quality (Audio and Video) movies being made without resort to multi-million dollar CGI & big budget special effects and sets. Shame their is nothing to make this into a story worth telling. You might as well just put it on a "loop" hang it on a wall & call it multi-media "art"

It isn't a testament to the "art" of the movie maker though...
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iZombie: Blaine's World (2015)
Season 1, Episode 13
What's a poor Zombie Girl to do?
11 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Brought things to a stomach churning & squirming, spine tingling season ending with twists and turns, almost a happy ending! It did indeed leave enough tension, stress & unfinished stories, to warrant another season... But I do wonder how long can the basic plot be kept running if a Ravi "cure" is in the distance? I mean we don't want Liv to be chaste lovelorn Zombie Girl for ever, or do we?

I don't want to give anything away, I think most key people are all in the stew for another season, well why not, it must take a lot of skill to actually kill a zombie right? so how do you know if a body in a bag is really dead or not...

The romance opportunities for Liv, Major, Peyton, Ravi are still there, and Clive Babineaux has yet to be let in on the secret threat of Zombie Apocalypse, which more and more people are becoming wise to....
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Ultraviolet (2006)
Really disappointing
11 January 2007
This has less value than the box it comes in.... An abysmal "plot" and an abysmal attempt to transform real human action into a cartoon style graphic novel movie, or was it the other way around? The CGI effects are so bad, they do nothing for the movie or the actors. Even a bad plot can be lived with if the CGI is good enough. I can appreciate actors have a hard time when being "placed" into a CGI rich movie, but I sincerely doubt the lead actress Milla Jovovich would have bothered to make this film if she'd have known and understood what a pile of tosh it was going to turn out to be. It's not worth renting, let alone buying... (maybe I should have waited 'till I've sold my copy on ebay)....
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