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Safe (2018)
After 2 episodes, it becomes painful to watch this
25 May 2018
A good idea, but after a promising beginning in episodes, the exaggerated acting, all the plot twist, the dark images becomes painful to watch.

It is just too much of nothing too many attempt to make us interested. To many shallow unbelievable characters. I am sorry, this is not a safe bet for good entertainment. It features sub par acting and Michael C. Hall at his worst.

There is no need to go on about the technical aspects. I gave up in the middle of episode 3.
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Star Trek: Discovery: Will You Take My Hand? (2018)
Season 1, Episode 15
Finishing one arc of the story, and introducing a new trekkie twist
12 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
An enjoyable episode, that ends one arc of the story, while introducing a new more trekkie twist.

We see how Georgiou act as out of sync captain, how Michael and Tyler/voq evolve, what Qonos looks like (a darker star wars place). The earth is threatened by extinction. Will Discovery and the desperate Starfleet save the day?

There are twists to the plot, not in a bad way, but perhaps the story would have benefitted from a more extended explanation to the L'Rell twist.

The ending is both an end to the season and ta more trekkie twist, where we meet old friends. A promising end and a beginning of season 2, perhaps.

An enjoyable episode, my only complaint is the slightly one-dimensional acting of Michael/Sonequa Martin-Green and the lack of focus on the Klingons.

I rated this episode 8/10
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Homeland: America First (2017)
Season 6, Episode 12
The conspiracy reaches its conclusion
30 January 2018
Not an unexpected writing in the season finale tries to juggle all the loose ends in the writing. Exaggerated acting from some in this episode. Oh and Washington turns into a caucasian country/Afghanistan almost for a while to make a dramatic statement about our times...

Too much 1984, too much US-centered conspiracy theories in the series now. Time to shut the series down.
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Star Trek: Discovery: What's Past Is Prologue (2018)
Season 1, Episode 13
Star Trek goes Flash Gordon?
30 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Is this episode homage to Flash Gordon? In this episode, fighting and tech-talk takes the centre stage. The script is suddenly full Flash Gordon style acting and polot twist, including the evil emperor, evil laughs when enemies are defeated, threat of mass death and end of the universe due to the doomsday device and lack of sustainability (since the parallel universe is driven by egoism).

Acting turns wooden and the bombastic dialogue and twist of events is too much for me. While the plot twists are meant to surprise, and keep our interest up, the effect is the opposite.

I had expected better, because the alternate universe idea is very good. Too bad the follow through is cheesy.
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Star Trek: Discovery: Into the Forest I Go (2017)
Season 1, Episode 9
The Pahvo sub plot reaches its climax
14 November 2017
Suddenly, something different happens. The Pahvo plot reaches its climax, with klingons and Federation command and admiral Terril mixed in.

The Discovery can possibly help the pahavans, but only at a great personal cost for one or perhaps several members of the crew. Can individual sacrifice and human ingenuity save the day when the Klingon death ship joins the fray?

An intense episode with a classic star trek style twist at the end.

Enjoyable and the most intense episode so far.
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Jessica Jones (2015–2019)
A dark, Netflix/Marvel series
29 November 2015
One more Marvel. or maybe not.

Despite strong themes like trauma, rape and violence, this production is a little too thin to last the full 13 episodes; the plots, subplots and,character development simply is not enough. This first season in the series would have benefited from a shorter 6-8 episode run.

The acting is somewhat uneven, perhaps suffering a bit from the thin script, with a sometimes stunted dialogue and theatrical style acting. Since the actual cast in most scenes except the final is relatively small. Perhaps stronger actors and more populated would have delivered better credibility and a more intense performance.

The set is typically Netflix, usually with few actors in most scenes, crisp photo with blurred back.

Acting 4/10. Production 6/10 script 4/10

Overall 4/10. I fell asleep several times, the protagonist is too monotone in her acting, support cast underperforms due to thin script.
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This could be good...
24 October 2015
After a slow first episodes with some promise despite the bad acting (honestly Frank Dillane, shape up), the series seem to focus on the everyday lives of the protagonists. However, the series builds on the assumption that you have seen and like the Living Dead.

In fact most scenes where the disease strikes the writers tries to capitalize on what we know will happen "just wait for it". But it does not really happen yet, but soon, the series promises....

Unfortunately the slow build-up is too badly written and acted to be worth watching.

It might shape up later in season 01 - I have only seen 4 episodes, but don't get your hopes up.

Overall 4/10 Acting 3/10 Script 4/10 Production 6/10
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Marco Polo (2014–2016)
Visually enticing well-produced but suffers from wooden dialogue
14 December 2014
Netflix offers us a beautifully produced and visually pleasing historical drama. Although historically inaccurate in some parts, thus making Marco Polo a medieval fantasy of sorts, the drama, war, assassinations and political intrigue and characters are interesting enough to make this worth your time.

However, the series suffers a bit from the wooden acting and stunted dialogue. The actor chosen for the role of Marco Polo is not quiet up to the task. The dialogue in some scenes feels more read from a script than spoken with conviction and emotion.

After watching seven episodes, I feel it is good enough to watch the full season with some interest. Renewing the medieval genre with a Chinese focus is proving a difficult task for Netflix. But with better scripting and improved pacing of the story, Marco Polo may still prove a success.

6/10 ( acting 4/10', story 5/10, production 8/10, visual impact 8/10)
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Hemlock Grove (2013–2015)
Nice ambiance S01 but dull, better S02
15 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Season 02.

After the good ambiance and beautiful scenery and photography in the unstructured boring season 01, S02 delivered some structure, reasonable drama and addresses the main weaknesses in the script writing.

However, I'd appreciate a biit more structure, improve directions to the actors- the acting is pretty wooden at times and dialogue is delivered, no not delivered, more like recited in a manner befitting high school drama by some actors - please kill Roman :-)

Mystique, supernatural, monsters, reasonable acting, gore is a great niche but Hemlock grove is not there yet. At this progress rate season 3 might be good, unlike the dull S01, the reasonably well made S02.

Martin, Europe
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The worst sequel ever?
11 July 2004
This must be the worst sequel of all times! The plot is full of holes . no wait- the plot ***is*** one big hole.

The dialogue is riddled with wooden one liners, the characters hollow at best. The FX are ok though- but stealing all "original" ideas from Alien, the Hidden... sigh

Whatever happened to Heinlein this time around?

Don't rent it don't buy it, don't watch it on TV- you''ll only be disgusted. 1/10 Martin B
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In the Cut (2003)
Repositioning of Meg Ryan and Jane Campion
27 December 2003
This is a much to obvious repositioning of Meg Ryan and Jane Campion...

using a different so is also a murder story, a love story, an attempt at using all camera angles there is, to create an ominous, down beat atmosphere. This is

also a somewhat long winded story-the story telling is not efficient. And the ending is not really an extension of the story but an add on, put there as an after thought ("hey we need to end this movie we are running out of film") without truly ENDING the movie- it does not finish most of the sub plots, it just is.

It is not a bad movie it is not a good movie but a decent flick, an ok afternoon with a dvd. Not filled with suspense at all, it focus on the relationship between the teacher and wannabe writer (Ryan) and the homocide detective (Ruffalo).

There is pretty gory (but cheap) murder scenes as the women get killed- lots of " movie blood" everywhere but no advanced SFX.

Meg Ryan does a pretty good job acting, the other actors are ok- but why does Kevin Bacon always have to act a real weirdo?

I'll give it 5/10

Martin B
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Massive conclusion of a saga-with an add on ending. 9/10.
17 December 2003
At first the movie picks up the threads where the Two Towers ended. This is done at personal/individual levels-we follow the protagonists as events grow more massive and Middle Earth. However, the Saruman subplot is noticably absent.

War with Saurons' armies is joined, and huge battles are fought, using ground breaking CGI. Meanwhile Frodo, Gollum and Sam continue their quest to destroy the ring.

This is an excellent movie, and a magnificient tale well worth watching, though I wonder why there is a long (20 minutes or so) add on ending that does not really add anything substantial to the movie ? They could have saved this for the extended version I think, and included the Saruman clips instead.

Anyway, this is an excellent movie, and arguably the best in the trilogy; it does not feel too long despite 3h30min runtime.

Go watch it!

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Time cop goes matrix
31 October 2003
This is a job well done with a small budget. The CGI made us almost queasy for a while; time travelling generates lots of SFX :)

Lots of kung-fu style action in a SF movie with a not too complex script: Save the present by travelling to the past and stop the bad guys from messing up the to be time line while dodging bullets and other weapons. The soundtrack is really cool and fits the movie.

Amusing if you are into kung fu and science fiction-if not don't watch it. We liked it 7/10
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Well executed formulaistic movie.
29 December 2002
This is a typical soft spoken rental movie for an slow sunday afternoon with your boyfriend/girlfriend :)

It does all the standard moves according to the crime/suspense genre when the detective, (the miscast Sandra Bullock) and her partner tries to capture the two killers, both rich and blasé but highly intelligent school kids.

The scenes in the film are well managed, all the angles correct as we slowly learn how the murder was done. Thankfully, this movie does not contain the ordinary huge fireworks/special FX/audio FX budget. And there is no need for such audio/visual effects either.

But why must

1) The detective be tortured by his/her past?

2) The storyline use the most predictable path?

3) The detective/protagonist alienate the freshman partner, and have a boss that misunderstands her?

4) The protagonist always face danger without backup?

5) The protagonist risk her job due to zealousness?

There are many more examples but you can find out yourselves if you have a couple of hours to spend watching this movie. 6/10.
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What a disappointing movie. Avoid it if you can!
21 October 2002
Why Ben Affleck? He's too young to be credible as Jack Ryan and his acting performance is average at best. Seems like hollywood cast all 30+ men with 20+ actors, preferable the swimsuit model-kind of guy. Never mind credibility and acting:

And the script, heh, the carefully wrought book is replace by a thin cliché-ridden mess, jumping from one standardized action movie scene to the next without considering the plot... or what's left of it.

What a disappointing movie. Avoid it if you can!
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