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The results of children in care and homelessness
21 February 2007
Tickets for the zoo was a very low budget film but well produced. Very unknown stars but a very good film which made good points as well as being great fun being an extra in.

It shows the story of Carol and George who were brought up in a children's home after the death of their parents. It highlights how little help they received and what ended up happening to them.

Although entitled tickets for the zoo. It only showed a small bit at the beginning of the film where the children's home go for a trip.

You really willed everything to work out for them but the ending showed realistic life for many people.
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After Thomas (2006 TV Movie)
After Thomas, how a dog changes a boy's life
27 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A touching drama about how a dog changes a boy with Autism's life and helps him in his world. I didn't realise it was a true story until the end. There were moments when you really could feel the parents anguish and moments when you felt their absolute joy as to what was happening. The acting was really true to life as to how hard it can be when you have a child with autism. Felt the first part took a while to get going while the second half once the dog had come seemed rushed. One moment the dog was a puppy and the next minute there was a fully grown dog. Not sure if the child who played Kyle was autistic but if not he had the part down to a tee as to how a child with Autism will often react and struggle to express their opinions. Well worth a viewing. Strong language in there from Kyle but otherwise a very true to real life story which makes you understand how the parents felt at the time.
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