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If You're Not Careful...
30 December 2006
So, the plug was pulled on "Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday" due to lack of support and conflict with The Writer. Right? It's over. Two years of work down the drain. Right? Nope. Not the way punks do it! Make something rise from the ashes...that's what you do, and that's what Stuart Kinkaid and the crew down in Texas went about doing.

I have just finished up the "A Texas Tale Of Treason" for the 2nd time. I'm impressed. I am energized by the spirit of the cast and crew. I am happy to know the whole story behind what was to be the sequel to "Repo Man". There is a story here. The story is well told and flows just the same. It's all there for everyone to see and hear.

While viewing this film, pay close attention to the Rhythm Pigs front man Ed Ivey. Ed has a profound roll in the this film. Words of wisdom are given by Ivey....see if you can catch those words and takem' to heart! Witness the pure drive these people have to get things going and stick to it. In my mind, the crew doing this film have much in common with such legendary record labels like SST or Dischord, and hard touring acts from the old days like Black Flag, Rhythm Pigs, Minutemen..on and on.......This film is a result of that old punk attitude at work in these days of apathetic America.

Also...the film sports some great music from many independent artists. The music played throughout the film make up one helluva soundtrack that would fit right into my collection!

AGAIN... this film gives folks a glimpse of the old timey punk rock drive and attitude that you don't see so much anymore, but people like Stuart Kinkaid and his crew are willing to share it with you! Support the effort these people put out and check out the film for yourself. As Cosby tends to say, "If you're not careful, you just might learn something"....or something like that!
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