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Who the hell is Christoph Waltz?
25 August 2009
That's what I thought, when I heard about the cast of Inglorious Basterds. And I'm both from Germany and into movies.

That guy is older than 50 and so far he almost only played in mediocre TV series - and even there he didn't play the main parts. Obviously nobody ever noticed, what he's capable of. Now, thanks to QT, he got one shot to change that - and - let's put it this way - that was a bingo! He is the living proof of what a great caster Tarrantino is.

By the way: I think it's a great privilege to watch the movie as a German - being able to understand everything. And the German dialog is written almost as good as the English.

Now I could repeat, what many others have written here before. I'll put it short: Finally, QT is back.
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I bet it will win an Oscar
12 December 2006
Simply great.

You couldn't handle a delicate topic like East Germany's interior surveillance by the secret service "Stasi" with more sensitivity.

This is the way it might really have been like.

And the ending is one of the most elegant endings in movie history.

I'm pretty sure this movie will win the Oscar for the best foreign film. And it would be a worthy candidate for best film, if th festival would not be so arrogant to think that the best movie must be American.

(No question: there are many great American movies, but the festival should be a little more open minded)
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Casino Royale (2006)
Bond is back!
12 December 2006
I've always been a Bond fan and that's why I was totally disappointed with Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan is great in many other roles but no: James Bond is not a slick and lecherous old gentleman. He is a cool, tough and horny young nihilist with a lot of wit.

Daniel Craig obviously understands the role, he is just great.

I hope this movie is the beginning of an era. It is a good starting point, and that's the concept of the movie, too. reload the real bond after brosnan and Dalton.

of course Q and some high-tech gadgets, maybe some more than 2 bond girls (that's the minimum) and some other things that made bond a classic have to return. and i'm pretty sure they will.

What amused me is the lack of sense of Ford's marketing guys. They thought: "We make Bond drive a Ford + everybody will think it's a Bondlike cool car".

Whoever watches the movie thinks: "For sure there was no other car left at the rental."

It feels like putting Bond into a H&M suit
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The Departed (2006)
Just very good
12 December 2006
I'd hail most other directors for this movie but as it's Scorcese, I've got to say: not as good as Goodfellas or Casino but still a very good movie.

especially the ending is outstanding. And there are really great pieces of dialog. I'm already looking forward to seeing the original version. It's a real waste to see that cast with their German voices (although they're not bad).

DiCaprio and Nicholson where good - of course. But it was Damon who surprised me, because I didn't think he was a real good actor before and he is just perfect here.

And Marc Wahlberg – unbelievable. He is even less likable than Nicholson - and that really takes something.
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