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Another torture horror, for fans only
11 December 2012
I haven't written a review in IMDb for so long time. This site has helped in so many ways for over 10 years now, thanks for that! I had to return to write a review on this one. I am a fan of horror and my morbid curiosity has me still going after the most extreme films, so I had to see this, reading some pretty reviews in here...

Now, torture horror, why do I keep seeing films like this? I have seen several recent films of this 'genre', as well as the most classic of the old ones, several french ones with pretty good reviews in here, Japanese , American, you name it (Rob Zombie films and french Martyrs among the best of the lot IMO) - many reviewers went as far as to underestimate the importance and value of Saw and Hostel series by calling them mainstream, Hollywood and such.

Well, for me, torture horror does not become better, more arty, less hollywoodish or more extreme by pretentiousness, nor by lack of script. Depth and no extremity alone is what made the better extreme films be the best ones of their kind.

Torture alone with no script is no proof of a creators authenticity or artiness, rather, it's the proof the torture is used for commercial reasons aiming to viewers that "have seen it all". Don't get this wrong, this is not all bad, but in my eyes it's a cheap excuse to see some more torture. No catharsis, no deep characters, acting is OK though.

Most of the torture horror I have seen seems to hope to become something important by being only torture horror with no script (AKA why do the villains do what they do? is there depth in them?). So most of the times the 'script' is so thin it's insulting, so I'd better watch Grotesque (2009) again, than this: it doesn't try at all to be something else from what it is: torture porn for people who've seen it all in such a degree, so that a script might work as a distraction from the torture.

Grotesque has to be one of the most sincere ones, and one of those that makes you feel real dirty after watching. Not the way Hostel or Saw made you feel, as those are entertaining. The loved ones just didn't live up to its premise for me. Doesn't qualify as a decent film, only as torture horror.

I would only recommend this for torture horror fans, and then again, there are much better films to make you feel sick and depraved for watching or whatever it is you are looking for in such a film.

All in all, "The loved ones" has decent acting. But whats the point if you got a no-story? Torture porn / torture horror 'subgenre' failed to become even a small fraction of the masterpieces that are Saw and Hostel. Maybe because it became a subgenre, while the whole point of it was the horror.

The horror in torture comes from both the tortured one and the torturer. So the most recent films decided to prevent us from seeing the torturers point of view, thus the horror degraded into 'porn' for torture porn freaks.

Even some of the recent euro-films of this kind has this fault - we don't get to see enough of the bad guys motivations.

See only if you have to.
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Mindless fun, exploitations fans delight
3 August 2007
Not being a fan of exploitation films, but for years after violent, extreme, provocative films in general, I stumbled upon this little flick from the 1968. I hadn't yet seen any other film from Herschell Gordon Lewis {shame!), so I thought I should give it try.

It's quite strange this is not more popular, because, if this is what Herschell Gordon Lewis films feel like, then I would like to see more. It is probably one of the earliest samples of mindless politically incorrect cinema done pretty sloppy but effectively, a classic exploitation, if you ask me, and even if you regularly don't take it too seriously, it's quite daring for 1968. Some scenes might raise a smile to some, intentionally or not.

So, this quite unknown film is recommended for those after a nice old party film for a night with friends, pizza and beers {the music just feels great with this one), exploitation fans {this is a must) and in general, those who are looking for mindless fun, not shocked by somewhat explicit material.
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A must for exploitation fans
17 July 2006
Well, let me say that this Troma feature is unlike everything I have seen, an a-typical Troma. This is actually meant to be a lot more serious that the average Troma, and it works fine as a decent semi-exploitation film. I am a fan of Troma films but not really an exploitation enthousiast. The acting is pretty decent. Humorous moments are not a lot, actually they are quite a few. There is some nudity (after all you 're watching a woman-in-prison film...) and a generous amount of violence and sadism. I don't really recommend you to watch it expecting much fun, and if you are looking for casual Troma weirdness & fun, you won't find too much.

Exploitation / woman-in-prison flick enthousiasts , this is a must to discover!!!! You are sure to enjoy it much more than I did.
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A very original, unique film...
28 June 2006
Not being the typical hong-hong film fan (actually I have seen very few HK films) but having seen many of the world's most extraordinary films, I have to say that I loved "Chinese torture chamber story" in a very special way.

Most reviews here, although not losing the point, are representative of the western exploitation-type-of-viewing, with which I cant't really identify with, at least in regard with this film. I actually thought this blending of comedy, horror & erotica resulted in a most magnificent, poetic, weirdly funny, wildly violent result. This is quite unlike everything I have ever seen - I always had a tension to love any original and extraordinary film.

Okay, I admit, I have seen the majority of violent & strange films, so it's quite understandable that I am not offended or shocked by the bold erotic element or the horrific tortures, and so I could dive in deeper in the films story and concept which is by no means shallow. I have the feeling that it's for the most part the filmmakers craft and smart use of humour and the way the story was presented make the violence & erotica a means to a higher end. Yet, extreme violence is not hidden or implied - on the contrary, it's on display every once in a while.

Go after this film, if you can tolerate some violence, this is one of those one-of-a-kind films which can make the difference....
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Decampitated (1998)
I love this movie and I love Troma...
23 June 2006
These last months I got to see a couple of Troma films, apart from Toxie 1, which I had seen in 2002. Some of the definite classics (Troma wars, Class of nuke'em high) and some of the so-called 'worst' (Nymphoid barbarian from dinosaur hell, Surf Nazis must die) are some of them. I don't consider myself a Troma completist or expert yet, but I love them already.

OK, we see Troma had minor or no involvement in this one. I am nevertheless thankful to them for financing that. Me being both a serious-film fan but also b-movie/splatter/weird/extreme enthousiast, Troma stuff has to be one of the most original and ahead of it's time entertainment flicks, often not without some political incorrect meanings & provocations. This small independent film is everything a low-budget-in-the-woods-slasher-spoof/evil-dead-clone would ever want to be! Words fail to describe the genuine feeling of pure fun this film can offer to the open minded! I dare to say that this is a step (or two) above the usual Troma comedy standard, for it's amazing pace, sense of humour and its fair acting. Splatter scenes are mediocre but imaginative and funny - and there're a lot of them! I am so glad to see a post from the leading actor. Sure you don't expect "rock-star" attitude from people working on such a film, but it's always nice to see the "artist" break the barriers of the medium and the film industry ethics by coming closer to the audience.

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A Dog's Dream (2005)
Expected more, but it's still interesting, especially for Greek viewers.
11 May 2006
Science fiction? Certainly not! Fantasy? Not quite... I wouldn't care about any labelisation, if they weren't misleading.... It's quite common for the Greek film-goer to give a Greek film the "Greek-film-treatment", that is to say: "It's quite good, for a Greek film". I too have felt that way some times. But this is just because Greek films in general suck. It would be great for a Greek film to stand alone as a great original film, like "Vasilias" or Nikolaidis films for example. Anyway, on to the film...

Yes, this is pretty original for a Greek movie. The reference/ comparison to David Lynch is almost spontaneous. The film is full of stylish, filter-edited, colourful 'mystery' scenes, and among them are some genuinely funny and/or inspired ideas & stuff - yet, most of the material fails to present something really original.

I don't regard this necessarily as a unoriginal wanna-be "Mulholand drive" clone, but I can easily see how many fans of subversive cinema would bash the film for that. The film DOES have wit & freshness, but whatever it is, it is somewhat buried between the lack of substance (note: it's not just lack of plot, with which I have no problem), slow pace and the constant mysterious, overwhelming soundtrack, even when nothing really strange takes place .... Also note that it is a nice soundtrack...

I liked the film. If I am stricter than usual (I usually write only positive reviews of older unknown stuff) , it's because it's a Greek film from a promising director. I haven't yet seen Fratzis "Polaroid" (2000), but I saw potential in him. Maybe if he worked with better material?
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Beautiful soundtrack, I enjoyed so much...
26 April 2006
This film is no better or worse than others have described. It's silly, its corny, we know that already, I mean I knew before even pressing play button..... I have had my fair in strange, extreme, original , unconventinal movies - nevertheless I was never a bad-film fan, I like b-films through the passion of the independent anti-artist, but i haven't done much research in the legendary 'best' bad films...

I have to add that I have only seen Toxic avenger 1 from Troma... not much else, but i plan to! I really can't describe the emotions and vibe this films awoke! The perfect musical theme, some kind of early post-electro , pre-techno tune stuck in my mind, this piece of 'art' is not easily labeled as comedy, nor horror. I liked the fact that it doesn't want to be anything much, and it knows its values... Little talking & meanings, lots of wanna-be (?)style , lots of amateurish passion, lots of great synthesizer music (i happen to be one of the hugest fans of them all!) and cheesy (?) editing ....

Easily my best bad film, not that I have seen a lot of them, and for what it is worth, it's because of the music ....

If you have a somewhat strange humour and happen to like electronic music and 90s synthesizers, give this a try... quite a different take on praising this piece of trash, isn't it??
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The most uncompromising and interesting Greek director strikes again!
6 April 2006
It's been a while since I last saw a Nikolaides film, one of the pioneering and original uncompromising Greek directors, if not the only one. I thought "Tha se do stin kolasi agapi mou" (=I will see you in hell my love), was part of the Singapore Sling saga, but according to the directors comments, "Tha se do stin kolasi..." is the beginning of a new saga, more personal, on subjects like damned loves, friendship, traitorship and more.

Stylish, atmospheric and very erotic, a film which is likely to equally disturb and fascinate the audience with an open heart & mind. The traditional but intense Nikolaidis cinematography style is ever-present and , as usual, the best part about his films is the performances, dialogues, tabboos broken, fears and norms questioned. Not surprisingly, his characters are at best alienated if not somewhat crazy and delirius.

This is not an ultra-violent or bad-taste film, like say, Singapore Sling, but it's not for the sensitive as well. If you like challenging cinema, watch every single Nikolaidis picture. Look out for a very interesting interview featured in the DVD.
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Medea (1969)
'Hard' Pasolini film for few. Bold visuals & soundtrack, little text
6 August 2005
There are several directors that make "arty" films that are certainly not for everyone. Pasolini has also done films which can be more easily acceptable by wider audiences; yet this is not one of them. This is one of those films that can and will be liked by only a few people. Others will turn their head the other way or simply hate it...

Well I like weird art & films, I like Pasolini, and I liked Medea in various interesting aspects. I suppose one should at least know the basics of Euripedes story to comprehend the story - Pasolini doesn't focus in the story so much, important facts are assumed by the viewer and the dialogues are scarce within the film. No narration exists.

I think Pasolini here was more interested in presenting the cultural / ethnological / theological / religious stigma of the era - his usual interest on god and religion is also here, despite text is given few opportunities to breed context in this film. We have also the theme of ancient world VS the new world of logic and the new gods. This is one of the films, like, say, Hertzog's films, that are up to the viewer to comprehend, or a film critics would call a symbolic one. Needless to say one has to like to think while watching this one, not be spoon-fed.

Last but not least, the soundtrack enhances this strongly visual experience a lot. A set of strange but intense folk/ethnic/avant guard/experimental songs make the viewing a unique experience for those who like 'hard' films....
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The King (2002)
Great fantastic film!
3 March 2005
Indeed fellow mate from Greece, few Greek films can make such an impression. I don't really give a s##t whether it made a 'blockbuster' success - what I would really like for this film is to be given a chance for an international watching (the DVD i saw has English subtitles option) and that's great because it deserves to be seen outside Greece as well.

An accurate study on the culture and ethics of Greek country, especially that of a small community like a village. All acting is excellent, music also fits the mood great, the plot (based on a real story) is gripping, everything is perfect in this film which has nothing to do with the rest of the wanna-be Greek crap that gets wide distribution.

Grammatikos is a great visionary, his other film I have seen, "Apontes" is also great - but didn't make me the same impression as this did. Add that Giannis Zouganelis (comic legend, but also good actor) is also in it and you got a winner - by any measure - either you're a enthusiastic film buff (arty or not) or your an occasional film-goer, you have to see this great Greek film to appreciate it, and to see that THERE IS Greek cinema that has something to say, if rare.

And yes, there's woman skin for all to see, but fortunately not enough (and not filmed SEXY enough) to make the viewer distract from the true thing.

All thumbs up (hands and feet), easily one of my best Greek films so far!
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another unique film by Greece's perhaps only director
16 February 2005
Nikos Nikolaidis is a director unlike any other, here in Greece. His uncompromised, simple & cynical dialogues, his beautiful photography, extremity and obscenity, his weird "black" humour and somewhat ever present surrealism, all these make him my greatest. Greek cinema generally hasn't had many great moments for many reasons. Nikos Nikolaidis, uncompromised and unwilling to play "the big game" which he has been offered as a mainstream intellectual, for 30 years now and going he has been making powerful & controversial films that deserve more attention from serious cinema fans (both those who like the intellect and those who like it strange & bizarre!

"Ta kurelia tragudane akoma" , his second feature, a hymn to friendship & companion ship, is both cruel and funny, cynical and sweet, about people who have lost all hopes, a surreal tribute to the hopeless and pessimist 'betrayed' people. Neverless the film doesn't ever gets slow and remains quite unpredictable and interesting. All texts in Nikolaidis films are perhaps his best point.

This is a film that would probably be regarded as not appropriate for minors: while Nikolaidis doesn't glorify violence, there seem not to be any visible ethics or morality in his films, another reason he is regarded by some as 'anarchist' and 'angry' director.

SOMEONE, RELEASE THIS GREAT DIRECTOR WORLDWIDE !!!!!!! His site link here in IMDb is in English! Get the info!
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Faust (1994)
This so insane!!! I love it!
12 February 2005
This is why I watch films. Every now and then I stumble across beautiful strange, unique films! Grotesque, macabre but with a very weird sense of humour present at all times, this stop-motion animation / puppet & real actors film has to be one of the strangest films. I am so happy to own it! Actually in the beginning I was not quite linking to the character Faust, as he was too alienated in whatever happened - but while it went on, it began to make sense in a deeper level than the simple surrealism I had thought in the first place.

For all people interested in strange, weird films, black humour & fed up with the trash Hollywood serves us, then go for this spectacular film!
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Equus (1977)
A must-see masterpiece!
8 December 2004
I don't know what's the deal with the stage-play, I never saw it, but a film is a film and a play is a play. It's quite normal to me that the two of them should not be compared. Anyway. On the film. I have seen some of Lummet's great overall work both newer and older (Network, Serpico, Night Falls over Manhattan, Critical care, The hill a.o.) and I must say I liked them all. Lummet is one of the greatest and underrated directors of all time. Why? He extracts awesome acting from his actors and he's got a choice for stories.

Equus, is my best Lummet film I have seen so far - I always had a tendency to take interest on and see subtext in extreme, weird, negative situations on film. You have much to take from negative stuff, if they're handled properly. Here, there are so much stated for the viewer to think. Questions on the point of psychotherapy, on the nature of perversion (and its possible causes), importance of religion combined with lack of knowledge, isolation, lust for life and so much more I don't want to refer to here.

Beware! The film features strong material - both visuals and texts - this is no easy film for Hollywood audience. But its not uneasy in a way that it's slow, or 'arty' or anything. Far from that, it's original, deeply involving, with gripping atmosphere... Its subject matter though, might force the more coward or less open-minded viewers to trash it or mock it, for fear of what it could unleash or because they simply couldn't understand it. But intelligent film lovers, take a little tolerance and SEE this. It is worth the search. This is film is a masterpiece of film-making!
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The Loved One (1965)
great black comedy
8 December 2004
Great great great! I have a big problem with funeral ethics of modern world myself. I think that the whole religious trip covers the phenomenon of death with a dark cover. Death shouldn't be faced like this. I don't know if funeral should exist, but I hate them!

This film, despite being 40 years old, manages to mock the whole thing behind funerals - its a great satire!!! Alright, maybe, it goes too far, not in its subject matter, but losing its focus after a while; still the meanings stay with viewer. The tone is even surrealist dare I say in parts; during the 2 hours it lasts, I wasn't bored one bit! This film is funny and thoughtful!

I recommend this to everyone who isn't spoiled by a 40 year old film, not that it's old fashioned. It's fresh!
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Scanners (1981)
Well worth the hype!
30 November 2004
Well, I have to admit that, and it's a shame for me: even if I am a huge Cronenberg fan, I hadn't seen this so far up to yesterday! But for what it's worth, I have seen it now.

In my humble opinion, his previous RABID & SHIVERS, even though by no means bad, were far inferior to this and/or any other Cronenberg film. Looking now at his filmography, I realized I have seen all of his work except early ones (before SHIVERS) and except THE BROOD, which I still have to see! There's no question about David being one of the most vision-oriented directors of all time, obsession driven I could say - but indeed that's what establishes him as such a great artist!

On to the film: SCANNERS is the earlier film of his I REALLY liked. Just 2 years before the masterpiece of VIDEODROME, SCANNERS has tight plot line & acting, superb effects and a story to tell, unlike serial-thrillers of the bulk. If you STILL haven't seen this important horror/thriller up to now, and you consider yourself a horror fan or whatever, then think again and GO FOR IT.

It's for films like this Cronenberg got his nicknames 'king of venereal horror' and everything. Even if his subsequent films baffle or puzzle you, SCANNERS sticks to a clear HORROR/SCI-FI/THRILLER/MYSTERY mentality, you will sure have a great time.
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Soylent Green (1973)
enjoyable 1973 sci-fi drama
22 November 2004
Like other sci-fi films from that early era, Soylent Green is an imaginative (well not quite, it's based on a book, but nevertheless) and intriguing film which aims at your mind, not only eyes & ears, like Hollywood mainstream (oh! not again!) science fiction.

This will not be any means appeal to those who think sci-fi is all about action and machinery and robots and cool optical effects. This is science fiction in the futuristic social fiction vein, or how would the world be, if.... ? and so on.

It's primitive but its quite OK. For Sci-fi fans, you got to watch this, it's history!
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Inserts (1975)
That was quite unique ! I like it!
18 November 2004
I think many reviewers have lost the point here. This is no excuse for porn, you guys. If you want porn, go get porn. And if you are put off by a film that entirely takes place in an apartment, stay away. But I think that this film is not one you get to see every day. Its special 'plot' and context could only create a unique film. So, its rare... where do we find it? I saw it on MGM, late at night...

This is a pretty sophisticated film on making porn. Dreyfuss is excellent as the alcoholic director. All in all, you are likely to love it if you like smart, dialog based films, and of course if you're not offended by some nudity and decadence. But what did you expect? This guys is making porn films in his apartment!

Provocative , a bit offensive , surprisingly shockin, yes, but unique and original as well. Note: this is no expoitation flick, even though some might view enjoy it as such...
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Uneven sci-fi splatter slasher
16 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
OK. This is meant to be taken seriously, so we take it seriously. The FX are great! Gore is realistic, and there are some splatter scenes of killing. The story is quite OK, but something around is still too fake. Dunno.

In the first half, when the story has not unfold, the gore killings are totally not suitable with the rest of the film. I think this film lacks style and coherence.

But its not bad. Something is missing from this one and I suspect its style & atmosphere. GO for it, its not for laughs, its like ****SPOILER???***"robocop meets female rape revenger". Recommended for sci-fi android completest and for its gore. Other than this its OK time killing....
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Warm, human US film. They don't make it like this anymore!
16 November 2004
This is a nice surprise. Good actors deliver superbly the tough work they are meant for. They are all people with kinetic problems, recovering from accidents. They have to live with each other - yet they are so different characters.

There is depth in this film. Support, dignity, bitterness, self-sarcasm - yes, the film even dares to be humorous in some parts, and it scores again, without being stupid or anything. Actually this is a great film about a difficult subject, people having to confront a new reality: loss of half body's movements...

This is not another stupid US drama, this has got a heart!
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Worth its fame, nasty, gore-filled slasher/giallo
15 November 2004
Having completed my long search over Fulci splatter films (The beyond, Zombie 2, Gates of hell, House by the cemetery, Cat in the brain) I feel a more complete person now! Just kidding, I just got to see the last of the films I have been searching (I bought the dutch version). It's a definitely Fulci. Even though it's different in style / atmosphere - after all, it takes place in New York of 1980 - Fulci builds another similar type of atmosphere (no Fabio Frizzi soundtrack here) which is complimented by the music and the ever-present great cinematography. Gore is great, as usual.

There has been a debate whether this is sexist and/or misogynist. Even though I was not put off by this, I believe that things should be said the way they are. There is emphasis on sexual scenes, and many of them are sexist. I would never use the word misogyny here. But it is honest to say that this wasn't exactly made for a woman target audience! There's also a BDSM subtext with that sexually driven lady, such characters DO exist, and she is portrayed great and she acts great, but then again all this exists to serve us, the bloodthirsty viewers. Anyway, there's much more nudity and sexuality than in any other Fulci splatter. And its quite OK. We're not expecting quality meanings, just quality gore & style (a Fulci flick, right?)

By far Fulci's most politically incorrect film, this is not quite recommended for woman viewers, but then again, I assume most splatter fans and gorehounds are male. The NEW YORK RIPPER lives up to its fame. See it if you have to!
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Hilarious early Almodovar!
8 November 2004
This is the power of filmaking. It proves that passion for an art can outstand the difficulties. It might be cheap (it looks cheap) but the redeeming value is the hilarity, the originality of the ideas, the true passion of a true artist.

Director/writer Almodovar, in this first full length, presents us with his absurd unreal world. This is partly a relentless satire of S/M personalities, but intentionally unrealistic and much more. A world where lust is orgasmic and corruption of ethics and loss of dignity are ... funny! This is by no means for those who are offended easily. This is a movie which disregards ever good manner, every culture's rules. Almodovar humour is heretic. If you're up for something different, weird f##ked up humour, then come and join, welcome to Almodovar world. This is not quite recommended to "Talk to her" fans. But if you like early Almodovar, it is essential to search for this, to see how everything started.
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Fitzcarraldo (1982)
Dreaming of the impossible... Strange one
5 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Like the other Herzog film I saw recently, "Cobra Verde", Fitzcarraldo left me puzzled, in thoughts. Kinsky is much more 'down to earth', human in this one, I could say. This film is important in context, in the vein of defining the utopia, of having an impossible dream and trying to reach it.

I can't really say I could identify with any of this, and for the most part it just couldn't make sense. But then again, as with 'Cobra Verde', the film and its effect grew in me.

***SPOILERS AHEAD**** If you look at the trivia, you will see that that huge 340-ton steamship was ACTUALLY dragged over a small hill! This plan is totally absurd! In a way what Herzog tried to do with this film resembles the dream of his hero, Kinsky. *****end of SPOILERS*****

Anyway, watch it perhaps as introduction to Herzog, or Kinsky, for its beautiful cinematography and for the devotion to the hopeless.
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live's up to its fame
30 October 2004
Finally I got to see this notorious film. No more or less than what I expected, this, along with Tod Brownings 'Freaks' (1932) and of course Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis' (1927) has to be among the most ground-breaking films of that early period of cinema medium. Each one of the three mentioned for different reasons, of course. Each one a masterpiece on its own right.

Very seldom do we see a film so old, but so fresh & provoking. This is the film *******SPOILERS, even though you probably know it!!***** with the infamous eye-cutting scene ***end of SPOILERS*** and boy, it is the real thing. Many striking images come in mind, most of all, I am glad that most people here do not try to intellectualise or explain as this would be useless. For what it is worth, this started Bunuel's thing, I have yet MANY of him to see. Sit back and enjoy!
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Castle Freak (1995 Video)
It's OK if you know what to expect!
26 October 2004
OK, let's see... why do we rent a film entitled "CASTLE FREAK" with a stupid looking monster on cover? 1st reason might be we did this by luck, searching through the horror section of the local video store. 2nd reason is we like the GORDON/COMBS combination and NEED to check this out.

I personally HAD to check it out, expecting at least few gore/splatter/bloody scenes and of course I dig Jeffrey Combs. As I read in a fan site of his "... some act bad in good movies...he acts good in bad ones!".

There is gore, don't expect anything too much, 2 or 3 scenes, there is nudity and there's Jeffrey Combs who manages to raise interest in his sad role. So, I don't think it is worth it for the gore, as the monster thing & monster plot is a big joke, but I recommend this to Combs fans.
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Zombie (1979)
Good old Fulci!
25 October 2004
Finally I got to see this somewhat classic cult film, which might be the most notorious of them all. I can't say its my best, but it delivers all stuff Fulci fans expect from a film this fame. I have only seen horror/splatter of Fulci, all his HITS, including THE BEYOND, 6th GATE OF HELL, HOUSE BY THE Cemetery, CAT IN THE BRAIN and finally this one. Yes, the zombies are creepy, but it is the atmosphere that photography plus soundtrack builds that make it so genuinely Fulci. Fabio Frizzi is once again the soundtrack composer, lots of nasty Fulci gore/splatter scenes. Blood & style. You got to love this for what it is. If you don't like this or The beyond, skip Fulci horror films, because that's what it looks, sounds and feels.

I have yet to see The New York Ripper, which I recently bought along with ZOMBIE 2.
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