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Todespolka (2010)
disturbing political film-highlight from Austria
9 January 2011
I saw this movie during the Hofer Filmtage a few weeks ago in Germany.It was a smash hit there and all the tree screenings were overbooked.Stephan Demmelbauer and Michael Pfeifenberger,the the two alternative filmmakers from Vienna were already know for their passionate melodrama THANKSGIVIN with Marianne Sägebrecht in the lead.And now they presented the right film to the right time:Its dealing striking with worldwide more and more increasing right winged force in politics and in the mind of people.Attacking everything that is foreign and justice minded.The movie shows in shoking polit agit prop pictures Austria after the win of the Neo Nazi party with a new female FÜHRER.In the outscirts of Vienna increases more and more the situation when police and inhabitants masacre "INCORRECT" neighbours. It is a disturbing scenario of a future coming slowly like poison in heads and hands. Don't miss it. The film was shot in 10 days with low private money.Maybe its was for the authorities "to hot to handle"
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