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This is a great movie
14 December 2001
When the President's daughter visits a children's shelter that's on the verge of being shut down, she decides to raise enough money to keep it open--with a little extraterrestrial help. She makes a plan with her friends to escape, she gets on a cab, which crashes in the middle of a street. A boy called Zig comes and grabs her bag while she was waiting for another cab, she races after him in to a deserted street. Two guys (comedians as well as idiots) spot her and recognize her as the president's daughter, this was their meal-ticket to a rich life. All they had to do was kidnap her and ask the president (who's losing loads of money from his bank) for a million dollars. They kidnap her and throw her in to their truck. Zig, realizing she's the president's daughter, see's this as a chance to make it up for breaking her cell-phone in that bag of hers, races to her rescue, but did he succeed? Watch this family-oriented sci-fi adventure. I recorded it the second time it came on t.v since I liked it a lot the first time I watched it.
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