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It's a romantic comedy
9 March 2011
This movie is a romantic comedy from beginning to end. It's a great little movie, based on a Terrence Rattigan play so you know you can't go wrong. The best part of it is seeing Moira Shearer in all four redhead roles. Besides being probably the best ballerina England ever produced, she's beautiful, brilliant, and really good at acting. This movie gives her a chance to display her comedic talents, including a knack for different accents. My favorite is Olga, the Russian ballerina. Moira Shearer herself said this was her favorite among the handful of movies she made, including 'The Red Shoes', one of the greatest movies of all time. The only reason I give this a 9 instead of a 10 is because it's no Red Shoes, but for what it is (romantic comedy, Bob the Moo)it is a perfect little gem. Another reason this movie should be made available on DVD is that it includes Moira Shearer dancing. As Olga she performs parts of 'The Sleeping Beauty', which she actually danced in real life as a member of the Sadler's Wells Ballet. There is precious little surviving video of her famous ballet roles, so this is really a treasure. It would be fantastic if British Lion Films or SOMEBODY put this on DVD so we wouldn't have to settle for home-recorded versions from TV.
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Loved it--2 big thumbs up
31 March 2008
What a cool movie! I can't wait to watch it again. Watching Pascale drive her big truck down the road while 'Hey Good Lookin' plays on the 8-track---it doesn't get better than that. Except when Julie Gayet explains the attraction between the earth and the moon to little Camille. Or when Pascale yells 'Encore! Encore!' to the delight of the singing nuns. Or the magical ice cream cone that never went down more than 1/4" even though Camille was licking it all during the time her dad was making out with Pascale on the beach.

Quite the fantastic movie, and one I will have to see over and over again.
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One of the best Pascale Bussieres movies I've seen
24 January 2008
I don't know why Pascale Bussieres isn't a huge star in the USA, while Julia Roberts is. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, America! Can't you see how beautiful and sexy Pascale is? Or are you just too Francophobic to watch French movies, even French Canadian movies?

I'm an American, and my French is limited to what I learned in high school forty years ago, but I watched this movie, all 2 hours of it, without subtitles, totally spellbound and enchanted with Pascale's performance--which was probably all the more fascinating because I couldn't understand what she was saying. But who needs dialog when Pascale is on the screen? She has never been more gorgeous and sexy, even though most of her shots are intimate closeups of her mouth, her eye, her hand, the silhouette of her thigh--WOW! And there are no real sex scenes except one that shows her from the shoulders up. Who cares! The camera explores her minutest details as if it's in love with her. And who can blame it.

I'll give this movie ten big thumbs up just for the way it takes us physically closer to the beautiful Pascale Bussieres than any other of her movies I've seen (still haven't seen Twilight of the Ice Nymphs or Turbulence des Fluides). But it is a very excellent movie, even without subtitles. And I've always wondered how James Hyndman would look with hair. (hope that wasn't a spoiler!)
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