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The body's revenge (The French Jim Carrey)
13 January 2007
Just think for a second all the bad things we do that harm our body..., the junk food , the cigarettes, the lack of exercise... . They say when something hurts, when something does not work properly, is actually every single cell manifesting, almost screaming for help. Like the old doctor's proverb: "Sickness is the shout of the body". But, what if the body can really speak for itself? Our mind in one side and all the figure in the other. Both confronted in a struggle that never ends, and if it does, the only possible result is dead. Enemies that without noticing are killing each other, as they need to work as a team to survive. But don't imagine that, just go and see this movie. A great French production, meritorious of a comparison with Hollywood Jim Carrey movies, like "The Mask", "Liar Liar" and "Irene, me and myself". Those kind of comedies that make you laugh gag after gag. Michael Youn carries all the film in his shoulders and takes it to unlimited places in a hilarious adventure. Our main man: a script writer surrounded only by the failures of his works, also projected in all the aspects of his life. Decided to meet success he will realize that it's not an easy job, specially when everyone is not helping, including his own body, that decided after a strange accident, to start a rebellion. The characters are taken to the extreme of ridiculousness. The colorful variety doesn't stop surprising us. A jealous father, a very particular police officer, a lovely grandmother, and the never missing, but also, impossible love. It deserves to be seen. "Men sana in corpore sano" or I should say "corpore sano and men sana"? Ask your body to take you to the cinema, relax your mind, and enjoy it.
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Diary of an stressed man
13 January 2007
Sometimes the business world makes your love frozen. In a society where the prestige and the money seems to be more important than relationships, "trust" becomes just another word of the dictionary. Stress takes the control of your life; and without warning you stop living, to start acting in automatic pilot. And that is the case of Jack Giamoro (Ben Affleck) a well recognized and very successful executive in the Hollywood industry; who in his routine tries to find safety in isolating himself. His ammo ironically turns into his wickedness when everything starts falling apart, and he decides to write his personal diary. His life, his pain, his loneliness and secrets in paper, put him in danger when someone steals his written memories. A good romantic comedy, with the excellent performance of John "the actor" Cleese and the always beautiful Rebecca Romijn. It makes you laugh, it makes you fall in love, it makes you stop and look around. What's important in life? I say: A great choice for a date.
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Deja Vu (2006)
No mistakes, great success.
11 January 2007
Can we change what happens? Would things be different if we knew the future? And if we know it, does the only fact of having that power influence the next moments of our lives? Does it have any sense? The eternal question of the human being. Everything mix up in an unsolved paradox, and represented in this Tony Scott's film. Denzel Washington once again brings life to his character and gives a breath of anxiety in every single scene. Tension gets more and more uncontrollable, and with the running of the seconds, the privilege of being a simple spectator turns in an enormous desire of getting involved in the plot. The details are taken in extremely care. Where it seems there is no reason, for our surprise, there is. And where it seems there is truly a reason..., well, my friends, it's not what you believe it is. The first hour you may think that nonsense takes the control, but don't panic, remember that for every "why" there is a "because". Fast cameras will increase your pulse and give you the feeling of confusion. Doubts plus the thought of having lost several moments will take you to total madness. Exactly the same feeling of our leading man.

An ultimate edition quality, even a better direction, crowned by the performances of Val Kilmer and James Caviezel make this film a great Hollywood's piece.

Armed yourself with patient and be prepare to tolerate the anxiety. The answers will appear. Give it time,... because in this kind of films Time is the main character.

You have to see it, from the beginning to the end (if that is defined). Of course if you think you already saw it, it's just a Deja Vu, because there is no movie like this.
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The Dead Girl (2006)
Time kill the art.
10 January 2007
"The Dead Girl" is that kind of a movie that makes you think how connected we are in a society, even when you think there are no points in common, with someone you have never met. A superb plot and the original way of telling this story, shows the director signature all over the place, and gives this film the certificate of a piece of art. Furthermore, the performances of every actor are excellent, and once again the careful selected cast brings us another reason to renovate their license in acting, what in the case of Giovanni Ribisi and Toni Collette, becomes in a well deserved degree for being experts in playing this game. Unfortunately, the rhythm is almost too slow, it reminds me the French's cinematographic industry. I must say that what makes this colorful paint long last in our reflective minds, perish in some of the unfitted minutes for this kind of work. Of course, when everyone does everything OK..., there is no one to blame, more than the tyrannical time. I say: "It's your choice"
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