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Eyeopening documentary about the lives and hopes of African people connected to an uranium mine in Niger
15 February 2007
The movie looks into the lives and hopes of the people that have stranded in the small town of Arlit in Niger, West Afica. It not only explores the scandalous working conditions in a local uranium mine and the suffering it brings to the people who are not being informed about the danger of the work. The movie works in more directions: Through researching the changing fate of the city, the movie manages to connect to the global policy situation, as demand for uranium is connected to the global arms race. And most important, through giving the people of Arlit space, the movie lets the viewer see a glimpse of the dreams and visions, but also of the limited choices the people can make in this desperate part of the world. This sounds like and is tough stuff, but it doesn't mean there is nothing to laugh in this movie!
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Cowherders from Switzerland and Mali meet
7 January 2007
In the movie, cow-farmers from Sahel meet with Switzerland cow-farmers in Switzerland and the other way round. Not only become differing concepts, technologies and option visible, but also a history of development philosophies. The documentary is not only beautifully made. It is also heart-touching and eyeopening in many ways. Especially if you are interested in development work, the movie lays open different lines of thought, wholly different concepts of the world. But it is also a reminder of the harsh conditions that everyday people in the dry Sahel region have to cope with. You will laugh, you will wonder, and you might be touched and start thinking. I've seen the film at the FESPACO, an African diaspora film festival which takes place every two years in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso. Amazing atmosphere.
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